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Regarding the freezing issues...Do these happen when using an micro SD card that functioned OK in the DX50 or only when using a newly created card? If the card worked properly in the DX50, it *should* work properly in the DX90, otherwise there are issues that need to be addressed by iBasso.
Not to disagree with your ears, clearly you hear what you hear, but is it possible that your phone was the source of the hiss you heard?While there are other circuit factors in an amp that can contribute to hiss and/or noise, it is unlikely that it is caused by the OPA1642 (if, in fact, that is the opamp that Ray uses in the Intruder) as it has one of the best noise/distortion figures when compared to other leading audio chips, see excerpt from datasheet below:The...
I was under the impression that all RSA amps have the markings sanded off the opamps. My Intruder did.
I think his logic is: A=Red, B=Blue, therefore A=Blue!
Glad to have been able to help!
What a guy! You should score big-time points for that. Of course you would score more points by giving her your 850's!
Sounds to me like a cracked/incomplete solder joint on one of the opamps. NEVER insert them by pushing down on top of the opamp. Press gently around the edges of the adapter. The SOIC solder joints are very small and very fragile.I would try changing L/R opamps one at a time. Doesn't matter at this point if they are all the same, you are just looking to find the one that is faulty.
I have for sale a mint set of StageDiver SD3 universal IEMs. I am the first owner and will include the OEM Pelican Case, tips, cleaning tool and 6.3mm adapter. Needless to say, these phones are beautifully built and sound excellent, with a full, expansive soundstage. They have been used for approximately 40 hours, mostly for Topkit testing. I can supply them with either the clear cable or matching black cable. I will pay for shipping within the USA but cannot cover...
I normally use the Sony hybrid tips for all of my large-bore IEM's but in comparing them with the stock FX850 large silicons, I find that the FX tips sound better and provide a more comfortable and secure seal.
Perhaps I can add a bit of clarification here.... buffers are primarily current devices rather than voltage devices, so by bypassing them, one will lose some output power, but this will likely be a non-issue unless attempting to drive extremely challenging phones or listening to music with a very wide dynamic range, such as some hi-rez files. More importantly, buffers function as impedance-matching devices. When bypassing them, some phones will sound just fine while...
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