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I always use a bypass adapter in the center ground socket. That makes it opamp + buffer.
I have compared the P4 and PB2 single-ended many times when comparing different opamp combinations and to my ears, the P4 wins every time as the PB2 is primarily designed for balanced operation where it performs superbly. It is difficult to exactly compare the two due to the ground socket options in the P4.
I don't think it is a coincidence as I find that they are far more similar in SQ than different.
For my balanced desktop application, I use a Wyred4Sound uDAC and a Temple Audio Bantam Gold and the same DAC and Mapletree HD+ for single-ended use. When I heard the odd low-frequency background sounds, I was using the line-out of my DX90 into my iBasso PB2 balanced amp (with Topkit). This combination sounds unbelievably good.
On one of my classical recordings, I heard some very low background sounds which sounded like the rumble that one hears with distant city traffic. I suspected that it was noise from my own listening environment but when I removed my PM-1's the noise was gone. I have listened to that particular recording many times before and never noticed those low background sounds. That speaks pretty highly of the low-end resolution of the PM-1.
I don't mean to horn in, but I have both the PF-IX and LAB 1. For the genre's that the IX likes, (vocals, jazz, small groups) the sound is unmatched by anything I have owned. The soundstage and imaging is just incredibly realistic, almost holographic. The LAB 1, IMO, comes in a close second with these genre's but is by far the better all-arounder.One thing I believe adds to the impression of realism that is exhibited by the PF-IX is the fact that there is absolutely no...
The Ortofon tips do not work for me, nor any biflanges which are too large to get into my ear canals. My best fit for tips are the large Sony hybrids. I used them during my time with the Rockets.
I received the Rockets and Altone200 IEM's as a member of the Head-Fi member tour. Rather than a detailed review, I will post only my impressions and comments as I have only had the Rockets in my possession for less than a week. I found the build quality to be very good, with the cable (clear version with red and blue weaves) to be very robust and I doubt that it would be possible to accidentally break or seriously damage it. I did find cable microphonics to be a...
When I purchased my PF-IX, I was concerned that fit might be an issue, based on their appearance. I found that they actually fit my ears perfectly and after warming to body temperature, they actually seem to disappear. It is easy to forget that they are in place. I can shake my head from side to side and they remain securely in place. For those with smaller ears, it would certainly be beneficial to give them a try before purchasing. As often mentioned, the PF series...
They do look identical, even to the orientation of the pins. Very likely related.
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