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Welcome to the club!!! The Kojo is truly something special! The more I listen, the more impressed I become.
The new DacAmp One is priced close to $500 USD.
Totally different amp, completely revised replacement for the T1.
Price reduction! Grab it now!
I have used the latest firmware, both .wav and std. I am not sure about about the m4a specs as I have never looked, but copied them all from a friend. I do believe they are lossless, however.
As much as I like the 1 Plus, I have to say that the K3003 is ahead of it. I found the highs to be rather much with the stock tips, but once I found tips from my stash that fit about like customs, the sound is very nice, clear and transparent. Bass and sub-bass are more definitive than the with the 1 Plus. Mids are comparable. Highs are a bit more detailed in the 3003. Fit and comfort of the K3003 is among the best I have experienced as they are far smaller than I had...
I have many m4a files on my SD card and they all play OK.
As I just added a K3003 to my stable, I doubt that I will be doing much shopping for awhile.
I was initially somewhat disappointed with what I considered to be overly bright treble, but as stated by the Dunu folks, things changed considerably over the first 200 hours of use, much to my surprise. The SQ can also be changed noticeably with tip changes. Now, I find the sound to be very nicely balanced and the Titan has become one of my favorite casual-use phones as they are so comfortable to wear that I soon forget I have them in my ear.Patience, patience!!
Surely you jest! Layla is WAY above my pay grade! The only comparison I can make is that the 1 Plus is about $2K less than the Layla!
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