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The HE400 are much better than the X1
 No, with pad mods and EQ I would say twice as good as stock pads / no EQ.
 Mod them and they will be twice as good.
Not sure it is a good idea to glue the cables, because although they are annoying, if you snag the cable it will just come out of the connector, if you GLUE them in place and then snag the cable, it might damage the headphones / cable.
 You might be right, I have only used the HE400 on a few DAC/AMPS so I do not have the experience to say, but in terms of power they definitely do not need a lot to sound good, and out of the DAC's I have tried the differences are minimal, Xonar STX does a decent job with the HE400 but you are probably right that a nicer amp will give some improvements to sound quality, but I would not expect any massive differences, like with some headphones where NEED a expensive /...
To be honest the HE400 sounds decent even out of my Sansa Clip+ I would not bother spending loads of money on amps and dacs for them.   Also if you are looking for portable headphones, do NOT buy the HE400, they are about the least portable headphones I could possibly think of.
 I don't trust the mainstream publications, what hi-fi etc. They probably get money from the manufacturers to publish good reviews.
If the treble on these bothers you, even with various mods, If you have a spare pair of pads and don't mind breaking them, try doing the jergmod but making it so that it is as much foam exposed as possible, mine have split now to the point that everything except the top part that touches your head is the exposed yellow foam, the treble is smooth as butter (with a bit of EQ). Just saying if you STILL find the treble / hollow sound / glare in midrange a problem even with...
 The HE400 have more agressive treble than the D7000.
 I am not going to argue about cable and sound quality, but when I did some reading about it, every objective test found zero difference in sound quality, as long as the cable is good enough to not degrade the sound quality. Maybe it does sound better, I have not personally had the chance to test cables from £10-£1000 on the same system, but from everything I have read and my personal experience, as long as the cable is decent then there is no sound quality to be gained...
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