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I am selling my HIFIMAN HE400, the headphones are in good condition although the pads have split at the sides and the cable also has a kink at the top of the right side which could be fixed easily by a TV repair shop, all it needs is a new SMC connector soldered on one side which would not cost much, they still work but the side with the cable kink can come loose when moved and lose sound. Other than that they are in good condition and come with original box.   £170
 The peak does affect the sound of the HE400, it also has some ringing in that area, you can fix the problem with pad mods and EQ.
 You are probably right but I doubt it is a massive difference with the HE400 like it would be with some headphones.
 But LG g2 and laptop are not even as good as a sansa clip+ probably, the HE400 are designed for low power use, look on the hifiman website if you don't believe me, everything you said there are generalisations which do not really apply to the HE400.
 Xonar STX drives them well enough and is about 650mw into the HE400, even my sansa clip+ sounds alright with them, the HE400 were designed to be usable with low power.
Don't think amp is very important with HE400, even my sansa clip+ sounds decent with them. Probably because the HE400 (in my ppinion) sound mediocre with stock pads and no EQ, but excellent with with mods and EQ, I sound like a broken record so I will stop repeating myself.
 Not a lot mod the pleathers
 The D600 is very poor compared to the Dx000 denons.
 The D2000 have more bass, more impact and more reverb, and overall one of the best basshead headphones, but the HE400 with mods (sub bass mod, jergmod, EQ) can do some very nice bass with enough impact, its just different from the D2000 because it has much less reverb and is more accurate, also it cannot go quite as low as the D2000. As an ex D2000 owner (wish I did not sell them now they are discon) I now prefer the HE400 bass and if I used the D2000 again I think the...
 I think people complaining about the weight of the HE400 need to stop being p****s lol.
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