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Edit: I hadn't noticed that the serial number is also under the tips on the earphone body!
The serial number shown on the stainless plaque inside my box does not match any of the numbers printed on the UPC code on the outside sleeve that covers the box. So it appears that without that ID plaque, there is no way to determine the serial number.
I would imagine the best course of action would be to email AKG customer service along with a copy of your purchase invoice and go from there. How long it would take to resolve the issue would be anyone's best guess.
These are hard questions to answer with certainty, as different buds have differing soundstage and isolations. My PK1's seemed (from memory) to have a smaller soundstage than the Titans, but my Blox have a more expansive soundstage than the Yuins. I think the vents in the Titan body provide a physical (and therefore, larger) perception of an expansive soundstage than most other typical buds, however this depends upon the covers selected for a particular earbud.I do find...
I feel compelled to add an additional update to my previous comments regarding the Titan 1. I must also apologize to Vivian ( Dunu Customer Service) who supplied me with my review set when the Titan 1 was first introduced. At that time, although I felt that the build quality and included accessories were superb, I also felt that the highs were somewhat thin and and overly bright. I relayed these impressions to Vivian and in reply, she suggested that I accumulate about...
There is now a Topkit Ultra available for the P4/P5 and PB2. It uses custom buffer modules for increased output current and extended bandwidth.
Given the very high quiescent current draw, battery runtime would likely be very short. The 633 is probably best used for desktop application using the charger/power supply. Based on the current draw, I would expect them to run warm. For these reasons, I have not used them in either the P4 or PB2.Both the LT1010 and LME49600 have lower distortion and higher output, however both need to be modified for use in the PB2, as the pin basing of the LT1010 is non-standard and...
I have for sale a set of unused LH Labs Verb IEM's that I received as a Wave supporter perk. I opened the box to take a look, then sealed it back up without trying them. They just didn't appear to be my cup of tea. Price includes shipping and paypal fee. Shipping to US only.
I'm in for the Hyperion/Delta combo! My preference would also be for an angled jack.
I have, and as one would expect, the Tera sounds outstanding when used as a source for my desktop amps!
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