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I'm selling my used Sennheiser HD598's. They've been used for a few months so there's a few marks on the headphones themselves. The cables are also slightly marred because they were run over by a computer chair. These flaws don't affect the sound in any way and the headphones work perfectly.   Price is firm, Paypal only please. I will securely ship these double boxed via USPS Priority Mail anywhere in the USA with tracking.   Local pickup is also available in the Las...
 Same here, I'm pretty sure the problem is ISP side. Tidal streams perfectly on T-Mobile LTE but hangs on a 300mbit TWC connection.  Oh well, I got 3 months of Google Play unlimited for $3 to hold me over.
Are you concerned at all about display degradation? I hear leaving stationary images on AMOLED displays causes degradation.
  Great job capturing that atmosphere! I believe the device is coming out ~Jan of next year (according to their Kickstarter page), the one at the meet was a prototype.
  The little green USB DAC/Amplifier that Ken had set up. Its an amazing little device, it drove 2 300ohm headphones at the same time with ease.
I really like Shuttle, it has a beautiful and clean interface. I can't comment on the EQ quality because I keep it flat and I also can't tell the difference in sound quality between Neutron, Poweramp, Winamp, Samsung, and Jetaudio.    
+1.   I'll bring a laptop, Sennheiser HD580's, and a Zero OPA627 USB DAC. I wonder if our devices are going to be affected by this update and how it will be affecting SQ, if at all. I believe this DSP is integrated into the S800 chipset.
 I have an iPhone 5 next to me. The iPhone has ~1.1-1.5 clicks more volume than the Note at the top. (completely unscientific measurement method).
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