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I am looking at the LCD-2, I keep reading they have a small soundstage.... Does the fazor improve the soundstage compared to the non fazor? Anyone compare the LCD-2 to the SRH 1540? How does the soundstage size compare? Or what about compared to the HD650?
I bought another clip+ ... can live without rockbox ... for the price a clip + 32gb microSD really cannot be beaten.
The power specs of the bryston are not very good considering the size of the thing.
 Which has more bass out of the LCD and 1540? I assume the LCD will be better quality bass. What amp do you use with the LCD2? Do you think my amp would be powerful enough? (1w at 50ohms)
Anyone compared the 1540 to the LCD2? It looks like the LCD2 would be the only serious upgrade, the HE560 would probably have less bass and brighter treble than the 1540 which is no good.
 Sell all / most of those and get 1 pair of high end headphones like LCD2, HE560 etc.
So you are saying that if I buy the D2 remote, it will turn on/off, change the inputs (volume as well?) of the D1050, without changing anything on the 326bee?   Best I can get with harmony (tried about 5 nad amps and all of the D series in harmony software)....   on / off working for both, volume control working for amp, select "input opt2" selects opt2 on dac but also enables "tape loop" on amp, pressing it again will disable tape loop and leave "opt2" selected,...
The logitech harmony software is JUNK, I could possibly get it working, but it won't sync 90% of the time and generally does not work properly.
I don't think the fact that it switches to tape loop on amp at the same time as switching to input opt on the dac could possibly damage or degrade the amp in any way? I am 90% sure it would not and it is possibly a stupid question.
I managed to get the harmony 350 working with the D1050 using the 3020 codes, only problem I have is that when I press input next it changes the input on my amplifier as well, I got around this by mapping "input opt" and "input computer" to buttons on the remote, "input computer" works perfectly but "input opt" switches the input on the dac but also activates "tape loop" on my amp, if I press "input opt" again, it will deselect the tape loop on the amp without doing...
New Posts  All Forums: