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And Monika Lewinsky
For Hilary Clinton
New toy syndrome, or just being right? If the former, then I still have it, if the latter, then I'm glad that I'm one of the very few that will ever hear them.
strange garbled mess for me Edit, change that, I have to cancel the auto use of USB when connecting earphones, then access the app and it works...With that in mind, agreed, seems to skip the silly impedance requirement... Thanks for the tipFurther edit, as much as I'm an advocate of the Quadbeat 3 AKG, I have a dirty confession that today I bought a pair of Onkyo E700M IEMs, which (with, in my case, comply tips) provide an absolutely fantastic synergy with the DAC, bit...
in the UK the fastest LTE network (EE) offers a max of 150mbps, so - Cat 6 isn't anywhere near saturated, so even though I have an H850 I don't think I'm gaining anything.
I now have the G5 too, and no volume jumps yet - have an old impedance adapter which allows high impedance mode (more elegant solution than the aux mode)
Big consideration though, doesn't seem to be compatible with handsets outside of the EU from what I understand (on the back of the box it explicitly states 'For EU Only')
So, I did this back to front, got the LG Hi-Fi module, then - today, got the G5... Using UAPP the Hi-Fi module works surprisingly well (shows as an external DAC), but the one thing I'm not sure about is what happens first, the Hi-Fi icon comes up on display when connecting headphones, then the UAPP stack takes over, so - am unsure if the Hi-Fi (32 bit upsampling) is working or not with UAPP... Those with this combination / V10, do you know?
To me, it is both more convenient (form factor, and lack of OTG cable),. and lusher sounding than the DFR, in comparison the DFR sounds a little clinical / cold... Interestingly, the LG just sounds more 'natural', although if already owning a DFR, it wouldn't be worth it (unless you're eccentric like me) to get this too unless the form factor is a kicker...That being said, to activate the 'better' (high impedance) mode of t his module, you need to plug in a headphone...
I am (having today bought the G5) inclined to agree with this statement - the G5 (still using UAPP) seems to add a lightness to the sound, I wouldn't be half surprised if that is due to 'activating' the 32bit upsampling...Was very impressed before, now - even more so! - shame that (for the G5) the Hi-Fi module is practically useless outside of the EU
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