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No the R^2 are not dead even with 1plus2. I mentioned my mate did legitimately prefer the Rhapsodio but in my review I do say that the 1plus2 are better but it's not as big as you'd expect. The R^2 are pretty much on par in bass, slightly less visceral but so damn impressive none the less. Mids are slightly more forward on the Rhaps, espeially high mids. I always wanted more mids than the 1plus2 And this gives me it. Treble is the Rhaps weakest point as it is quite...
I must say they are really nice pictures and them Red Hybrid CIEMs look lush. As for the Treeo thing, i get your frustration, just shows you being nice sometimes is not worth its time. 
Bit late..... But something is needed, my collection is a MESS. Mine are in cases and then stored in drawers with moisture pads. To be honest my desk nor ally as a few scattered over it and there's a few amps and players and a billion cables.....I'm gonna go tidy up ahaha
This is a possibility. They were not mine and i have sent them to the next part of the loan tour but i will be getting them back with a new better cable (gold silver) and this may just may fall in line with the meet. So we will see.
Thanks for the nice words Cakensaur.   Okay:   I do have tips left, loads of T400 and T200, less T100 and zero medium T500 and a small amount of large T500.  I will bring the remainders to the next meet. I will not be able to get any more by the looks of things as some really sad occurrences to my Comply contact. I am quite shaken up about it and i think it may hurt the mood here. I ams till unsure whether i will do an EPIC IEM table again like...
Someone had to give them a try though, you never know, they coulda sounded awesome :L I like looking at mine though :P
Yes RDB1 = 10mm + TWFK RDB2 = 8mm + TWFK
Hey, i cant guarantee it will see a US release by then, they are waiting for it to be perfect whereas they released its Beta version to the chinese market!
What that Meze, Fischer and countless others are using Esmooth for OEM stuff?
I was wrong....
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