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i'd just like to add : i would be willing to make up the cash difference as well
I have some mint condish (9.5/10) Grado SR325is with bowls that I would like to trade for a Senn HD650. Any offers considered, please give me a PM if you are even remotely interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thaddy What program are you using on your computer? I had the volume in Foobar too high and noticed problems like you are having. Lower it to about 90%, while keeping everything in Patchmix at 0.0. This fixed all of my problems. Also, have you tried using different encoding methods? edit: Another thing I just thought of is the sheilding of the cable. Is there any? there is shielding on the cable. I bought...
Quote: Originally Posted by Helter Skelter Nor on mine. Unmodded, stock breakout cables, Radioshack Fusion RCAs to Headsave Classic v2. I can crank the volume on both the amp and in PatchMix to full, and it's totally silent no matter what headphones I try with it. Do you have anything connecting to the analog input of the 0404? nope, not at all. This is pretty confusing, do you think its a PCI slot problem? The problem just recently surfaced...
I don't really use these too much anymore, is anybody looking for a pair? I don't have the original box anymore, it's in 9/10 condition. How does 230 shipped sound?
actually, upon further testing, it does seem to be the emu 0404. It's just this slight static sound in the background whenever i crank the volume, it didnt used to do this. Whenever the computer is powered down, the gilmore lite is dead silent. It is only have the patchmix DSP is applied that the emu0404 starts the hiss any ideas?
I just recently discovered that my gilmore lite makes a loud audible hiss when it is on. I unplugged everything except the lite and turned it on and listened to it via alessandro ms1s, and the volume dial is no longer dead silent. It has an extremely loud and annoying hiss that raises when i turn the volume dial. I am using the normal EL Pac power supply; this is a gilmore lite v2, purchased maybe half a year ago. Any ideas? help?
Quote: Originally Posted by blomquist hiss may come from analog inputs... try lowering those if you have them anabled in patchmix. cheers how do i do this? All i have is an ASIO out and a WAVE L/R edit: through further testing, i have found it to be the fault of the gilmore lite amplifier. thanks
I have a custom made 6 pin connector, could this be the reason behind the hiss? I would hate to find another connector for it, as it works perfectly. whenever I remove the cable, it gives a loud audible permanent hiss. Plugging the cable back in seems to lessen the hiss, but its still there. The EMU setup used to be dead silent. EDIT: i am connecting it to a gilmore lite, and then using alessandro ms1s
The Faint. The only band you need to know about electroclash Blank Wave Arcade is really low-fi laid back and incredible, my favorite Danse Macabre, more polished and completely awesome Wet from Birth I didnt like at first, but it grew on me. Go with BWA and DM first though
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