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I was thinking about calling marantz but then again this reciver is from the late 70's you think they still service it? Also, are there any other forums that deal with vintage audio equipment that might better be able to find a solution. Thanks for all the help.
all right so I guess its a lamp. Should I replace it with another lamp, where would I find one? Or is there anything I could do that means I wouldnt need to replace it? Bridge it or something since if their only purpose is to provide light then they are pretty much useless, unless they have something to do with the circut a bit more complicated than that. Sorry I my knowledge of electricity isn't as advanced as most of you guys so what should be my next course of action?
Here is the schematic for the section of the reciver with the smoking part. The part should be labeled m701
Its diffinatly not a led for sure. Its labled m701 if that means anything to you. I know that its not an led because I have done some diy projects before (modded a dvd player, pimeta, cmoy blah blah blah) and I am pretty sure its not a led. Plus there is the other red capped thingy that is the same part labled m702, and it doesnt light up when the reciver is turned on, just not burnt out. The light is comming from some sort of short or something.
I just got this really nice reciver for a steal and I am having problems already. I turned it on and something is smoking. I opened it up and located the problem. I dont know what kind of component it is but it looks black from it being blown and when the reciver is on it lights up like a light bulb (but its not a light bulb). There is the same part, undamaged, to the right a bit. What is this part? Where can I buy another to replace it. Thanks!
With a Marantz SR 3100 reciver. I think I might be getting my hands on one and I was wondering, more than anything, how it would be as a phono stage. I bought a Thorens turntable a while back but still havent set it up, silly me. Anybody out there have any info on this particular model?
Nice amps larry I see you still have the bug. Hope Spain is working out and Antonio (hunky pool boy) with long flowing hair hasnt arivied yet to take your lady. By the way your next projects should be to make replica's of the klipsch speakers with them designs I gave you. Yup that would be impressive.... oh wait this is Larry never mind. Your former (brilliant) student.
I guess I have a question is there a difference between a phono preamp and a phonostage. If so what?
heh thanks
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