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I just modified mine for the 12bh7a per this thread,5989.0.html. Previously I had replaced the LEDs in the socket for resisters, but my voltages were kind of high. Now it is running @70/68 V using a 147 Ohm resister. Maybe could go a little lower, but it is close to the ideal 75. I also switched in the MJE-5731A power transistors just in case. Seems to be running good! I ended up buying 20 of each resister and MJE-5731A on ebay....
Yeah, that's the thing I don't like. It's not really a device USB port and is quite large.
I was thinking about the same thing! I spent a long time looking on mouser for a suitable plate mount USB connection but didn't have any luck. If you find something be sure to share it.edit: This was the closest thing to what I wanted that I could find.
They make a pretty good gaming headset
I was missing some of the LEDs in my kit back around Christmas time and they were really fast getting them out to me. Less than a week. Jamie that base looks great.
I was playing around with EqualizerAPO and came up with this: I think it sounded a bit better. The most important part for me is the reduction at ~13Khz to neutralize the sizzle on the...
Are you counting variances in construction besides the plates? I have two slots square plates with different mixes of mica and ceramic spaces and bits of metal at the top. I think those are heat spreaders?
Looking good! I don't know if that bottom is temporary, but you will probably want to leave it open underneath so air can flow through.
Turns out I could use some cash. These are in great condition and come with velour pads. edit: After taking pictures I noticed the silk screening of the HiFiMan logo on the right side is not printed evenly. Please see the 3rd picture above.
Yeah I am not so sure about this one, but who knows. It sounds like the cable has some kind of impedance adapter built in.
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