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I think Digizoid have gone down sadly.
Yes i agree, this is an impressions thread?
Well i will get mine in the next couple of days and from what you guys have been saying i am thinking this will be a better journey than the AK100!
This is the HiFi ET MA9 thread and nothing to do with what your discussing, take it elsewhere! NO, your just getting confused.
Never heard the SS, was more talking about the Heaven VI which i think does a great job. As for the MyST it does not get to 20k but gets very deep in bass.
Some one on another thread has already said the Tera and X10 is a good pairing, considering he owns and lives with the pairing i think we can trust him!
Yes i have a MA9, this is my review and i also have both the MA8 boards so i can stick them in my MA9. One picture looks pink but the other does look bronze to be fair.   Any chance of a guide for the rockbox as i am using mac? If you have not heard the Tera then please do not comment on the sound quality difference, it is very misleading to people. Hey fp581. I own the MA9 and i have also owned a Tera Player in my life time. Overall sound quality and magic has to go to...
The MA9 not supporting high res never really bothered me that much as it sounds that good! Do you have a guide for rockboxing the MA9 on a mac by chance?   Also what colours will the MA8 be available in, the pink looks awesome!
Sterotyping is all that is to an extent, FAD do amazing full range with single BAs as do MYST. I think a good single BA can be amazing and Canal Works concept here as me intrigued to say the least.
I really like my X3DAC and if that cheap version sounds as good, what a bargain. That being said some components are different and i am not sure how much that would affect the sound. Would like to know further stories of whats going on here, is the eBay one a clone or are Rein just slapping a huge price tag on the DAC?
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