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my personal gauge is the vocals, sound louder than real life? Then too loud!My safe limit for any of my head or earphones is double green.
Not so far for me, no.
For vocal purity, Jennifer Haben from Beyond The Black... For (imo) total package, looks, attitude and singing ability - Ashley Costello from New Years Day Honourable mention - Emily Browning...
Guessing that I'm lucky that the Pioneer SE Master1 suck up the metal, and spit it out in angry molten lumps - never bought them for this intention, but it works out great Slowly getting heavier here, been absorbing Arch Enemy for the past couple of hours - Who'd have thought a woman could have a voice like that
Apologies for the dark picture, but it's to highlight that I can take my heart throb of the moment (Ashley Costello from New Years Day) with me wherever I go... Liking the clock screen saver too, all in all quite happy.
I've got both, and am happier with the DFR for out and about (form factor and no RFI being bonuses), but as others have said, you do lose a bit of musicality, then again for most on the road uses, this probably won't be noticed....Oh, if you have a large hi-res library,, consider that the DFs cap out at 24/96.
To prove that I'm still using my DFR, the LG DAC has been relegated in favor of a case (good job too, dropped this phone twice in the past two days!) As much as I've ordered the USB adapter mentioned a few posts back, wish there was an equivalent for USB C...
Just side graded after my RX2/3 got juice inside and went wrong, now running the evic ocular c and the Smok big baby beast, compared to the big beast I'm impressed what it's smaller brother can kick out...
I suppose I should stop being lazy, and look at what other amping options there are for the 2x3 pin XLR cable... Happy enough with the U05 amp, but I am conscious that it is a Jack of all trades... Whatever I end up with needs USB and optical, which is probably exactly why I am where I am lol
[[SPOILER]] thanks!Ordered one, which may will bring my Z5 Premium out of retirement!
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