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Also when the purpleheart were on massdrop, were they the same rrp as the normal ones?
Anyone compare the D2000 vs TH-x00?   3 main things I am interested in are :   1) Sibilance - significantly better / worse, is there more or less treble, is there a SIGNIFICANT difference in treble smoothness / sibilance / quantity, or a minor difference?   2) Midrange - better / worse quality, more / less?   3) bass - better / worse quality, more / less?   Thanks
 The X-00 certainly look interesting, I have other things that are more important ATM but if those purplehearts come up again, those are some nice looking headphones!! They look better than the TH-900.
If I found the D2000 annoyingly sibilant, will I find the TH-X00 annoyingly sibilant as well? Also recessed mids on the D2000, what about the TH-X00?   I think it is the biocellulose drivers, they have amazing bass but harsh highs? Is the TX-00 better than the D2000 for sibilance?
Read other post so was removed.
 Except the TH x00 are supposed to have less treble, the main thing I did not like about the D2000 was the treble sibilance, if it does not bother you then yes the TH600 is possibly better I have not heard them.
The amp on the mojo looks very low power though, so for easy to drive headphones no problem but if you ever want something else which needs more power then it will be a dac only.
 How do you know? You get an email? Is there any way of knowing when it will happen?
Hm just noticed these, I was looking at some TH600 etc. but came across these, so how does massdrop work? I signed up and it says drop inactive.
I do notice it, its not terrible but it is noticeable, in a way it is a good thing that they sound worse at loud volumes because it stops you listening too loud and making yourself deaf.
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