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If they are serious about selling these, maybe they should consider sending a set on a demo tour!!!
Black Player has adjustable gain, good EQ and no ads. It works fine for my non-streaming use on my HTC10.
Any comparisons to any other IEM would be a subjective opinion that very well might be different from that of another individual. Keep in mind that hearing is as individualistic as fingerprints.I can say that to my ears, they sound about as close to "live" as I have heard.
I agree that would be unfortunate. Only Ken is able to confirm or deny that for certain. I can say that after several hundred hours, the Lyra's have become one of my all-time favorite IEM's. The fit is very comfortable, even more so than my Andromeda. I am currently using the Linum Bax cable and some very soft wide-bore tips. Initially, they were quite bassy, but over time, have become very nicely balanced across the audio spectrum while still delivering the sense of...
As mentioned in a previous post, make sure that you are using the left cable with the left earpiece and right with right. The polarity will be correct if the small tabs fits into the notches.
You might try changing the ground configuration. Perhaps try the bypass dummy adapters. Always check for proper configuration by turning on the amp prior to re-installing the cover and confirm that the blue light only blinks when you turn the amp on. If it stays on, there is something wrong, most likely an opamp installed incorrectly.If you hear static without turning the volume knob, you most likely have a defective opamp. Easy to check by replacing each pair with a...
Having owned all of Bob's creations except for the Techne, I have to say that the Vyrus is my favorite due to the excellent fit and superb sound. Just to throw out my favorite combination, I am using the non-damped purple filters, Linum Music cables, large silicon tips of unknown origin and my Plenue D DAP with the Rap preset selected. This unlikely combinations works really well for my preferred genre's of acoustic and instrumental music, offering an excellent depth...
I received my Vyrus today via USPS. So far, very impressed with the sound from such a tiny device. Only thing was that there were no Spinfit tips enclosed despite being listed on the box. Since the Vyrus is so tiny, I decided to go the whole stealth route and use one of my Linum Music cables. Now, to work my way through the filters and see which ones suit my preferences the best!
A steal at this price!
Price reduced!
New Posts  All Forums: