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Guess it is game over in that case then... That kind of thing hurts
Maybe I'm a bass noob but, Sony Z5 cell, Neutron, and Sony NC750 gave me a bass headache after a couple of hours
Can you not download on PC and then copy to the ZX1 via regular drag and drop to root and install from there?
Think of the Mojo (and Hugo) as a full sized CD player that has a variable line level output (for pre-amping) - there is no amplifier inside the CD player...Sane principle applies.
On the player it asks you iirc which memory (internal or SD) you want to access when you connect, is that what you mean?
As an alpha build, would say that is a new version...Power amp does have one trick up its sleeve, that you can use the Sony effects (DSEE etc) with it that you cannot with say Neutron, but I am a fan of the normalisation filter(?) on Neutron...You can never win...
I haven't been in this thread for a while, I must say that I feel some people are too paranoid about the heat generated by the mojo... In my triple stack all three components warm up, all I can say is that it is good as a hand warmer in the colder months, but definitely nothing to worry about - as mentioned countless times there are thermal cut off points built into the mojo for if something did go wrong, use and enjoy... Dread to think what people would do if were...
the NW750 has a TRRRS connector also? Interesting...Edit: the reason I ask is that on the Z5 handset the NW750 and NC750 are on different buttons whereas other headsets are grouped together, so would assume different in some way, as below :Re the two mics versus one, I presume that the NW/NC gain their extra noise cancelling from the mics on the phone / player itself, it is quite funny making a call with the NC750, what you can hear...
The EX750 sounds cleaner / more linear than the EX1000 but, has a dime store feel in comparison...If they could get the current sound with the older build, now that really would be something to talk about!
Is it the 512mb or 1gb version?From AMD's own site...so, it is already out of spec, but - if you've got the 512mb version, almost certainly no-go!?In other news, I do not really know the real world need for AVX / Prime95 on Haswell-E (where this DOES fail) however, for all other benchmarks I can throw at this, my CPU seems more than happy for extended duration, and the temps are well within TJMax... Idle temps are mid 30's, running an AIO coolerThe below is my 5930K,...
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