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 The impedance is about 4.8ohm IIRC.
Can you tell me what the power output of the D1050 headphone amplifier is please? I cannot find this information anywhere.
 Or post on the thread even better.
As a bit of a basshead myself my main complaint with these is they do not have enough bass, they sound good and I have no idea how you think the "bass asks for too much attention"... When the music is bassy they will give you moderate amounts of bass, when the music is more treble or midrange the bass will go into the background, some headphones the bass is always present whether it is supposed to be or not, these only have bass when the recording is supposed to have bass...
 Hmm so a 480g, £700, open headphone is good for portable use then is it?
 I thought they were £800... £600 even better then..
I have been mugged before for money so understandably I am a bit paranoid about that now lol personally I would not take anything worth over £200 IEM's outside.   Prob more likely to get beats stolen because the IQ level of those sort of people would be "argh they have wood on them therefor they must be old fashioned and they are not beats so cannot be good"
 Ok so maybe the closed could be marketed as portable headphones (imo you would be mad to use them unless you have a lot of money) But the OPEN BACKED, 480g £800 headphones as portable headphones with a 1.2m cable wtf? They could at least include a cable option or give a 1.2m and 2m cable. My dac/amp is almost right next to me and 1.2m is still too short! if you have those headphone on in public you may as well also wear a sign saying "please mug me and steal these...
Yes a 2m cable, better looking or no veneer and obviously good sound quality with LCD2 bass and they will have a winner. Don't care if it has a case or accessories TBH although spare pads and cables would be good I would prefer it was a cheap as possible.
 Yes at least 1.5-2m cable and remove the veneer, tell that to Audeze! Most people will be buying these as home headphones anyway, 0.01% would be willing to use £800 (open backed) headphones as portables.
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