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Mark... It was your review that got me to pick these up on Amazon, due for delivery tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how they sit compared to my value champions, the LG QB3 AKG... Watch this space.
This is bizarre, but even though I've now bought three pairs of the QB3 AKG, I'm now going out of my way to beat the QB3 line... Just bought a pair of Samsung Level In IEMs for a really good price (£100 under retail), and also a pair of soundmagic E80S... Not sure if I want the QB3 AKG to be dethroned as my personal value king or not, either way LG have inadvertently awoken the beast that had lain dormant in me for about a year, and I'm excited Yes, as mentioned in...
I do get the point re colouration, the review sample that did the rounds, I personally thought that the crossover between dynamic and planar was a little too extended, leading to an over rich upper bass / lower mids... If the demo model had a better dynamic driver, and better crossover point, I'd be all over them.
Well, just bought my first Soundmagic IEM, the E80S, to be delivered tomorrow... Quite fun, going back into this territory, bought seven pairs of IEMs in the past week... Judging by the verdict of this thread, I'm hoping for good things from these
I must try out those Sony IEMs... I'm hard pushed to believe that they'll push out more than the LG QB3, but am up for being proven wrong!
I think my own special powers have answered my question, the 5 denotes I have the Edge version... D'oh!
Okay, so - the MH1C turned up today, and - they sound sort of similar to the QB2, but - outclassed by the QB3, and - moreso by the QB3 AKG... Which prompted me to buy two more pairs of the AKG variant - feeling some hoarding coming on, but - worth it for the bargain price
hmm, I have a G935... Wonder what that means for me
Surprisingly competent for it's basic nature... Well, would be if you could embed pictures on mobile devices ATM... Anyhow, S7 edge (exynos) and LG Quadbeat 3 AKG...
Even if it doesn't (would be odd, but let's go with it) there are plenty of third party apps that do
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