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 They could be cheaper but then you do get an expensive looking hard case, spare earpads and spare cable, That's about £100 of stuff almost... they are also made of expensive materials... I would prefer if they were £100 less and you could buy the spare cables and pads as needed though.
 Did you buy those recently or are they an older pair? HE400i look interesting but I don't really like being "choked by the neck artery" either lol I read on this thread someone had an old pair that clamped a lot and a newer pair which don't.
How is the bass on the 560 compared to the HE400, HE500, HE400i, D2000 etc etc? I was put off buying the HE400i due to not having much bass, but what about these?
 When you are flashing it using the NAD flashing program? Hmm do you know if it is enabled by default? I have no idea why they would want to remove remote commands. I will give it another go but I tried for about an hour got ******* off with it and gave up.... Would be nice if I could get it to just change inputs even.. all it will do at the moment is turn on / off with remote, I have a harmony 350 remote.  I might send a message to NAD support and see what they say about it.
Someone said something about NAD disabling remote commands in new firmware? I have the latest firmware (2.7) so it could be that? Why they would do that I have no idea :/
 I think I tried the C375, nothing works I gave up in the end :(
 Just make sure you do not leave the volume knob up when switching between speakers and headphones!
 Just SLIGHTLY overpowered for headphones LOL 180w RMS with 785w Peak
 Yes I would have to agree with this... Try your headphones on both... Do you like the sound? Are you happy with it? if you are then it doesn't matter if they are "good" or not if you like the sound... If you don't like the sound then you can get improved sound using a good dedicated dac / headphone amp.
I tried resetting it but still no cigar... Not sure I want to risk flashing the firmware backwards after reading  someone bricked 2 of them flashing backwards, I have already had it freeze on me twice when messing about with it, but luckily unplugging power lead reset / fixed it both times. Think I will leave it alone as I like it too much to break it and have to go through RMA   Must say though that after a couple of months using the D1050 I still think it is an awesome...
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