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All headphones have been sold
Mad Dogs have been sold. The Westones and the K545 are still available
The X1s have been $old, Others still available
I've finally decided to let go of a few of my headphones that I dont use anymore since I'm more into speakers now. Also I need some cash for a surround system upgrade I'm getting a good deal on so these need to go ASAP. I really mean that, so taking any and all offers, just dont try to lowball or offer ridiculously low prices.   Mr Speaker Mad Dogs 2.0- These are about 18 months old. But they're in great condition. Come with both Dog Pads and Alpha Pads. They were my...
I'll also highly recommend you try out the M-Audio Q40, I am a big basshead like yourself and although I haven't heard the M100(not very fond of Vshaped sound sigs like the M100), I think the Q40 might just be the one for you. It is a basshead headphone and has the most bass of any headphone I've ever heard(compared to Denon D5ks, Ultrasone Hfi 580, Pro 900, even XB500 etc). Sony Xb500 has a tiny bit more bass but it is much more muddy and bloated and just not as good as...
I have decided to downsize my collection again and was wondering if there is any interest in the following headphones/IEMs at those prices -  Mr Speaker Mad Dogs 2.0- These are about 14 months old. They're in great condition. Come with both Dog Pads and Alpha Pads. - 195$ Phillips Fidelio X1 - These are LNIB and have less than an hour on them. I liked these headphones but don't have much use for open headphones anymore -  200$ Westone W3 - Bought these 12 months ago,...
Has anyone here heard the Sennheiser HD7 or HD8 DJ? I am trying to decide between those or a Signature Pro. I like deep bass and a warm sound with good detail. Havent heard or read much about the new sennheiser's, they're available on Sennheiser's website right now.
I am interested in purchasing a used NAD Viso HP50. I have a pair of Mr Speakers Mad Dogs with Alpha Pads or a LNIB Fidelio X1 that i can offer up for trade. PM me if you're interested in selling me your HP50s or trading them for them.
Price Dropped
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