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I am also interested in trading up; if you guys have a ms-pro, or rs-2s or rs-1s; i could offer the 325i + cash or throw in 7/10 condition sennheiser hd590s and a pocketamp V2.
I have a pair of mint condition 325i's, along with a pair of Todd's soft pads, and I am just curious as to how the ms2i sounds compared to this. launch me a PM edit: these come stock with bowls edit 2: These are from esteemed forum member James3Toe. It is approximately 3 weeks old, burned in around 140 hours. I added 1 hour to it max, it is in pristine condition. Pictures can be found in his original thread here:...
currently its an audigy 1 - > pocketamp V2 - > phones waiting on a gilmore lite and emu 0404
I just got my pair of 325is and have been listening to them. Compared to the ms-1s, they are a complete improvement; it sounds like a veil was lifted off and the vocals and music sounds so much smoother and crisper, i'm in love.
the modded 414s that holeinthewallet is selling on mall-fi rocks out
i would go with a gilmore lite
bump bump be bump
bumpety bump
after a couple of days, i can definitely hear the improvement with the pocketamp. The bass is alot fuller and the impact is definitely better. it seems to bring out the vocals and makes the audio a more involving experience. However, after getting a pair of Ms-1s, i've completely fallen in love with the grado sound. Enough to go insane and upgrade all of my components once and for all. Currently its audigy -> pocketamp v2 > alessandro ms-1s/590s coming in the...
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