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Which CIEMS are you using and which input?With my Shure 846 I get about 7 hours using the HD-USB input before the flashing red light.With my Senn. HD800 I got about 7.5 hours before the flashing red light.Both time playing the same music CD quality flac files and the volume at what I would listen to. i.e. not high but with the 800 the volume setting was off course higher than with the 846. I sent an e-mail to Chord and they said probably 6-7 hours is correct as the USB...
No one has any feedback on what kind of battery life they are getting with the USB input and their choice of headphones?  Thanks.  -- Sanjay
I'm getting no more than 7 hours on the battery before the flashing red light comes on. Does that seem normal? It's half than the advertised of 14 hours. I would have though I would get 10-12 hours at least.
I am selling my Resonessence Labs Concero HP DAC/Amp. If you are looking you probably know what it is. But you can read more about it here: and here It's in excellent condition. I have the original box and accessories. I've only had it for 4 maybe 5 months, so it's still under warranty. Why am I...
I bought these just over a year ago here in Edmonton, Canada. They are in excellent condition. I have the original box and accessories. I might be talked into discounting the shipping but I don't want to pay for paypal fees. I will post pictures when I get home later today.   -- Sanjay        
Haven't posted here in a long time. I recently bought the Shure 846 on impulse last month and have been really enjoying them at work (for the little bit that I listen). I was using them with my Meridian Explorer. But I decided to sell it and get the Concero HP when I learned about it last week.   I got the HP last night and I tried it with the Shure 846 and my Grado PS500. It sounds fantastic. I am not very picky but this unit sounded really good.   The only thing...
Wrong thread.
Selling my Benchmark DAC1 USB to upgrade to the DAC2. It's in excellent condition. You can see my few feedbacks on under the user name schugh. Thanks, -- Sanjay
bump.   Still available and looking for a loving home.   You can see a few of my reviews on under the name schugh.   -- Sanjay
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