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I received my Vyrus today via USPS. So far, very impressed with the sound from such a tiny device. Only thing was that there were no Spinfit tips enclosed despite being listed on the box. Since the Vyrus is so tiny, I decided to go the whole stealth route and use one of my Linum Music cables. Now, to work my way through the filters and see which ones suit my preferences the best!
A steal at this price!
Price reduced!
Hey, I'm still around also! While the P4 was (and still is) an excellent portable amp, the P5 does eclipse it in every way, except maybe for portability. I have not owned a desktop amplifier that outperformed my P5. It is beyond me why folks pay megabucks for boutique amplifiers that cannot match the performance of the P5.EDIT: I would not want to try 11v cells in the P5. Solid state devices are usually able to meet a + or - 10% variation over stated values, but...
Would love to! Please PM me with details when you get a chance.Many thanks for your generosity!
I trust the expertise of the developers! Having previously owned the Tera Player, I look forward to comparing the comparison!
I am still in if and when a player might be available for sale
Have you tried the Lyra? Based on your preferences, it sounds like it might fit the bill. For much of my music, I prefer my Lyra over my Andromeda. It does, however, take quite a long time to develop its full potential.
The more you listen and compare the more you will become addicted! 😂I should also add that the camera is as good as the audio.
Quite a hard call to make as they have very different sound properties. I find that for my ears, the Lyra provides the best fit and isolation, but the Andromeda is the clear winner in layering, imaging and overall tonal realism.
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