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 Same here, I'm pretty sure the problem is ISP side. Tidal streams perfectly on T-Mobile LTE but hangs on a 300mbit TWC connection.  Oh well, I got 3 months of Google Play unlimited for $3 to hold me over.
Are you concerned at all about display degradation? I hear leaving stationary images on AMOLED displays causes degradation.
  Great job capturing that atmosphere! I believe the device is coming out ~Jan of next year (according to their Kickstarter page), the one at the meet was a prototype.
  The little green USB DAC/Amplifier that Ken had set up. Its an amazing little device, it drove 2 300ohm headphones at the same time with ease.
I really like Shuttle, it has a beautiful and clean interface. I can't comment on the EQ quality because I keep it flat and I also can't tell the difference in sound quality between Neutron, Poweramp, Winamp, Samsung, and Jetaudio.    
+1.   I'll bring a laptop, Sennheiser HD580's, and a Zero OPA627 USB DAC. I wonder if our devices are going to be affected by this update and how it will be affecting SQ, if at all. I believe this DSP is integrated into the S800 chipset.
 I have an iPhone 5 next to me. The iPhone has ~1.1-1.5 clicks more volume than the Note at the top. (completely unscientific measurement method).
    Just got my Note 3 yesterday. As someone who has been using iOS since the very beginning (3 iPhones), I found Android confusing as all hell for the first few minutes I used it. Its unusual to go from a relatively closed operating system to something like Android. It took me a few hours to get the hang of things and now its relatively easy.   As far as the sound quality between the two, its a really close call. The iPhone 5 has noticeably more output power than...
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