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The spdif output on your Asus is optical. You will need a cable such as the one shown in the link below to interface with your D14, however you will need the toslink mini-adapter on BOTH ends. Forget about trying any coax cables! If you get no sound from this type of cable, you have a driver issue with your computer. I also feel certain that there is a menu setting in your control panel to enable or disable the optical output. http://tinyurl.com/oywxa6x
If your headphone jack is a combo, it will probably be stereo + optical. If this is the case, you will need a 3.5 mm adapter tip for your optical cable. If you try to use the mono ibasso coax cable, it will very likely short the headphone jack. You can use a stereo adapter cable in a coax jack, but not the other way around as coax cables are terminated with mono connectors.Check and see if you can see a red light in the headphone jack when playing an audio source.
The D14 does not ship with an optical cable. It is a coax cable. There are different types of coax cable terminations such as RCA, etc. One can even use a 3.5 stereo interconnect as a coax cable. You can always tell an optical cable by the small holes in the ends which transmit the optical signal. When hooked up to an active optical output, you can see the red light at the opposite end of the cable. Most sources allow one to turn the optical signal on or off via a...
The P5 has a pleasingly neutral presentation with a more natural soundstage. Imaging is better defined in both placement and depth.There is a greater sense of that elusive and unmeasurable sense of realism.
I have now owned my MG5Pro's for about 2 months and have accumulated well over a hundred hours of use. I continue to find them at the very top of my list of IEM's that I have owned in the past or still own. The accuracy of tone and timbre plus the lifelike headstage still amaze me with each use. An added benefit is that the venting completely eliminates the plugged ear feeling that I get with most of my other phones. Despite the venting, isolation still remains...
I have been using the recently released iBasso P5 with the matching power supply. It is the best match of any of my amps.
NEW! Topkit especially designed for P5 has launched!
While I really enjoy the sound of the Aegis, I found the power drain to be excessive for use with my S4, so I relegated it for use with my desktop computer. I finally decided to order the Shozy Magic Dac/Amp. It is only about the size of a Sansa Clip but has outstanding audio performance. It does have a switch to enable/disable charging, so there is no current draw at all on my phone, as it is only being used as a transport. After accumulating some additional run...
My Galaxy S4 connects flawlessly with my D14. You might try a different OTG cable. (My S4 is running Lollipop) You might also check to confirm that the charge switch is turned off.
I also started listening right out of the box. I figured that we might as well both burn-in at the same time.
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