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what about a gilmore lite ? they're supposed to kill with grados
7/10 condition, lettering has rubbed off on the right can and the left can is mislettered "HD500". Has been used in a dorm-room setting, sound quality is excellent. I do not have the original box. 80 shipped
white with black lettering looks freaking amazing, the black looks cheap compared to it
that brown mini was the coolest looking cable ever. Wish i had one =P
what a freaking deal
interested in the pads for 60, no doubt =P
bump for the slow night crew
dude mister X that amp is the coolest amp i've ever seen in my life
Great seller, great shipping, very communicative. Really works with you to make you happy, Recommended. Will
if i don't get any interest on the trade, i'll probably let these go for 250 + shipping OBO. I take paypal (non cc is best) pm me My Feedback : ebay head-fi pics available upon request
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