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QFT.All the talk in other threads about hi res on phones is all a bit moot to me, no phone will have the quality of components needed, irrespective of your standpoint of if hi res is worth it.Even the Z4 if it does come with the S-Master chip, they're not going to go up against the ZX1 for more than one reason.
They did? - Hmm... I'd better check it out! - where are you coming in from? - if the train tracks are out of commission, I'll be taking the coach from Bedford (X5)... maybe catch you on board!
It is only the sane as CanJam SoCal (Southern California), as west as you could get in the continental US...Also, as (so far as I remember, don't hate me if I'm wrong) - I'm the only European moderator on the site, so - made sense, when the framework for this was being set up that I had some involvement...I'm sure, considering that CanJam as an entity is a world tour, that things could well be very different in the future
Do you know the 'yes / no' combinations for that? am game to try
sorry, didn't have the phone to hand at time of posting, and am theorising with sound change on OTA update
In different news, I have to say that out I really like the curve of the screen on the edge, makes everything seem to go pop out strange coincidence that I have a Samsung curved TV also...
Maybe it is a combination of the OTA update I have (925F variant, firmware version ending OCV) and the Adapt Sound, however - for me, I have plenty of bass (arguably too much!) and the treble is calmer, less hot...Touch wood, assuming you haven't had the same OTA update, Samsung have acknowledged that there are issues, and working to fix them (Re Adapt Sound, strange that when you say 'yes' to everything, the orange 'normal' bar is lower than the green bar, I cannot help...
Spinning around all the phones I have, I'm now convinced that the S6 sound is improved by running through the adapt sound test, and just saying yes to everything... Can be reversed if not to suiting
For comparison, to these ears, the M9 is 'V' shaped, and the iPhone 6 is '~' shaped... Quite annoying that there isn't a one size fits all approach...I suppose I should be brave enough to run through the adapt sound test to see what happens,
For me, using shapes, I would say it is 'W' shaped...
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