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I would also like to use PayPal, and have in my basket - is it an option that is upcoming?
The treble o the QB2SE is the most extended / natural of the 2s and 3s, but the 3AKG is overall the most balanced.
great price!!@JerryLeeds forgive me if I have the wrong end of the stick here, but why would you convert m4a to FLAC?
I really need to investigate, after going G5/B&O route, what the sonic difference is between this and the V10...Absolutely no complaints sound quality wise, but it irks me that there are no cases that factor in the module on the G5.
It's nothing to do with the DAC per se, was curious as to how many different (non-standard) DSD rates there were..Anyhow, as said, I've closed it off myself (multiples of 44.1 vs multiples of 48, but the DSD DAC manufacturers only refer to the 44.1 multiples)
Having both the G5 (and module) and S7E, I will say that the G5 is being misrepresented unless you have high impedance phones, that is where it comes to life... The soundmagic e80 sounds sublime on the G5, making me reconsider my main portable rig, which is scary considering the cost difference!
Yes, @PhilW and his team are a definite credit to this Mojo thread, and the site as a whole... With a couple of noticeable exceptions, Phil has had all of my audio buying budget of late... Well deserved.
Funnily, I was going to say that I've got a new found love for the E80S, sound fantastic with the LG hifi DAC module, as the 64ohm impedance swaps the DAC into high impedance mode. Scary high volume achievable, not so good, but gobs of top quality detail on offer. Happy times
thanks, but that isn't the point, DSD is said to be 2.8 or 5.6, yet I can get 6.144Think I've worked it out on my own though, that the regular numbers are multiples of 44.1, the non standard - 48khz...Just interesting, if nothing else, that DAC manufacturers don't mention this.
agreed re the point in bold, and no RF interference if you want to use your phone at the same time...Even though I've only had my own DFR for a few weeks, I've already moved on, and am very happy, just a shame it is a bit of a taboo subject, where I've gone, as it isn't available in the US or Asia...
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