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Courtesy of Canjam I got a replacement Layla cable - didn't realise that I missed them until I used them again... Zero impressions from me today, was catching up with various people - tomorrow will be listening day
That is like saying that a cars heart is its engine... Doesn't mean that you need that (other than the battery) to play the radio...As said, for the data size, generally speaking, if not upsampling etc etc, then pretty much any old chip will do, BUT, if heavily upsampling and / or applying copious amounts of DSP, then yes... Using HQPlayer on my desktop, it makes good use of my i7 5930 and the cuda cores in my 980ti's, but for day to day usage, you can use a tiny atom CPU...
The decoding uses such a tiny amount of power for redbook to be inconsequential, think about it, the first commercially available DAC chip, the TDA1540 from 1980 or thereabout, that could do just fine, and that was in a time when CPU chips (not DACs) ran at under 5mhz... So even with a DSD256 file (256x the redbook data, so 11,289,600 samples per second), all things being equal, wouldn't stress out even the most modest of CPU... Now, if you're referring to adding DSP...
I like the lighting, makes mine look pathetic... What is it?
Try driving 50ohm+ from the ho and then see how the ZX2 stacks up... The B&O DAC is a mini marvel in high impedance mode.
How tight is the cabling, and does it happen only when moving, or stationary as well? I have to say that the port to connect the module to the phone isn't the strongest, and if your cabling is pulling on the Jack, it might cause disconnections
I really do not like the new database function, bigger tiles etc are fine, but whenever you go to album view (the only view I use but assume other options are the same) it resets to the top, the Android version remains where you last put it... A real backwards step in my opinion
Funny how close I am to the venue... This image is after a 20 minute walk from my office...
Looks like we've brought out the nice weather for our overseas friends... Fingers crossed that those coming in on Eurostar or Southern trains don't have too many issues.
LG do too, on their TOTL monitors...Although heading towards two years old now, my 31MU97 still looks fantastic, and that's all I care about, not washed out like cheaper panels.
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