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Vivo X1S should be out now. It has better audio hardware. Vivo probably will send you one for review if you contact them. I haven't played with either of them, yet.
 Really? You really think Hisounsaudio attempts to please? By far, firmwares leave a lot to be desired. In Hisoundaudio's own forum, people begged for new firmware, but ignored by Hisoundaudio. A few days ago, Hisoundaudio said new version of NOVA is coming with upgraded hardware. So, what about the existing NOVA players? People bought NOVA in good faith, not knowing they are sort of beta testers; Hisoundaudio at least should promise new firmware support for existing NOVA...
 I know. I told my friends not to get it, not to get it. Oh well, someone just can't resist "rave reviews", "audiophile grade", "Class A inside", "sounds like a $10,000 stereo"... Gulible spoiled kids! It's a free gift to me, why not play with it? And, I got punished for it.
A few week ago, my N3 refused to charge through computer USB port (I have 4 PC). I had to dug out phone charger to charge it. I thought no biggie, although I was not happy. Today, the real problem showed: I tried to load some music, my computers recognized N3 as two external drives, but the capacity were 0 byte. Tried all tricks of fixing a USB device, no luck. I popped out the micro-sd card, loaded music; N3 recognized new songs, however it took nearly two minutes to read...
It uses a volume control wheel, right? It is a common problem for volume wheel. Does it have manufacture code on it? Same batch probably use same batch of part, they likely have same problem. If you want to exchange it, you should try different batch.
 You can ask the seller whether the player is authentic. If it is fake..., I heard a few times, sellers voluntarily refunded to avoid further complications (ebay could ban them, they lost moeny and goods). Other non-electronic items seem priced normally, so it is hard to judge, yet. Just ask the seller, at least, you will have some email tracks to back you up later.
 Yeah, that really looks too good. In China, Colorfly C3 sells for $80 US dollars (500 Chinese dollars). If you are lucky enough to get a super bargain, good for you; if otherwise, do you think PayPal or Ebay will protect you?
 I don't know about Fiio X3. Some years ago, some players converted every file into wav before output, so file formats made little difference on battery life. I'd like to think new Fiio firmware will use codec better.
ClieOS, did you measure N3's SNR > 96 ? Soomal measured N1's SNR > 85 Edit: Just visit Hisoundaudio website, N1 and N3 SNR are listed as > 96. So, both Hisoundaudio and Soomal measured N1, but have different results; it can happen, I guess. The picture was linked from this page,
First, my N3 drains itself for no reason. Now, it refuses to charge over computer USB port (I have 4 PC), I have to dig out phone charger. What will be next?
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