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Wow, stuck it on shuffle and it could not play the second song because of a dash and then everything went silent.....This is looking tough///
^Agreed   The theorem is a different class product!
Not for the H200, just for all my Westone and MMCX connector IEMs and using the same amps balanced output vs single ended i do find the balanced to sound better. I have also used a range of full sized headphone in balanced vs single ended and have achieved some very dramatic results!
Yes i think it would certainly be worth going balanced. I have found it to make a positive improvement in performance.
NO we want it to work with low ohm headphones. I am not a big fan of portable gear that drives high ohm stuff
Try looking at the JH13 FP, that things pretty epic. (supposedly the Spiral Ears SE5 and FitEar 335 are as well)
Considering they use a dynamic driver that would likely be vented and they have mechanical crossovers, i dont see a lot of companies reshelling it to be honest.
Come on Sony, Make DSD big
I did not have the chance to do that and i am aware of the effects caused by pads as i have done a lot of pad rolling with my HE-500 but the Alu clearly seemed to be the more technical efficient headphone, more than a pad difference. if it is worth the investment of a new pair, i am not sure. Maybe giving pads a go first would be a good idea. Also as i said, the source and amp used makes a difference, the Alu up scale better.   as for comfort as i said in the review,...
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