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Here is another Sennheiser HD800 up for sale. Excellent condition. No scratches or marks. Lightly used.   I don't have any feedback here because I haven't had much luck selling headphones here of all places for some odd reason. However you can see my all positive reviews over at canuckaudiomart.com (the Canadian site for selling and buying audio gear). Look for the name schugh.   Thanks and wish me luck. :)
I tested my other headphones and they were working fine on the same amp at that time.
I guess it was a false alarm when I said my LCD4s had broken down. All I know is I was not getting any sound from one of the drivers. I had tried two different cables, checked the connections etc and tried for several minutes and that's how it was. I dropped them of at my dealer and explained to him what was wrong. He didn't bother to double check and just shipped them to Audeze.   Audeze said they tested them thoroughly and could not find anything wrong. I have no...
I checked my serial # when I got it, against the #s posted by Audeze in this thread a while agoAnd going by the fact that I have to turn up my amp, like most everyone here has stated, I am sure I have the new 200 Ohm version.But I will get my dealer to confirm it.
No, I just dropped them at the dealer. They will call Audeze and find out.But hopefully not too long. I'm not bothered by it though (as long as it doesn't become a recurring issue!).I have other fine headphones and my big rig in my dedicated music/movie room (Maggie 3.7i, Bryston 7BSST2 etc) to keep the music going. :)
Uh oh. I may have a driver failure. No sound on the left late last night when I plugged them in. This is the new 200 Ohm revision 2 months old.   Dropped them off at the dealer at lunch time.
I just checked my serial #. Looks like I have the updated version.
I wonder if I have the new updates since I only got mine last week Friday (or was it Thursday?) I streamed some Indian Classical music from Tidal last night. Sounded excellent. I'm just going to listen to the LCD4 for a couple of month before attempting to make a second comparison with my updated LCD3Fs.   However I did try again to compare the volume setting. Also I wanted to mention, the volume setting on the Bryston BHA1 is interesting. I remember reading about it...
I haven't found a buyer for my LCD3Fs for some reason and so I've been comparing my just arrived LCD4s. Without getting into much details I am not getting bowled over by the LCD4s at the moment. I think I think in my case it will take a few months to understand and appreciate the differences (maybe). Unlike a lot of you here my ears aren't as "trained" or whatever the expression might be. Unlike the differences say from my HD800 and PS1000 and the LCD3/4 where the...
Just got a call from my dealer.  They have arrived. Can't wait to go and pick them up. Hopefully they won't disappoint at the $4800 Canadian I plunked down for them.
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