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Nothing like a 1000 dollar headphone that is too cheap for 2 cent damping materials in the cups. 
You honestly think Shure doesn't know how to measure distortion?  Please people, when will you stop giving manufacturers the benefit of the doubt and realize they are playing you for fools.  These aren't designed to distort for a certain effect.  Give me a break.  They just weren't designed well.  It's that simple.  And consumers here on HF just eat it up. 
Saying it was such a concious choice gives them way too much credit.  They don't have that much control over the drivers or the final sound, if they did, they would sound better.  The problems are because of them not having control, not investing the time to make a better driver that didn't distort so much.  If Sennheiser (at least the sennheiser of a few years ago) made that driver, they'd take distortion measurements and say "back to the drawing board".  Someone at...
There's a lot of open back phones that have more bass with less distortion.  I think it's making excuses for them, not a choice they made.    This is 2012.  With all the new materials we have over the past couple decades, headphones should be improving. 
Wishful thinking at best.  There is a reason everyone loves the LCD-2 bass.  Flat, extended, fast, low distortion. 
It's not distortion man, it's sex fuzz. 
Yup, it's mine.  Thank you very much!  I was going to make a bunch more unboxing parodies but I don't think it's worth it considering how many views that one has. 
I added a full review to the first post.  I wrote it a couple months ago but it was in the review section where no one ever goes.  This is now a rather complete analysis with the unboxing video, review, and measurements. 
And Tyll has an ideal curve as well.  Notice how all the best headphones are flat from bass through midrange, then dip, then peak at 9k, then dip and peak again.  That's not their actual response, that's what his measurement rig is adding to their response.  it doesn't mean they all actually peak at 9k. 
    This is very wrong.  You don't understand how to read these graphs.  There is an "ideal curve" that represents neutral.  You can think of it like a scale that's not zero'ed out.  Those dips are not dips to the human ear, they are dips only relevant to the measurement technique.    Most high end headphones MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT roll off the treble.  This is the problem with objective data, if it's read incorrectly, it can lead to less understanding which isn't the...
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