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This is my point that I kept saying that the 1540 mids are not actually very recessed... Just they have slightly boosted bass and treble... Also agree that the 1540 are one of the few headphones that do need need EQ at all to sound good.
Hello, Just wondering if an occasional USB dropout is normal for example once or twice a day?   Does anyone have an Async USB dac that never disconnects or dropout at all ever?
 But the 1540 sound much better overall.
 Also 4.5x the cost! Are they 4.5x better?
 I think you would like them, they are very good for electronic music, they are not sharp or harsh but have enough treble to not sound boring, the FR of the 1540 is pretty much perfect for electronic music, if you want more bass you can EQ below 80hz and these are capable of a lot of bass without much distortion. Other than that these are one of the few headphones I think are almost perfect with no EQ and leave the EQ flat above 80hz. Might be a step down in some ways...
 No the clicking noise is normal... it is the relay switch when it connects to something... But the point is that it is disconnecting for no reason approx once every 2 hours... I cannot find out why!!!!
 What would be the best cheap option? I don't really want to spend £100 on that, it is really annoying... about once every hour or sometimes 5 hours, sometimes more than once an hour... my dac will make the clicking noise as it disconnect and reconnect. I cannot find out why it is doing it and it is really irritating me! I think it is probably something to do with my PC but do you think the dac could be faulty?
Can anyone list some possible causes? I have already spent too long trying to fix this and my next step will be returning the dac and trying another one.   Have tried :   replace usb cable power settings usb suspend / power settings reinstall dac drivers logging DPC latency and removing the prog with spike of 4000ms which was the intel USB 3 drivers... still didn't work currently trying not using speedstep on CPU which does seem to be working but not sure...
Is it normal for an async USB dac to disconnect / USB dropout approx once every few hours?   I have tried a lot of things and it still does this... It will disconnect / reconnect a few times a day...   Is this normal with USB dacs? Or do I have a problem with my DAC or computer?   Thanks
 I find the D1050 is the best sounding thing I have used with headphones, if your headphones are under 150ohm should be ideal, unless you want bright and super detailed.
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