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I checked my serial # when I got it, against the #s posted by Audeze in this thread a while agoAnd going by the fact that I have to turn up my amp, like most everyone here has stated, I am sure I have the new 200 Ohm version.But I will get my dealer to confirm it.
No, I just dropped them at the dealer. They will call Audeze and find out.But hopefully not too long. I'm not bothered by it though (as long as it doesn't become a recurring issue!).I have other fine headphones and my big rig in my dedicated music/movie room (Maggie 3.7i, Bryston 7BSST2 etc) to keep the music going. :)
Uh oh. I may have a driver failure. No sound on the left late last night when I plugged them in. This is the new 200 Ohm revision 2 months old.   Dropped them off at the dealer at lunch time.
I just checked my serial #. Looks like I have the updated version.
I wonder if I have the new updates since I only got mine last week Friday (or was it Thursday?) I streamed some Indian Classical music from Tidal last night. Sounded excellent. I'm just going to listen to the LCD4 for a couple of month before attempting to make a second comparison with my updated LCD3Fs.   However I did try again to compare the volume setting. Also I wanted to mention, the volume setting on the Bryston BHA1 is interesting. I remember reading about it...
I haven't found a buyer for my LCD3Fs for some reason and so I've been comparing my just arrived LCD4s. Without getting into much details I am not getting bowled over by the LCD4s at the moment. I think I think in my case it will take a few months to understand and appreciate the differences (maybe). Unlike a lot of you here my ears aren't as "trained" or whatever the expression might be. Unlike the differences say from my HD800 and PS1000 and the LCD3/4 where the...
Just got a call from my dealer.  They have arrived. Can't wait to go and pick them up. Hopefully they won't disappoint at the $4800 Canadian I plunked down for them.
Just wanted to add a different opinion that it's not all always bad customer service with Audeze. My LCD3 right driver failed last summer (2015) after just over two years. I contacted the support online got a prompt reply with a RMA #. I got busy and didn't get around to shipping it until 2 weeks later. I think it was 2 weeks more when I had my headphones back fazored and they are working great.   I am in Canada BTW and I didn't have to pay for shipping at...
 Came across this earlier today from the positive-feedback site on the AES 2015 show: 
Just placed my order at my local dealer here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Audeze told him early January for my ETA. Bummer.
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