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Sorry - poor choice of wording on my part...I tried the X1 on the train, at discreet volumes, just to get a feel for them, and - now I am at home, I can confirm that I prefer the more fun, bouncy nature of the X1, nice to have some kick to the bottom end the LCD2 are definitely home based, I use IE800 out on the road / rails...I posted this image in another thread, but strangely apt here - looks like someone in FGW management is a [closet] audiophile - what I spotted on...
No problem I just added the OT remark as, as a moderator, that is something I look out for...All is fine - let's leave it here, and let the X5 discussion continue Duncan.
OT = Off Topic (i.e. not relevant to either FiiO or the X5)
Very OT, but to close this off, the necessary ticket is confirmed as being filed for the non-receipt of emails, and also the order in the activity feed being incorrect - details here
I have to say, having a 930 since last Friday that the headphone jack isn't actually all that bad... Additionally, to my eyes, this is the first OLED phone I've had where the colour saturation isn't way overboard... Not totally convinced on WP8.1, but having been a long term Android user, guess it'll take a bit of getting used to.
Haha, I listened to my sole surviving pair of E888 a few weeks back (alongside MX400, E747, and Senn MX5) - all are by todays standards pretty dire - worst being the MX5, an abomination!To think we used to crave these 'high end' earbuds...
Swap the stock cable for a different one By example, the Fidelio X1 I picked up today has a notorious cable, so within about 5 minutes of getting home, swapped it for that that came with the Sony MDR-Z1000 - lifted the treble, and tightened the bass...As an aside, in your quest for better full sized sound, you should definitely put the Fidelio X1 on your (to make this contextually correct) listen to list - roughly same mids / treble as LCD2, but much more prominent /...
Late to the party as always but picked up a pair of these today, mated with the Sony MDR-Z1000 cable, almost exactly what I've been looking for - a breath of fresh air compared to the LCD2
not supposed to try to lure me into more purchases!That being said, if the X2 is more than just a cosmetic refresh of the X1 you'll probably see me at the front of the queue!Only reason I didn't jump earlier was the tonal coloration on the L1 not being to my liking.Happy times for all things Hugo
After an annoying setback yesterday, I now have in my possession a pair of Philips Fidelio X1, and whilst far from scientific (on a train at a quiet volume so as not to annoy other passengers) seems that these paired with Hugo are much more to my taste than the LCD2 that I've been using... Looking forward to getting home and trying then out properly.
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