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  The joys of over exaggeration!   But surely two earphones with one sound signature is a trend in such a niche hobby?
I am wondering the same thing as it was a glorious experience in comparison to the old packings and i am wonder if this is special for the X or a FAD REVAMP!!! I swear i saw a Heaven V in the snake skin like box earlier in this thread or somewhere on the internet!   I agree completely on the case, i had the same one come with the Adagio V and i used to be able to hold and amp, interconnect and the earphones within it easily and was also very protective. This thing looks...
Interesting but this seems like an odd decision too do so....   Like i appreciate what the PF does and really enjoy how open and musical is but i do not want it to become a trend. Also would be impressed if they can get a IEM with silicone tips near as open as the PF which is where half its magic comes from!
With or without the sub bass?
Thanks   and yes the really have, would i be wrong in thinking that all FAD stuff like the Heaven line now come in similar packaging as it was so much more premium feeling compared to the Adagio series and the heaven IV.   Also apparently that paper on the box is some fancy Japanese paper that is used only for special occasion, so i am told!
Ah yes they are as well, my mistake :L Hows the sound?
Its a loaner so i did not really get a choice, it was a complete surprise actually :D they are brand new, i guess thats worth mentioning!   Hmmmm.....   I have listened through the latest XX album and Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams (picked them both as i love the vocals on them racks and, well thats what these are said to be about, i will look through all the recommended tracks soon from this thread) on my Colorfly C4 Pro so far.   First of all, very spacious and i love...
Because they start to well break, short out etc, i think this is dirt and can be cleaner out but they are a pain right now. I change cables a lot as i have a balanced one and a singe ended one so have to switch a lot. I also dislike the rotating nature of it!
You have got to mix things up every now and again and, yes, it is a life time ambition of mine to be the top poster of the hour, i think 4k posts should do it?   It is the X-CC!
That is the R1L i think!   How come you went for Shure connectors, i am hating them on my R^2 and wishing that they were Westone (an option)!
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