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I own the J.A. Michell Engineering Gyro SE, so I suppose you may add me to the list of people to rob I also own a Tascam 122mkII Cassette Deck which retailed for $1100
Sorry to (re)revive a dead thread, but has anyone heard this amp with the AT-L3000? Grado RS-1 and/or GS-1000? Opinions? Thanks!
Have any of you ordered from TheMusic? I'm curious if the extra couple of bucks per record is made worth it by their "hand-select" process? Are these audible defects usually visual defects as well, or can they go undetected until you play the record?
Not sure if you have heard this but Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine (a radio show on WFMU) had Mastodon live on the air in July of 2001. The show is archived here (you can download and listen to it at your leisure). Enjoy.
In response to the OP: Babes In Toyland Quote: Originally Posted by pdennis I admire Roscoe Holcomb, but sometimes he's still a little too much even for me. I mostly enjoy his voice (piercing as it can be), but my office-mates can't handle it.
Insound has it pretty cheap here, or for more money and hassle you could order it direct from the label, or from boomkat.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrookR1 DXC Store in Santa Monica. DXC STORE DXC Store is currently closed. They are moving to a new location, not sure where. See this thread.
That's almost worth flying out to NY for... I'm always scared when I hear a favorite band is reuniting though - there is little so disappointing as a band past their prime (e.g. Bad Brains). That said, I regret not seeing Scratch Acid's brief reunion - and am very impressed with Dinosaur Jr's regrouping (and new album).
Has anyone balanced these yet? Also, has anyone heard these with the Zana Deux? Thanks...
Quote: Originally Posted by audiomagnate I was thinking of pics, but it freaked me out so much that I jumped and lost the sample. dcpoor beat me to the obligatory "this thread is useless without pics" comment.
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