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Code:I think the thread made to ask the price of the dx50, is that really were we're at now. I might make a thread asking what ibassos new player is called hehe
Oh sorry, I didn't know of another distributor. Do they go by other name (like polar audio is Beyer etc). Thanks
Yes it does, i really do like the design, it also looks generally quite practical as a wireless player. I also can confirm it uses drivers from the EX series and are 13.5mm thats cool. I have a SONY waterproof camera, it is actually what i use to take pictures of all my headphones for review on the funky backgrounds.   This was July 31 2011 so dont judge guys:       Yes as i a lifgueard i do not recommend taking a camera to a public pool, lets say we do not have the best...
Oh are the headphone company coming?
Its funny as i never have, well one pool i swum in had underwater speakers but other that no. My coach would never allow earphones in during a session which always ruled it out. However i would enjoy it when i open water swim once a week....   My Dad used to when he used to swim in public when i trained in the mornings. He used to used some cheap waterproof earbuds along with a 1st Gen iPod Shuffle that was water proof, not by design but just one of the benefits of a lack...
Final Audio Design, Are they coming over from Japan for this or is their now a UK distributor?
Is it that hard to look at the first post when the title claims thats where the specifications are and where both your questions are answered.... Yes and yes
They have just announced that they will ship RDB+1s as custom monitors worldwide. But they ship all models in universal worldwide.
More esmooth OEMS!
Dynamic drivers
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