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I'm looking at ATH-M50(s) now(I have raised my buget a bit), any sound quality difference between M50 and M50s, and how about Shure SRH840?  
Buying headphone on Taobao? I doubt it. Lots of clone ones.
They are cheap, but a bit difficult to find in China. And I found a review in Chinese, the editor found the material is iron and become rusted in a short time.    
  I found ATH-M50s doesn't release in China and the other two ones are also more expensive.   If I will buy the headphone from US, I'll have less budget because of the delivering fee.
Any info for HD 448 and K450?
Thank you for your info. But I'm living China, so maybe I can't buy the gear on a US website.
I found ATH-M50's on Amazon for $159, I think that's a bit more.   And I don't want to buy a amp, at least now.
Hi everyone,   I want to buy an entry level headphone about $100, I have looked a lot and learn a lot in last two weeks, but I also don't know which one to buy. So I ask for help here. I use it to listen music, usually pop and rock, also like new age and classic. I play games, but I just need to listen the music and voice of games.  I'd like to buy a closed one, because my laptop is very noise on gaming(Alienware m14x), but I don't want a gaming...
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