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 Maybe because the Denon Dxxxx are sibilant and have a more recessed midrange than the 1540.
 Would be interested to hear how you think they compare to some of the high end headphones in your sig. eg. LCD 2.2, HD800, HiFiman HE500, HiFiMan HE400i, MrSpeakers Alpha Dog. With the 1540 and D7000, you pretty much have all the good headphones!
 That's what I meant.
V shaped = Closed headphones   Mid forward = Open headphones   I think if these were any less V shaped they would not be as good... I tried EQ'ing the upper mids and it did not sound right. More upper mids would be nice but I can see why they did not do that with closed headphones.
 From what I have tried, mid forward, closed headphones do not work well eg. you would not get the large soundstage and imaging, which are 2 of the best aspects of the 1540, without having a slightly V shaped sound.. If it bothers you that much trying using a 31 band EQ and lowering 10 and 12.5khz by 1-3db, this makes them sound a lot less "V" shaped and not even remotely harsh or sibilant, not that they are very harsh or sibilant without EQ anyway. These are certainly not...
 Sort of yes but compared to a lot of headphones the midrange is still good on these headphones.... Slightly recessed compared to the bass and treble... But the midrange is not quiet or with chunks missing like on some headphones... "V" shaped would be Denon D2000 or HE400, Vmoda etc. super bright treble and quiet midrange... The 1540 are more balanced.   "Harman response curve"   *slightly* recessed midrange and small treble spike! Innerfidelity review : "I'd call them a...
 They aren't really THAT "V" shaped though.... They just have slightly recessed upper midrange and a small treble spike.... Compared to some very "V" shaped headphones for example HE400, D2000, ultrasone etc. they are hardly V shaped at all. If you try using the D2000 or HE400 for example with a youtube video it is almost unlistenable, on the 1540 it is not a problem at all.
 The mids are not even recessed THAT much. HD650 for example has forward mids, D2000 or HE400 has recessed mids, 1540 is somewhere between.
 Don't know about the sony but the clip+ I had (that died) sounded good, I will prob get another one because the Sony has 8gb fixed memory and the clip+ has microSD slot so up to 128gb.... 10-20 FLAC albums and the sony will be full. Been doing some research and it looks like the Clip+ is still the best for the money... a 64gb MP3 player with good sound quality for £50 (£33 for player £20 for a 64gb microSD card). The Fiio X1 looks good but it is 3x the price of the Clip+.
Where is it priced less than the clip+?
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