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I may be wrong here. however - the key that is generated by the free version - I feel is a setup guide / checksum for @Windows X to add tweaks to the Pro version specific to your PC specs (there is note that you can upgrade elements of your PC once, but further upgrades will require a renewal of license) - which may limit this as a possibility...The program itself, to add to the above, comes through like this:...where it is bespoke to the user...
So, one week into my two month trial, and other than Tidal and HQPlayer integration (brilliant!), am unimpressed with library management... A tiny snippet from my albums... Is there something I'm missing on how to tidy up albums so that they're displayed as albums, and not split up like this? Thanks.
Yes, these are almost mythical Unicorn headphones, especially if we consider non-headfiers that will have bought these Damn, mustn't go to that thread then! - Probably doesn't help that these aren't sold in the US
I don't believe that I'll lose too much sleep only having Asus Strix OC 980ti 2xSLI compared to those jumping on the 1080... As a general rule these days, how many generations do you guys leave it before jumping on the next best thing? - I'm thinking that I might ride this out until a '1280'... how long do you leave it?
Its a shame that this thread is so quiet, as there is so much to love with the Master 1... Gone a little OTT with tweaking though, as my 'rig' will tell you: Fidelizer Pro -> Roon (Incl. Tidal) -> HQPlayer (Upscale to DSD128) -> AQ Jitterbug -> AQ Pearl -> iFi iPurifier 2-> Pioneer U-05 -> Pioneer JCA-XLR30 -> Pioneer SE Master-1 The smoothest, and most delicate, yet at the same time most powerful sounding setup I've heard by far...
The improvement is well worth the price on the Pro version, definitely smoother, more coherent sound, can feel my way around the mix better - amazing that this can happen on a PC as powerful as mine (i7 5930k @ 4.1ghz, 32GB RAM, and HQPlayer rendering offloaded onto an Nvidia 980TI)...@Windows X Thank you for developing - A question for you that may help other people jump in and pay for the Pro version, that I couldn't see in the documentation - is there a minimum PC...
Trigger pulled on Pro Now to play the patience game - this could be a long 24hrs
No, I don't need 80% to play at reasonable volume, I like it quite loud, so I was being a little satirical, I really enjoy my on the go setup, and get into it (good for blocking out road noise etc)... Where I was going was those that a few posts back were mentioning that 20% on the volume was too loud, at my volume, it'd blow out their eardrums.
That's the one
I'm really close to pulling the trigger on the Pro version, but with this being a gaming machine, how easy is it to (temporarily) disable the auto start?
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