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Exciting news, thanks for the heads up
that is the version that has killed it for me...Do you have a repo for the older versions so that I can downgrade?Thanks
Seems that the newest update has killed the B&O adapter on the LG G5, when opening now, just says error initialising USB system. This is still the case after powering off etc etc and doesn't matter if it or 3 or 4 pole earphones... Unhappy.
I agree with @fgribas that this would be a handy feature for a future version
I think it will be tough to find anyone who has made a jump that large (in terms of product life cycle if nothing else), but the 846 is a very obvious improvement over the E4... Been too many years since I stopped using them, but the 846 will be massively cleaner sounding (the E4 is quite colored in the mid-range and weak in the bass by contrast) All I can say is, you'll enjoy the experience
Sounds more like an M2 issue than a SanDisk one, not heard of this outside of this thread?!?
that's essentially my stack setup, with Layla's, and, yes, so long as your IEMs / headphones are resolving enough (which they should be if you've dedicated this much effort so far) then yes, the Pure II+ cleans up the SQ potential considerably
Didn't mean to cause any controversy, was only looking for a bit of charity from a fellow member, which I received, and for which I am grateful. I do not believe it is defrauding anyone if I still intend to purchase, and the original owner of the voucher had no intention to use it themselves... Anyhow, back to the dragonfly discussion
ah, I see, I thought you meant there was a competition for who had walked around the venue the most, or an unclaimed prize from a vendor / the SHaG event.
As a major backer of the QB3 AKG, there is absolutely no way to fault them at their price, but they do have their limits, and unfortunately, I do hear them... @T.R.A.N.C.E., having the Trinity Sabre, and having heard a pre-production Hunter last weekend, what would you want to better over the QB3? I'll see if I can compare / recall for you.
New Posts  All Forums: