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BTW - Violectric - you left some messenger bags behind yesterday - I took one to help me carry stuff home... If this is a cardinal sin / you want it back, let me know
All badges from this last page are now updated... I'll try and keep on top of this thread - if anyone from the earlier pages hasn't been covered off, let me know
Try the UAPP (Universal Audio Player Pro) trial from the google play store, as much as the phone might not do it with its own software, that app will tell you if it is possible at all
Depends on how far you push the spinfits onto the Laylas, there is more option for movement if you don't put them on fully (which will allow better fit in your ears) but this 'could' (and I say that loosely, as I never had any problem), but logically this 'could' if the bend on the tip was severe enough, block the treble bore still...I've had great success in the past couple of days, bought a Moon Audio Silver Dragon V2 cable that has breathed new life into these, also -...
Hate is a very strong word, yet - I am going to hate the idea of going to your store if I'm reading between the lines there...Well, I won't, my empty bank account will
G5 on its own is pretty subpar, I wouldn't be that excited by it, but - the B&O DAC does make a WORLD of difference, so long as you have IEMs etc. that are resolving enough to pick up on the differences...It is always a vicious circle with these things
Just a google search - should a fellow mod, or the manufacturer deem this wrong or incorrect, feel free to delete...As normal, no affiliation with vendor - purely a google search...
The nearest I got was to say that it looked great, but this was at 1700hrs yesterday, so didn't get to listen...Having just looked at the price tag, kind of glad I didn't listen - there is no way my wallet could sustain that, no matter how good it may be (which I'm sure would be excellent!)
@Skint haha, you'll cause uproar with your comment re the IE800, but for what it's worth, I agree with your assessment of them. To be fair, of those that you've listed that I've heard also, your impressions mirror my own
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