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I also have accumulated several hundred hours of use and just today received my CB12 balanced cable which paired with the IT03 really makes the DX200 sing. I do notice an improvement in soundstage dimensions, even more precise imaging and additional power as reflected in the necessity to reduce volume control about 10 steps to yield the same volume level.The CB12 is very supple and overall a very nicely constructed cable. I'm kind of spoiled now to go back to the...
Have you installed Neutron on your DX200? It should give you all the bass you want and is easy to install once you have purchased it.
I also hear no differences between the two Mango players.
The above is another example of the ibasso superb customer support!
I really like the included case and except for removing and replacing the card, it always lives in the case. I would, however, welcome the addition of a silicone case.
I have for sale my ZX2 which is in cosmetically perfect condition and includes a custom-fitting rubber case, factory leather case, glass screen protector and the WM-port adapter for use with external DAC. All original packaging and accessories are also included. There is no volume cap unless checked in the settings menu. Here is the catch!!! While thne WM-Port works perfectly for charging, it does not connect to my computer USB, so i can no longer access the internal...
My PD seems to shuffle pretty randomly as I seldom hear the same file repeated, even after several hours of use.
I'm in!
Most of the effects of the digital filters are on the very high frequencies on either side of 20 Khz. Perhaps your hearing is not acute at those frequencies or your phones are incapable of reproducing them at an audible level ???
Said to be less crosstalk and more precise imaging.
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