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If you want earphones that don't leak then these aren't the earphones for you. Otherwise they're great especially when plugged into an iPhone/iPod.
Just had a listen to these in SofMap Akiba and I was really surprised. These are really really nice. Will probably pick me up a pair next week.
I have to say I'm really really impressed with these new earpods. They're better than a lot of stuff I have. Won't replace the UM3Xs but they're putting some other big brands to shame.
I wonder if the OP would consider The Cult's Electric or the Chili Peppers BSSM to be bad sounding. Truly some of Rick Rubin's greatest work.
The 1 biggest truth in 'audio'.
There is no doubt that "synergy" is a real occurrence. Go into any recording studio and you will find active monitors. These are monitors with the amplifiers built-in, the theory being that you can design an amplifier to perfectly match your drivers. That is what "synergy" is. Your given amplifier is designed to drive a certain type of load (i.e. the headphone drivers) and different drivers will match better to different amps.   As to burn-in. The article is...
http://www.westonemusicproducts.com/sites/default/files/W4R-TeaserSlider.jpg   Well the same picture as above is called a W4R teaser so I'm guessing it's just another iteration of the W4.   Nothing to see here folks. Move along.
I'm also considering iems for running. Trying to toss up between triplefi 10s and UM2s. Any help? Anyone used these while running?
[sarcasm] OH NOES!!!1 Your ears aren't good enough to tellz teh difference!!LOL jitter blah blah snake oil blah blah you can't hear it cause your system is too crap blah blah [/sarcasm]
The only things being burnt are Xymordos' credibility and wallet.
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