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Just received my Vegas today and find the SQ to be more similar to my Lyra than to the Andromeda in that the sound is of a more enveloping nature than that of the Andromeda. As other have stated in previous posts, the Andromeda tends to be more analytical and the Vega more "musical" whatever that means. I do think the sonic technology that Ken has achieved in his line of IEM's has blurred the concept of which of his products is "best" and really boils down to individual...
I have owned all of the CA IEM's and have had not the slightest issue with any of the MMCX connectors.
I have for sale my ASG 1+ that Aurisonics customized to resemble my earlier ASG IEM's that were destroyed by USPS. Customization includes chrome faceplates and polished body, allowing the driver to be visible. I am the original owner and the phones are in mint condition. The 1+ is, IMO, the best that ASG had to offer, delivering a lifelike, expansive soundstage, superb tonality and no listener fatigue! Extras include a Linum Music cable in addition to the unused stock...
The Vega looks to be exactly the same size and shape as my Lyra which is considerably smaller than the Andromeda. Although my Andromeda is an OK fit for me, the Lyra is. in all respects, more comfortable and just disappears once inserted. I can't imagine anyone not getting a good fit with the Vega if they are actually the same size as the Lyra.
If the Vega is anything like my Lyra, it will take quite a few hours to reach it's design potential. The Lyra is the only one of the CA phones that I really noticed changing with time and I have owned all of them at one time or another.
Just ordered the Vega. Will be very interesting to compare with my Lyra and Andromeda, both of which I very much enjoy!
Steal it for $265!
I have for sale a set of ER4PT IEM's that are in excellent condition. I am the original purchaser and have added many extras during my time of ownership. Accessories and extras included are 2 pr. of red filters (1 pr installed), extra green filters, filter tool, 2 Ety carry cases, airplane adapter and a set of Westone StarTips in addition to a set of Ety bi-flange, tri-flange and grey foam tips. The frosting on the cake is a set of AWWAN MMCX adapters to allow the use...
When pairing a multi BA IEM with a high impedance source, each of different drivers can have response curves that differ from that of the designers intent. By adding additional load impedance, the effects of the individual response curves can lessened. This will, of course, change the overall SQ of the earphone, making it closer to the design tuning which may or may not suit the preferences of the listener. While reducing the effects of the impedance mismatch, adding...
I find that the CA Andromeda does just that. I have also in the past owned the Parterre.
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