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 I cannot tell you because all I have used is stock D2000 and stock TH X00... Yes I would like a bigger soundstage on TX00 but overall they are damn nice headphones, probably the best I have heard. What I have read tho is that the TX00 pads are smooth treble and other pads the treble can get ugly.
I have not tried anything except D2000 and THX00 but I would say the THX00 has a smaller soundstage, but in exchange for that you get more lower mid and much smoother treble, as well as generally better sound quality. I will happily take a smaller soundstage for all the other stuff the THX00 wins on. The D2000 were pretty much unusable for stuff like youtube videos or general use... they pretty much only sounded good with high bitrate and only certain types of music... the...
I am sure the lawton cups are nicely made and everything, but I just looked and 1 pair of cups is more than the THX00...
 yes there is zero chance making them open backed will increase the bass, it will definitely decrease it.
Looks interesting, but the best thing about the THx-00 is the bass and that will reduce it a lot?
 What about SMC > 2.5mm > XLR > 3.5mm  just for a laugh.
How do you do that SMC mod? Are there any guides?  Thanks
 Yeh fine just giving my opinion on them, they are decent for how much they are and not bad... just personally I don't even think they are the best headphones in that bracket.  Hell even the UE6000 which can be had for about 35GBP on ebay are pretty good. Anyway I really like these TH x00, for electronic music they are very good, certainly a lot better than the D2000 I had previously which compared to these sound very cold and "V" shaped, with spitty treble. These still...
Do you think we will see the purpleheart cups available seperately?
 To be honest the TH x00 or any higher end full size headphones, will be much better than the M50... the M50 really are not that good IMO, they are just "ok", they do not sound that good, it is just people writing reviews of their first pair of good headphones. "wow m50 are so good compared to low end headphones or gaming headset" etc etc. Even at that bracket there are a few others that I think sound better, but HP like TX00, 1540, HD650, hifiman etc etc. are just much...
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