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Have some hd650s laying around? Wanna sample the grado house sound? give me a PM. thanks a bunch!
bump i need that tube glow!
bumpety bump. I'm willing to consider other tube amps as well.
I am located in Houston, TX. Bump!
bumpety bump
I've had this gilmore lite for a while now, and it's pretty awesome. I'm however getting a tube-itch, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a Woo Audio 3 trade for the GL. I'll pad some cash as well to even it out.
i'm definitely down for the 3 way trade, no problem. I have pictures, etc. What's the condition of the hd650? Put me down as a definite yes
Quote: Originally Posted by bolo_fd just sell and put the cash toward the 650's it looks like i just might , if this current shindig falls through.
interest bump!
hey, no solid deals yet, still looking for the 650. I will be perfectly willing to pad some cash as well
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