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and finally changed his Avatar from the stock one
Finally:         Sorry the photos are not great but i was more interesting in getting them in my ears :D
Appreciated, your meet was one of the standout days of my year last year and that raffle, surely the best raffle EVER, well for headphone equipment anyway! I also got an AiAiAi TMA-1 from the pre event raffles like Ok Guy, that was a great idea.    
a play demo is when you were about to say i would like a little play with it and decide demo is a better word and leave both of them in ;) or perhaps it is what James interpreted it as....
I read the books, am halfway through the second and think they are awesome, you learn so much more background stuff, like did everyone realise that Sam used dragon glass to kill the white walker in the last episode and thats why it was the only weaponry of the children of the forest back before the first men invaded, i would never have worked that out just from the episodes but maybe that just me constantly getting interrupted by my mum?   There are also slight...
Is the 8 BA from Rhapsodio?
Just received my package from Forza containing their low profile apple LOD and also one of their OTG cables for Android devices. I can not believe how good the presentation is, it feels so luxury for a cable and i loved the unboxing experience (i will upload a video soon). First impressions is that the flexibility is great and so is the build quality. They were exactly the size i was after as well, made to measure perfectly!   I am using the OTG cable now with my...
The 1plus2 is clearly a v and not neutral at all. The EB-50 even suffers from a small bass elevation but is very close to the magical neutral.
Awesome. That's the exact set up I used. Silver and ortofon, I always went back to the ortofon!
Quick question what cable is yours with and also what tips have you used for the first bout.
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