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I think Digizoid have gone down sadly.
Yes i agree, this is an impressions thread?
Well i will get mine in the next couple of days and from what you guys have been saying i am thinking this will be a better journey than the AK100!
Never heard the SS, was more talking about the Heaven VI which i think does a great job. As for the MyST it does not get to 20k but gets very deep in bass.
Sterotyping is all that is to an extent, FAD do amazing full range with single BAs as do MYST. I think a good single BA can be amazing and Canal Works concept here as me intrigued to say the least.
I really like my X3DAC and if that cheap version sounds as good, what a bargain. That being said some components are different and i am not sure how much that would affect the sound. Would like to know further stories of whats going on here, is the eBay one a clone or are Rein just slapping a huge price tag on the DAC?
I will have a hm901 if it had been released in the us by then
It is different to any other 4 BA CIEM out there. Instead of it having any crossovers. It has 4 (of what i believe to be the same driver) all doing full range.
 I am no expert but i think your meant to be playing Super Mario Kart (the original)!
  I also spotted these with great interest. They seem to be just selling earpods and XBA-1s with the tweeters, i was hoping you could buy them and self install or even send in your own IEMs to get these fitted etc.   I am going to struggle 65 pounds for a pair of earpods or 90 pounds for the XBA-1 considering i hated the XBA-2. It looks novel and i would love to try the principal but how much difference can it make?     PS sorry MF for...
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