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can you post a screenshot? Do you have tidal on more than one device?
Do the trial, and see first, so long as you adjust to software volume control as previously mentioned (and change volume steps to 40 unless you like it really loud), you'll find it a lot richer sounding compared to stock apps
The Sony has the edge in detail, but seeing your later post, you're partnering the Sony with warmer gear to counteract it's harshness, if that works, great, but I cannot help but think that you're painting yourself into a hole... If you like a brighter sound, but more universally tuned, try the Onkyo E700M, been my go to for a few weeks now (and sounds fantastic out of the LG gear!) - needs a bit of messing around with tips (the larger the better, due to shallow fit),...
Funny, I moved to the M2 for a short while, as it has less background noise than the ZX2 with the SE846...
I found on my audition, that that player sounded quite thick and syrupy, which I will agree would be a good match for the IE800, the two FR curves would probably cancel each other out quite well...In some ways, I miss my long retired IE800s, and get them out every now and then... It's funny, the old battle IE800 Vs SE846, the Shures ended up sold, the IE800 still with me...That being said, time waits for no man, and IMO there are now equal, if not superior offerings from...
without doubt, at time of writing, with apps available, UAPP is the best, as it uses it's own audio stack, rather than the Android one, adds a fair amount of richness and clarity to the sound compared to stock apps and the other stalwarts...However, if it phases you that much, you cannot do bit perfect playback as you need to enable software volume control...There is a trial on the App Store, give it a whirl
I have both, but don't get along with the EX1000, find it harsh, and maybe even brittle, so I wouldn't be a good candidate I guess
agreed, OT, but to prove the point beyond doubt, WHF recently reviewed the Onkyo E700M and said it was pretty average, I don't know what they were using to power them, but it was quite a contrasting review to what I can hear with my own ears...Just goes to prove that as it used to say at the end of the intro to X-Files, trust no-one...
having the SEM1 and the U05, I will say that the balanced cable makes a fair bit of difference, as it uses a different signal path within the amp...Any chance of getting the cable from your distributor and adding an extra paragraph or two?(additional curious oddity, the amp actually does DSD 256 with no problem, but just shows dashes on the screen)
Neanderthal suffering exorbitant
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