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They are having problems with the noise floor hense the delay!
There is a choice still if you get one, it does not have to be Custom! Also people complain that the new Shure is too expensive for a universal and they would rather get a custom and not its vice versa AND your getting a choice. Both have pros and cons and i am glad i own some great universals and some great customs!
Seal would be better so i guess that would improve sound, was the case when people done Heir 4.Ai to Heir 4.A comparison etc. There is also the perhaps better comfort and isolation that a good fitting custom gives and finally you don not have to mess around finding the correct tips. I guess some people will want to tale advantage of it and some will prefer it as a universal. 
I have just been told that if your to order one now you can have it made fully custom for no additional charge. Of course you will have to send impressions iN!
I reviewed some of their cables and the zippo amp of theirs HERE and i also have some great news about the RDB+V1. If your to buy it you can now get it as a full custom at no additional cost, just have to send in some impressions of course! 
You can now find it here, enjoy: in summary, very nice amp, great cables and perhaps the best service. However i think the are preferring to sell different better amps now so i would give them a message!
Momentum get one with them well enough but as he said, i am not a huge fan of them either!   I have heard them with Tzar 90, nice combo, really nice combo in fact!
I have that cable on my R^2 even if it is different colour and it sounds amazing! They make one hell of a cable i tell you!   My R^2 is currently blowing my mind with how good it sounds. I feel we are currently a lucky bunch who have got a Rhapsodio IEM!
WHAT?! Has there been a revision? This is great news if true!
Finally got round to getting up a full review of this and i just wish we had got on better. Sometimes it was truley magical but then some times i could not even wear my favourite earphones dues to damping or it messing with the FR :( oh well, bring on the AK120!
New Posts  All Forums: