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correct, same that if you want to listen to music and charge at the same time, it is INCREDIBLY slow (I've said in the past usb1 power, might even be less!)... Maybe that is where Apple got their inspiration for the 7 haha...If nothing connected to the 3.5 Jack then acts as normal USB C
Very strange direction the past few posts have gone in... Better not tell all the fans of the TDA1541S2 DAC that its design is the best part of 35 years old... Don't always chase the numbers, graphs or otherwise, but instead chase what sounds good to you...
they're £75 in Argos (seeing that you're quoting in GBP), so a safer bet if you're worried about fakes
Onkyo E700M for me - although you have to mess around with fit tips (large spinfits work for me) - they're larger (13.5mm driver) so not exactly in the same league, but the treble is just as wide open, but a little more controlled (those that love the IE800 will find that a contentious point, but the IE800s can be strident) - and an equally solid bottom end, and tidier mids - the only part where the IE800s still reign supreme is the soundstage for me, but - not by much.At...
Welcome to the club Inevitable question - is the serial under #1000?
I really like Enya's first album, who wouldn't like a bit of Orinoco Flow
that would be wrong on two counts... I would say that you mean 48khz rather than 48kbps (which CNN would sound terrible!), but if using tidal, then bit perfect should be 44.1khz...Just making sure that I have read you wrongly there
Which is why (despite its own issues, albeit there is a dirty workaround) - the all in one LG G5 / B&O DAC - at least for Europeans (as has issues with some of the LTE bands in the US) is an absolute diamond - the form factor, and the fact that you get UAPP playback (which sounds much better than the standard 'hi-fi plus') is perfect.
Think of the EX1000, but with a smoother upper midrange, and a slightly less extended (well, i'll say - boosted) upper treble, and you're pretty much where the E700M is - albeit they're a bit fussy with fit, like the Sonys are (for me, I need to use large 2nd generation Spinfits - the grey ones with the orange cores)...I will go out on a limb and say that the E700M, when you've got the fit right are - to me, the best dynamic IEM i've ever heard... For the pocket money...
Which is exactly what I have done, for the peanuts that it costs, even if it was a laughable joke, it was the same as a couple of Starbucks...That being said, I'm really annoyed that I like it - going against my 'revelation' post in this thread, I will say that it sounds less harsh than the headphone out of the ipad pro, I am listening to the Onkyo E700M (32 ohm), and - I cannot fault it - the combination sounds more balanced than when using the B&O DAC that I use with the...
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