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I think the headphone amp sounds really nice as long as you are using it within its limits. eg. low ohm headphones or not extremely hard to drive, I asked NAD and the specs they sent are pretty good, more powerful than a lot of headphone amps but not as much as some. With the headphones I have currently (both easy to drive and low impedance) it works well. But I am sure with more hungry headphones a dedicated amp would be better. I am happy with the sound of it and have...
 I have SRH 1540 and TH X00, I still like the 1540 they are really nice headphones but ATM the TH X00 are getting a lot more use. Both are good though but the THX00 are very nice. For some types of music I still prefer the 1540.
 For example TH X00, which have quite bright treble, the D1050 smooths that out nicely. I don't know I have not tried loads of dacs, I have tried about 5 I think, but out of what I have used I like the D1050 best, combined with headphones that have some treble, eg. SRH 1540 and TH X00, both have moderately bright treble, but with the D1050 sound spot on to me. But yes looking at the headphones you are using it with maybe it is noticeable I don't know as the best headphones...
Got any more impressions on the D1050? I am interested in your opinion... has the sound grown on you at all? Personally I think it is a really nice sounding dac / amp, it is not bright or mega detail but at the same time it sounds good with everything and is good in all the areas I find important, soundstage, punchy bass, good mids, smooth treble, low sibilance, decent detail, slightly rolled off upper mid and treble is perfect for me but maybe not for everyone. Are you...
Hmm it is not THAT bad for detail... it just does not throw it in your face with overly bright and sharp treble... I think its a really nice dac / amp and the best out of what I have tried. Is it the last word in detail and resolution etc? No... but does it sound very good with everything and allow me to enjoy music? yes. All personal preference I guess, butI do not think it is a technically bad amp / dac at all, its just not bright or clinical sounding,
Lawton kits look nice but wayy too much.   Yes it looks like very nice stuff but that is too much.   The pads + damping might be worth it though...   Can anyone post some reviews of just the pads + damping?   Was that review above the pads + damping?   Or the pads + damping + cups + cable?
 If I was to do it, all I would do probably would be the damping, no pads etc. does that make a significant difference or not worth bothering with? Actually can you even get the damping kit on its own or do you need the "level 1" including pads? I am worried changing pads will lead to recessed mid and worse treble... which from what I have read is what the THX00 pads do (smoother treble and better mids).
 Do you mean just adding the dampening around the drivers etc. not the pads as well? I might do the dampening around the drivers if it improves the sound and is also removable if I do not like it? Does it decrease the lower midrange and make the mid recessed? What effect does it have on bass, mid and treble? Thanks
What about installing the whole of the lawton audio level 1 mod? What effect would that have on the sound? I am interested in anything positive but would like to avoid making the headphones much brighter or more sibilant, also do not want to lose the lower midrange or make the midrange more recessed.
 What would you say the effect of just the mod on the back of the driver is? is it worth doing that? Does it increase brightness / sibilance? Or does it tighten up the sound and remove ringing etc? Thinking about doing just the rear of driver mod. Thanks.
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