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I returned my Tera for repair and Charles did both the buffer increase and the new random algorithm at no charge. I fully believe that he will fully support the Tera-Player should repairs or battery replacement be needed.
PM sent.
Center one is teramega and outer one is superduper. Charles implied to me that the teramega has a bit of crossfeed implemented.
That is it in a nutshell! Well said!
Congrats on scoring a LAB! Well said on your impressions...I can second what a nice pairing the Tera/LAB combo make.
I have for sale my recently purchased ASG-2.5 with the matte black finish. They are in "as new" condition and come complete with all the included accessories, warranty card and hard case. They have about 40 hours of burn-in. Reason for sale is that the bass level is a bit much for me as I rarely listen to rock, EDM, etc. I am not interested in trades with the possible exception of the FitEar Partierre to which I would be willing to pay the difference as mutually...
The HA5002 is available from Digi-Key. It is an SOIC case style and needs to be soldered to an SOIC>DIP adapter. You will need custom adapters as the HA5002 has non-standard pin basing. These are available from iBasso or Brown Dog.
You can further improve your PP by increasing the impedance to 110 ohms, coating the driver covers with the rosin that Charles uses and using different pads.
The housing of the PF-X is made of Chrome Copper, whereas the PF-VIII is made of brass. (The PF-IX is polished Stainless Steel).
I did have a warranty plugs were very loose. This happened only in very early Tera's but Charles repaired the jacks and accomplished the updates at no charge and did it overnight. I have no worries about warranty support!
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