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At the risk of preaching to the choir, I gotta say that my MG5Pro is numero uno of all my iems! I have never before experienced such lifelike reproduction from an IEM! Why did I procrastinate so long!
??? The D14 is a headphone amplifier with 1/8" headphone jack....no speaker terminals. Unless you mean using powered speakers such as AudioEngine which I imagine would work OK.
No, but I will take some and post them on the F.S. listing. Not too much to see, just the standard FitEar 2-pin connector and the Hirose connector that iBasso uses. The cable is very nicely constructed of silver-plated copper.
I just received my Mg5Pro's a few hours ago. I was very pleased to find the fit absolutely perfect! Try as I might, I am unable to break the seal but yet it is not a 'vacuum" seal. They just seem to disappear once they are in place. David did say that the comfort would become even better over the next few weeks as my ear cartilage "makes friends" with the IEM's. As I was hoping, the sound is very lifelike and tonally well-balanced. Instrumental and vocal timbre is...
I had both the HA-2 and the D14. I returned the HA-2 and kept the D14.
I recently sent a Topkit to a customer in Singapore via USPS and it finally ended up in Saudi Arabia. Never was delivered and presumed kept by the Saudi's. It's a wonder that anything arrives safely!! I'm hoping for the best with my early bird delivery.
The D14 performs far above its price and will provide a significant improvement over the stock D50. It does make a tidy package, as it is about the same size as the D50. Given a compact coax cable, they will strap together very neatly.
Price reduced!
I am using LG G2 with v.5.0.2 with my D14 and it works perfectly.
Very accurate review! Nicely done.
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