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I have received a X1 and have been playing around with it. I really like the sound signature but i am finding it rather noisy. Hmmmm   With the Heaven VI and then some more snaps.              
Just got a unit if the up coming ADL X1 iDevice DAC. Have been enjoying its signature but it is rather noisy so far.   With the Heaven VI and then some quick snaps!              
Sssshh, i am not thinking about it like that..... How can you stop when they are so addictive as well.
I got my Elpis demo yesterday, more to come
Man just had a gorgeous listening session with the PFX. them vocals are just so magnificent, i can feel the artist breathing on me, its like having your own musical connection with the person behind the mic and not in a weird way. I am getting addicted....
Thanks!   Hmmm, i found them to sound just a bit slow and muddled with low quality MP3 with but with lossless moving to HD tracks it sounded easy and fast.   As for the PF Xs most certainly, they have featured pictures in both my last two reviews as they just looks so good!
From my C4 Pro Review   With the FAD Piano Forte X-CC
  I have actually had it a fair while now and it really impressed me from the start. I actually remember saying on this thread that it a FAD IEM that would really hit it off with a lot of people here as quite simply a great IEM that is very capable from top to bottom. There is a lot to love about it and the biggest hate is a brown cable :P   Using it right now to compare the Colorfly C4, HiFi ET MA9 and IPC to JL Balanced Amp.
So my beautiful PFX case is EU exclusive, very cool :D
Oooh the new case that comes with the Heaven VI seems like a big improvement to the last one, now it is practical and looks awesome, its a shame i got my Heaven VI with out any accessories. :(
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