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This is as new.  I bought it for my wife, loaded it with music and she has literally NEVER used it.  Not once.  I have a 16gb model for myself, so I have no need for it.  So I'm selling it and spending the money on myself instead ;)   Includes everything that came with it.  Earphones aren't even unwrapped.     Price includes shipping and I will favour a deal in Canada with EMT as my preferred method of payment.     PM me here if interested.
Yeah, I would bag them according to some sort of system.  I don't see the value in bagging Meshuggah with Sharon, Lois and Bram!
I think the grab bag idea is best.  What is a fair price for a 10 CD grab bag of quality albums?  $20?  $30?    Otherwise the most popular albums will get cherry picked and I'll be sitting on the rest and still have a problem with storage.  I just need to take the time to catalog them and post them. 
Bah!   I was hoping not to have to catalog and rate each one, but I guess that is inevitable.  I like the grab bag idea.  
I've got a problem, if you could call it a problem.  First world problems, I know.   I have hundreds of compact discs sitting in boxes in my basement.  None of them have received any play in years.  All of my music is transported electronically, and the discs were ripped to hard drives years ago, so I have had literally ZERO use for my CD collection.   I am faced with the dilemma of selling them, as my basement space is now at a premium.  They need to go. ...
Looking to try out the GR07.  I prefer a deal in Canada but will deal with my American friends as well.  PM me if you have one available with your asking price. 
These are SOLD
I've had these for two months or so.  I bought them new, so I am the only owner.  They have well under 50 hours on them.    They sound excellent, but I just can't get a good fit.  I've tried everything.  I have smallish ear canals and even with the Sony Hybrid tips (included) I can't get the right fit.   All of the original tips are unused and I will included the hybrids that I have left, (M and L).  Everything that was included new in the retail box is still...
I decided to go with the Ottawa Food Bank.  They are always in need of money and do good work in our city.  Thanks again Darren!   Here is the receipt with my personal info and open programs/windows edited.   
Congrats and thanks to dgcrane for the winning bid of $60!   He is a local boy, so I'll be seeing him (again) to drop the cable off.   I'll update this thread with a pic of the donation receipt.  I haven't decided on the charity yet, but likely one of the local hospitals, being that we are both in the same city.   Thanks to all who bid!
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