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 But I think all games can now use EAX because of the new drivers and "alchemy"? Or if they don't use EAX you can still use Creative virtual surround? Is there much difference with creative surround and dolby hp?
 NAD 326 BEE and B&W 602 S3 so normal 2.0 speakers via a 3.5mm > Dual RCA adaptor
Yes I wouldn't expect it to sound better than the STX but maybe the same or similar, at less money. Do you know if I can use the headphone jack for headphones and the other line out for my amplifier (speakers) using a 3.5mm > RCA... Usually I don't think you can do it, but on the sniper I think it might be different.
This new motherboard I am looking at has a realtek ALC1150 chip which supports Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 and has an amplifier built in (cannot find the amplifier specs), also has good shielding and capacitors, how would this compare to my Xonar STX with dolby headphone?  how do you think this chip will be for a) music and b) surround in games with EAX advanced 5.0 compared to my STX with dolby headphone? Do you think the amp would be alright in it?   And also what about...
If you connect the internal audio connector on a motherboard to the front audio jack on your case, if the motherboard has a built in amplifier on the rear line out will this work through the front audio jack as well (at the front of the PC case connected by motherboard header)? Or will the headphone amp only work through the back panel line out connection? Also does using the front jack on the PC case for headphones degrade the quality at all? I am talking about a brand...
Also would using a decent quality 3.5mm > dual RCA cable from soundcard to amplifier degrade the sound quality?
Hi,   I currently have a Xonar STX which has the dual RCA > RCA on amplifier + also the headphone amp so that works good, I am buying a new motherboard and was wondering if it would be possible to downgrade my sound until I can afford another card > eg. buy a new motherboard with good onboard sound and sell the Xonar STX until I can afford to buy a new soundcard (as the STX won't fit very well due to the placement of the PCI express sockets etc.)   So using this...
I am selling my HIFIMAN HE400, the headphones are in good condition although the pads have split at the sides and the cable also has a kink at the top of the right side which could be fixed easily by a TV repair shop, all it needs is a new SMC connector soldered on one side which would not cost much, they still work but the side with the cable kink can come loose when moved and lose sound. Other than that they are in good condition and come with original box.   £170
 The peak does affect the sound of the HE400, it also has some ringing in that area, you can fix the problem with pad mods and EQ.
 You are probably right but I doubt it is a massive difference with the HE400 like it would be with some headphones.
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