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 Got to try some of those LCD 2.2 but the weight (and price) is a problem, seems like there are more positive reviews of the LCD2.2 before the fazor.
 or 3 over ear and 3 IEM
 I have tried adding the buttons manually and it doesn't work, also tried installing it as 7050, 3020 and 1050, I do have FW 2.7 so that might be the reason, but then the remote control still works to switch it on and off but nothing else eg. changing inputs or volume.
 I tried the 3020 as well, still doesn't do anything except turn the dac on / off :( Says to add commands I need the original remote to "teach" the harmony remote.. But the D1050 doesn't have a remote.
Anyone?   What mods can I do that will not increase the brightness / sibilance?   What about just putting dynamat on the cups and not doing anything else... what effect would that have?   I want tighter bass but I do not want to make them any more bright / sibilant than they already are..
Out of the headphones you have used / own, If you could keep 3 headphones that you would have to keep forever and never buy any more headphones, Which would you keep?   Mine would be (out of headphones I have owned) :   Over Ear   Shure SRH 1540 - Very good all rounders, comfortable, sound good with everything. Denon D2000 - Good bass, very good for electronic music. Sennheiser HD650 - The midrange and smooth sound is a good combination with the other...
I got a harmony 350 remote, all I can make it do is switch the D1050 on and off... I cannot even make it change inputs, any ideas? I have tried remapping buttons etc. does not do anything at all other than switch it on / off :(
Must say good effort with the thread, I expect this is very helpful to a lot of people as these are the headphones most people will be looking at.
 I have them both, the 1540 are more comfortable and isolae more / leak less, if I could have 1 pair I would keep the 1540 but the D2000 are good as well, D2000 more exciting with electronic music and 1540 better all rounders. Both are good in different ways but overall the 1540 is better. The 1540 are definitely a lot smoother and less sibilant than the D2000. The midrange is also a lot better, but the bass on the Denon's is good. The treble on the 1540 is much smoother /...
 If you like them no problem... But imo (and 90% of other people) the D2000 and Momentums are better than the D600 so that is a bit misleading.
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