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The more you listen and compare the more you will become addicted! 😂I should also add that the camera is as good as the audio.
Quite a hard call to make as they have very different sound properties. I find that for my ears, the Lyra provides the best fit and isolation, but the Andromeda is the clear winner in layering, imaging and overall tonal realism.
The only tips I have found that fit my ears well with my Q-jays and allow a deep insertion is the green Westone Star Tip which I used for years with my ER4's.
I have been mostly using mine with the Plenue D and HTC10.
Trust me, they will sound much better in your ears than in your cart! They are truly excellent, one of the best I have heard. Go ahead, click the button!!!
+1 for Andromeda!
I have for sale an unopened set of LH Labs Vibrato IEM's. I can't comment on the SQ or included accessories as I haven't removed the shrink wrap however according to the information on the box, they have a single dynamic titanium-coated driver and the OFC copper cable does include a mike. Hopefully, my very low price will prove to be a bargain for this IEM! Price as listed on ths LH Labs website is $99.00. These phones were designed as the much higher quality...
Can't help but post pix and description of my pride and joy! Needless to say, it is not EDC.
I have for sale my Bantam Gold Class T amplifier. This is a tiny but powerful amplifier delivering 25 WPC. The Bantam Gold has both high and low gain selectable via the power switch. I am the original purchaser and have used this amp only for the purpose of driving my Shure SRH-1840 balanced headphones. If you are looking for a clean, low-distortion source that can effortlessly drive your balanced HiFiMan HE-6, this is it! As this is a Class T amplifier with both...
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