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Thanks Jason! Yes the HD25 Alu is certainly the better sounding, especially in the bass. It is just the more etched out. I can not believe i missed commenting on the right angled jack, it is normally something i get quite niggled by for different reasons. I just guess because i had in mind using it with your excellent cable that had a right angle i just forgot ;) I think these headphones deserve an upgrade cable though, gives a nice little boost in sound at a good price!
I think some people want a HD25 Alu vs Amperior comparison? I wrote a little something to compare them for you guys so enjoy.   I am a fan of the Sennheiser HD25 but there is no denying that the plastic frame it has can feel flimsy from time to time. A metal version would be great and that is what a lot of people though they got when Sennheier released the Amperior. It looked to be a HD25, with aluminum cups and a more expensive price tag but that was not the case at...
I have just received a pair of the O2+ and right off the bat i can tell you the pads are amazing. In all honesty i am not normally a huge fan of on ear headphones other than Sennheiser HD25 series as comfort and seal can be a huge problem. Seal was perfect after a quick headband adjustment and these are by far the comfiest pads i have yet to wear. I would love to see these on the V-Moda M-80 as i always really struggled with a seal on that.   Unboxing and more...
If you really want a CIEM i would look at Cosmic Ears or the JH5, if your happy with universal the Rhapsodio RDB V1 Mini is amazing!
Let me know when you get them. i will be coming round your house with a bucket load of IEMs, loads of tips and a pair of tweezers ;)
Yes i noticed that.... hence i said they are doing things a little differently than other hybrids. The crossover still will have to be well placed were they put the range of the dynamic driver etc. That is all i was getting at!
HE-500 with Moi
Wow this is an exciting product. Not only is it re-developing the EX1000 (one of my favourite IEMs) bit it is doing hybrid unlike any one else has. We have a full range armature, a super tweeter armature and then it does not specify what the dynamic is doing, i hoping just bass or perhaps bass and midrange. Therefore if they nail the crossovers it could be an EX1000 without the spikey treble. All this being said i cant help but worry that Sony just wanted a Hybrid as thats...
I have the Mezzo Sompramo Modded MS-AK100
it looks sexy dont it! Cant wait to get comparing it too my MS-AK100.   Also i dont know if its been discussed as i missed a lot of this thread when i went on holiday but this does seem to have USB OTG right!
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