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agreed, OT, but to prove the point beyond doubt, WHF recently reviewed the Onkyo E700M and said it was pretty average, I don't know what they were using to power them, but it was quite a contrasting review to what I can hear with my own ears...Just goes to prove that as it used to say at the end of the intro to X-Files, trust no-one...
having the SEM1 and the U05, I will say that the balanced cable makes a fair bit of difference, as it uses a different signal path within the amp...Any chance of getting the cable from your distributor and adding an extra paragraph or two?(additional curious oddity, the amp actually does DSD 256 with no problem, but just shows dashes on the screen)
Neanderthal suffering exorbitant
Haha at the Abba comments, I've got all their albums, and some solo work on my devices... Going to be a comment that splits the panel here, but as a European, I've got a bit to much country in my collection...
Hmm, mine is an ancient A350 with a 50mm f1.4 lens, really toying with the idea of upgrading, looks like the world has moved on a long way in the past 8 years!
Two more for you then...
You're making me think about my somewhat neglected D7100 - might have to get that modded, although it won't be a patch on the SEM1, even with all the best will in the world...Haha, my headphone and IEM history definitely still puts me in treblehead territory...
Been a while since I was here - but, took this earlier, and - I like the bokeh on it
HD800 + TH900 = SEM1 in the loosest of terms, the M1 seemingly combines the best attributes of both
Strange, but agreeable - using Beyer DT250, the 80ohm version sounds shouty / brash, but the 250ohm (yes, I have both) variant actually sounds very nice to me
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