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Keeping the amp flavour going, been playing with the Vorzuge, and - ignoring the red rubber bands (purely there to stop amp potential rubbing on X5 chassis, work in progress) we have: So, the HS6 fits perfectly, as does the line out to line in cable - happy days
You've missed my point entirely...Yes, of course the X5 has an amp inside it, every device that powers headphones does, but - let me add the word 'external'... and also, consider with amps that it is NOT about who can shout loudest / have the most power, it is about cleaness of sound, and the X5 (line out) to this Vorzuge Duo is a massive shot in the arm when referring to the quality of output (and volume, but - as said, that isn't the point i'm making) to the IE800,...
Definitely am Like I say though, my finger was hovering over the purchase button, and - am still tempted, so hoping the consensus will be that the Duet isn't worth the expense if having the Duo ;o)
Personally, I long press top left button then tap top left button...Hope it helps
I had my finger on the purchase button for the Duet, but - at the last moment switched to the Vorzuge Duo, am wondering if it is still worth pursuing the Duet... What do you guys think re law of diminishing returns etc., considering there is zero chance of a demo of the Duet? LOVE (capitalised for effect) the Duo with the IE800s, but that little niggling part of my brain that held my finger away from buying is now wanting me to do the opposite lol.
Wow, very much enjoyed this one - first real time I've heard how good binaural can sound...I am loving my portable setup more and more quite literally each minute - thanks for this link
Regular for me......One of those annoying things that now I've heard the thick mid-bass once, I'll hear it every time... Thankfully, even if I don't take the Vorzuge with me, I can take the TTVJ Slim I picked up for a tubesque listen
YKYAAW you go into a [respectable] hi-fi store, and know more than their 'experts'
Cannot say I've heard the P7, however - if they have the same essential sonic signature as the P5, then - yes, the HO will probably be better in terms of treble lift...I should add the caveat that as long as you remain in the 16/44 (or 48) realm, that the EQ (which I never use) should - AFAIK work through the line-out, (it doesn't with hi-res files) so - you'd get the best of both worlds...If it additionally helps, to these ears (using Senn IE800) the E12 (non-DIY) seems...
Silverears... The E12 is like the Sennheiser HD600, great sounding - but 'veiled', the Vorzuge Duo that I'm now using is like the Sennheiser HD800 - ultra revealing, like you say - detail retrieval, soundstage, clarity, depth of sound - much much better than the FiiO... That isn't to say the FiiO is bad, not at all, especially for it's cost, amazing little product, but - upping the ante and going up a few levels in terms of cost, really does reveal just how good a sound...
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