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 How do you know? You get an email? Is there any way of knowing when it will happen?
Hm just noticed these, I was looking at some TH600 etc. but came across these, so how does massdrop work? I signed up and it says drop inactive.
I do notice it, its not terrible but it is noticeable, in a way it is a good thing that they sound worse at loud volumes because it stops you listening too loud and making yourself deaf.
 What do your categories mean? Are you talking about multimedia like the things I mentioned above, or outright sound quality? For example some speakers have extremely good sound quality, like dynaudio for example, but will sound quite bad with anything less than high quality audio files or DTS audio etc.
The Adam F5 look like good monitors, out of what I have looked at I think they probably look the best, they also have quite a high crossover, which I find helps to smooth out bad sources etc. They don't aesthetically look the best, but they look like they are the best available for sound quality, obviously this is impossible to tell without actually testing, but on paper and reviews anyway they look the best.
What are some active monitors that are good for general use?   I know most of them are designed to be as transparent and flat as possible... but are there any that make good multimedia speakers?   What about Genelec? I noticed they have a crossover at 3000hz, which would probably make them good for multimedia use.   Here are some I have found looking around :   Swans D1080-IV   Airmotiv 4 AktiMate Mini+ B   Vanatoo  Ruark Audio MR1 AktiMate Micro B  JBL...
I think they are under rated as well, I have not used them much for a few months, listening to my 1540 out of NAD D1050 now and I forgot how good this combo sounds, easily the best headphones I have owned or tried in the 100-400 bracket, and I have tried a lot. Also in the other areas like comfort, materials, build quality, accessories etc.
Yes I trust that NAD used a suitable power supply, they are a good audio manufacturer and I doubt they would overlook that, or use a power supply that makes the performance worse.
Wow so many suggestions I cannot even read through all this stuff.   Thanks for the swan link, they do look good, and also have tone controls, although in uk are £250   Maybe I will keep the gigaworks for now, they are ok I guess (with some tweaks like filling the bass ports and changing the tone controls) for basic youtube videos etc. and do a proper upgrade at some point to something significantly better. I am probably expecting too much to get active monitors which...
I am looking for some desktop speakers for my PC, for general use... I already have good headphones and DAC, but for things like some games, youtube videos and a bit of music (not loud) when I don't feel like using headphones or annoying the neighbors...   I just received some creative gigaworks, I don't like them and they will be going back.   The only other option would be some logitec 2.1 speakers, but I would rather have no sub at all than a cheap one which will...
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