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Hi, I have a pair of Grado Sr325is that i've been listening to, but find them a little too redundant cause I already have a pair of Ms-1s that I love. I wanna get into the Sennheiser house sound; Anybody feel the opposite way and wanna trade me? PM and we'll discuss details
Quote: Originally Posted by iDesign I would imagine that the Gilmore Lite paired with the SR325i would be problematic in that the fatiguing highs would be even more present. I should note that I have extensively tested the SR325i but never matched to my Gilmore Lite. I have a gilmore lite + 325i, and run it off of a emu 0404. Honestly, I have no comparison in how it sounds with anything else. The 325i is kinda heavy and I almost prefer having...
Explosions in the sky - your hand in mine or... first breath after coma
Quote: Originally Posted by jjcapurro The SVS sub i linked is their low end box mounted, rather than the tube model and is reasonably small and fairly cheap (429). I figured with a drop in price on the speakers i could recomend a decent sub to go with. Since the Maggies only have response down to 100hz you will want to have a reasonable quality sub because it will be handling some of the mids, all of the midbass, as well as all of the low bass. Not...
Quote: Originally Posted by tennisets Did you not read my first post? I reccommended another pair of Magnepans that would be perfect for your situation if you just shove a suboofer in there somewhere. It's as good as you're gonna get for you're situation. MAGNEPAN MMG-W i have an old optimus sub from way back in the day. It was part of a radioshack set, I don't think I can afford an SVS sub for the dorms. Do you think that the sound would...
when i say disappear from the room, i meant visually. The Mmg's would just look like two black rectangles on the wall along with all the other posters. Would the sound of the MMGs get totally distorted if i did that? Kinda like "press your hands against the outside of grados" type hollow tin sound? Its kind of impossible to have "perfect audio conditions" in the dorms, but If I could get good quality sound and not have speakers take up any floorspace, i'd be all over some...
I'm considering getting a pair of mmgs for my dorm room, and I was thinking of mounting them FLAT against the wall. Since they're so slim and what not, I was going to have my wall full of posters and just have the MMGs blend in with them. Completely stealth audio bliss. Will this work?
i'd say the ms2i is a perfect starting point, compared to all your other high end phones. I have a 325i and it sounds absolutely glorious, I find that you might be surprised at how good your rock cds will sound with the alessandro ms2is
**update** Someone has dibs... they're just waiting on pictures, which i'm going to finally get to upload tomorrow afternoon. Sorry for the wait everybody!
Quote: Originally Posted by Electric_Mofo Im planing on purchasing Grado SR225 and I was told that a Gilmore amp would be perfect I didnt see that under your list of choices... i have a pair of SR325is and i have a gilmore lite coming next week will tell ya what i think
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