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Digging up one of my very old thoughts, decided to unplug one of my Jitterbugs from my PC, and connected it to the DFR and my G5 cellphone, it's beyond placebo, the difference it makes... The sound is a fair bit tighter, more cohesive... A great $50 investment. This is with using UAPP and bit perfect playback, so usual caveat, mileage may vary in other scenarios... Blurry bus photo for authenticity...
Agreed - I prefer the clean vocals - Thanks for the Deadlock recommendation, liking it Probably the heaviest I would go for female metal is pretty tame by your standards - but, something like Stitched Up Heart
A bit heavier than where I am ideally, so I'll see your Arch Enemy, and I'll raise you with The Animal In Me...
At the very most (considering that 24/96 sits firmly in the usb2 standard), it could be due to improved power on the port.
Yes, you need to buy a USB OTG cable, that will set you on the right path My own S7E met an untimely illness today... To replace the screen i have been quoted £280 So, i did what any self respecting head-fier would do, and bought another one, this time in coral blue... not fully with the colour yet but am sure it will grow on me. Strangely, or maybe not so, new handset on android 6 is slower in benchmarks than the now broken one on 7
Sort of off topic, but getting into this genre has brought one of my unused headphones back to the forefront... Denon D7100 sounds rather good with metal it has to be said 🤘🤘
there is a difference between being driven, and being driven well, if all you are after is volume / power, agreed, if you're after dynamics, then no, I disagree.
Oh, I do - My Amazon order list is dotted with them, but - I get all giddy when being able to go to HMV - seeing that it is the last of a dying breed...I hate the download culture, at least for MP3/M4A - that you pay the same (or, bizarrely sometimes more) for something that materialistically is never yours...Sometimes it does work backwards though, one of my PledgeMusic purchases, the download was in hi-res - which seemed to make a mockery of receiving it on CD
II've been going through so many playlists in the past two or three weeks, that I'm becoming blinded by it all...Not to mention that HMV is (at least in the southern half of the UK) pretty much the only bricks and mortar store left for buying CDs, and - their range leaves a little to be desired...Hope I won't be too bummed out, but - if I am, it's all part of the learning curve Happy with my eBay Agonist purchases, poor guy that sold them on a BIN had them at about half...
Today's blind / unheard purchases... Hopefully won't be wasted money... Keeping with the theme though, still hooked.
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