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The RDB 2v1 is the more neutral iem from them, the RDB1 is their more v shaped one in lone with the 1plus2 sound sig. I look forward to your comparison, especially with the ASG-2z
Liquid Copper Liquid Mercury   Man this is exciting none the less
They do not leak but SHure foam tips are too small!
It is not quite as simple as that. I prefer listening to the R^2 for sure and i also find it more versatile but without doubt the SA-43 does somethings better, in fact somethings better than anything i have ever heard.   I think the SA-43 is more detailed by a tiny margin and also more resolving and it also has more clean treble but less of a sense of clarity. The R^2 wipes the floor in terms of bass, they are not even close, the sub-bass of the Rhaps is amazing and...
I will get mine soon and stick them with the Hifiman HE-500 and Sennheiser HD580 and see how they do, the AK100 was very poor here!
I listened to them for hours yesterday with the Colorfly C4pro and not once was the treble screechy. It just oozed clarity and airyness. I listened to my M-Fidelity SA-43 for a bit but found myself missing the Rhaps and went straight back to it. The treble is only bad if using ill fitting tips and Comply or dual flanges easily rid it, that why when i demoed them at the London Head fi meet with everyone using comply, no one said a bad word about the treble, just how much...
The PS1000 i do think differentiates quite a bit on system set up and synergies, i mean i can imagine some people getting a PS1000 and thinking the DAP will d as it gets loud enough but it does not get close to the performance you can get out of a PS1000. I was listening through audirvana to a Rein Audio X3-DAC and then a Violetric V200 with all cables from Charleston Audio, if that helps put things into perspective. The sound vs my HE-500 is airier for sure but i think...
I think Anak is the only head fier who has heard all three and i think he has done some impressions so give a little search. Also a few others have done Rhaps vs Tral comparisons, i know Ginatras as both now so maybe give him a PM!   As for me i have only heard the 1plus2 and R^2 and i think it is scary how close they come, the R^2 is my go to IEM now over everything, it made my M-Fidelity SA-43 CIEM sound a bit silly yesterday and thats very highly rated my...
I think it looks really cool, not as much as the Ak100 but better than a lot of players!
i like it, the sign does look slightly like headphones nice effort.... im more of a stalker 
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