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Aren't the mdr 1a phones 48 ohm? If so then 50 ohm would be no problem. 250ohm dt990s however are too quiet.     EDIT: MDR 1As are 24 ohm. So I don't know.   EDIT 2: just tried with my 62 ohm K702s and at full volume (30) it was 'loud enough' but you'd probably want some more headroom, especially in a loud environment like a plane. BTW I have the Australian version so I don't know if it's volume limited or not. Doesn't look like it's on the list
Whoops!Picked up the MDR-100s for AUD $204 with a Valentine's Day discount. It's been an expensive day.
Bought one straight off Sony Australian website with the Chinese New Year discount for AUD $728. Will probably pick up some MDR -100APs next payday.
I've only half read this thread so apologies if these questions have already been answered: 1) What is the largest size of microSD card that the ZX100 can take? Has anyone got a 200GB card to work? 2) I currently use an iPhone 6 for my portable tunes with a UM3X. How does this improve on that?
If you want earphones that don't leak then these aren't the earphones for you. Otherwise they're great especially when plugged into an iPhone/iPod.
Just had a listen to these in SofMap Akiba and I was really surprised. These are really really nice. Will probably pick me up a pair next week.
I have to say I'm really really impressed with these new earpods. They're better than a lot of stuff I have. Won't replace the UM3Xs but they're putting some other big brands to shame.
I wonder if the OP would consider The Cult's Electric or the Chili Peppers BSSM to be bad sounding. Truly some of Rick Rubin's greatest work.
The 1 biggest truth in 'audio'.
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