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So you're saying that I should trust measurements from a less than perfect mechanism more than what I can hear? That'd put quite a few people's noses out of joint
Definite hiss easily apparent with this combination but doesn't matter when the music plays...
Funny, I said the G3 sounded awful in the G3 thread, and I got flamed... Decidedly good to know I'm not alone
I didn't get to find out myself, sorry... Will come back on other points this evening
I'm sat on the fence with the Layla... Significantly better sounding to these ears than the mainstream TOTL IEMs that sit up to around $1-1.2k but worth double? Find me something that is better than the $1k models, and similar to the Layla for around 1.5k and I'll be on them like bees around honey
I agree, didn't really realise until this morning when my ears were, whilst not ringing, feeling a little strange, that I've been having the volume way up too high, this from a person that loves it loud... Anyhow, am at about 30% volume with the Laylas today, and all is sounding great, and hopefully giving my ears a break... Yes, won't be able to drive all headphones, but for sensitive (multi driver) IEMs the ZX2 still gets my thumbs up... Coming from a Hugo based...
agreed, 100%
It was, but - onwards and upwards (I noticed the midrange lacking a little, and - could've tried the ref1 which fixes that, but - what put me off there was mention of driver flex when putting them in your ears, had a pair of AKG NC headphones that had driver flex when putting them on, and the driver in question failed within a week )
Haha, yes - I had a PM from a member the other day asking me if I would recommend the Sony D33, sadly I remember (when comparing to the 2nd gen iPod at the time) saying that I would stick with PCDPs, haha - that so isn't true anymore (just a quick look at my signature below will confirm that I'm still a portable person, but - in a very different direction!)
Not exactly, but have the SE846 and 1p2 here with me now, and the Layla comfortably (very in the case of the 846) eclipses them...
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