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Umm, still waiting for recommendations...
Hey guys my portable iem(ATH-CK303M) is about to die and can you suggest an iem that sounds like or just similar to Ultrasone HFI-580? My budget is only only up to $70. TIA
Hey guys how is this compared with V-moda M100 in terms of bass and clarity? I've been eyeing on the 580's/DJ1 for months then the M100 came and i liked the looks compared to 580/DJ1. So, can you help me guys? 
For me the HD381F will sound good for metal.
^ Thanks.  any other opinions guys?
Guys help me to decide in those three headphones that will sound bassy for electronic music but will still sound good for metal. My source is BlackBerry Torch 9860/Philips GoGear Ariaz and my amp is Fiio E11. Thanks 
Need help choosing between V-Moda M-100 and Ultrasone HFI-580, mostly for metal and dubstep. 
Great review! Are this Headphones V-shaped?
    I'll choose the Ultrasone DJ1. Maybe the detachable cable mod won't harm the SQ of the headphones right?
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