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Sorry I keep repeating myself I feel the need to bump the thread as americans do not seem to buy many Shure products and I think they should.
 Yes the comfort and can use them for anything, well built, sound good enough to enjoy any music.. and the faults they have are minor compared to other headphones at similar price. I would like more forward midrange and better bass definition, but overall the midrange is not even that recessed and the bass still sounds good. They just sit there on your head and are almost more comfortable than not having anything on.
If the 1540 had more forward midrange I doubt they would be able to have a good soundstage like they do, I have never heard closed headphones with forward mid and a good soundstage at the same time.
 I am relaxed... Just saying a small amount of EQ can sometimes make headphones sound much better, but it is a bit stupid IMO when people refuse to EQ out of principle when it does not actually reduce the sound quality other than lowering the volume of certain frequencies. Try playing music with a flat EQ enabled and disabled, enabling EQ makes ZERO difference to sound quality... And changing frequencies makes little / no reduction in sound quality.
 It is a good all rounder, the mids are not that bad and vocals sound pretty good to me tbh (heard better but they are not bad at all), as I said with some recordings you can EQ the treble to make the mids more forward... Anyway lets not discuss it any more!
My sansa clip+ is dying and I think I will get a phone to use as an MP3 player... Not sure I want an iphone as I don't like them, so what other phones in the £100-200 price range have good sound quality and a 3.5mm jack? Something as good or better than the clip+?   Thanks
For example the "no EQ mentality"...   SRH 1540 are all round very good... The treble peak can be annoying sometimes and mid can sound too far back compared to the treble peak.... "no EQ mentality" would be "right ok I am selling the headphones and spending 2-3x the amount to fix that".... OR You could just have one flat EQ and one with a small reduction at 10-12khz.... This will give you zero / almost zero reduction in sound quality... Simply reducing the volume of that...
 LCD2 and HE500 I am sure are probably better but also need serious amping, cost a lot more and are not as light / comfortable... So yes a porsche 918  is obviously better than a porsche 911... but it also costs a lot more... LCD2 + an amp is about TRIPLE the price of 1540... At £300 I paid for the Shures I do not think there is anything better as an all rounder. Denon Dxxxx, Momentums, HE400 and HD650 are all very good in particular ways but do not have as good all round...
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