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The mass drop price is very tempting for me. Quick question, how do I connect my iPhone 6 to this dac/amp? I also have a Cypher Labs CLAS-R which has a coaxial input... 
Did you notice any sonic improvements? I recently got a pair of TH900 and plan on just using it with the iPhone or a portable dac/amp setup, so I would really like to get the stock cables replaced due to it being too long and bulky. 
Yeah I'd say it'll peak at around the 5k mark to fully justify what they're selling. I mean what's stopping anyone from putting 20-30 drivers inside, have some reviewers say it's the greatest gift from God, then rinse and repeat a year or two later. I have to admit, this cycle is pretty interesting to follow. 
I still have the UE-10 Pro from 10 years ago and been thinking about an upgrade. I've been lurking through the forums on and off and reading about the JHA 13, 16, Roxanne, and now the upcoming Layla. With the constant adding of additional drivers and new ways of cross feeding or whatever, I'm glad to see the continuing innovation in CIEM. However, I did miss those days when the UE-10 Pro was the king of the customs and thought I paid a ridiculous price for a portable...
This is up for sale again. PM me if interested.
I was guilty of that, but yeah you will always have procrastinators and/or gf/wifey's last minute permissions. Definitely in for the next one in 2014 or sooner.   This was also my first meet and I had a blast. Glad to finally be able to put an actual sound to all the headphones and amps I've been reading on here. The Fostex TH-900 was the highlight for me (of what I can afford that is). It wasn't listed on the other thread so I didn't expect them there, but wow, what an...
The Earskinz were actually a reverse for me. With it came added bulk which made the fit alot harder. So I guess it is only good for those whose earpods are a little loose. 
For sale is the Ray Samuels Protector Balanced Portable Amp in black color. Has approximately 300 hours on it. I'm the second owner. Excellent condition with no major scratches anywhere. It's a great portable amp with plenty of power. Along with the amp is the original power cord/charger and original card box. Asking for $280 shipped, preferably CONUS. International shipping will be extra. Paypal gift or add 3%. PM me for any questions. 
I agree. Maybe when iTunes start selling lossless music, we'll see a new wave of hardware enhancements. Give it another 5 years after there's nothing left to improve.
Thinking about the -db myself. Let us know what your impressions are for your fully balanced setup.
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