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Is the Vyrus shipping yet?
Mlne just showed up in a padded envelope, no box just 2 small plastic bags....one with the phones and one for the tips. Regular China post, no tracking.
Just as a point of clarification, the Plenue D does not have a Line Out jack, only a headphone output which is very low impedance when compared to a line-out jack. Feeding the headphone jack output to an external amp often results in less than optimum sound.
They are much smaller and the SQ is considerably smoother than my FX850 was. Comfort is orders of magnitude greater than than the JVC.
I received my Zero's yesterday and as always, I spend a couple of hours listening fresh out of the box in order to better recognize any changes resulting from extended burn-in. I am quite a fan of Shozy, having owned the Alien and currently own the DIY earbuds, Cygnus earbuds, Lancia DAC and Magic DAC/Amp. I agree with Mochill that the Zero sounds quite similar to the 1 Plus, which is quite remarkable considering the difference in cost! My initial impressions are that...
The D14 does accept optical inputs via the spdif jack if "Optical" is selected with the switch. Always try a different cable "just in case"EDIT: Sorry guys...I see the issue has already been solved!
No Bluetooth!
I personally preferred my Orion over the Jupiter. IMO, the Orion is a single BA IEM perfectly executed!
Seems we all tend to follow the same well-worn path, hopefully leading to the holy grail of audio, but probably more likely leading to poverty!!
It sounds like the Zero SQ is similar to that of the Shozy Cygnus based on your impressions above. If that is the case, it will be a nice-sounding IEM indeed!
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