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Well, just bought my first Soundmagic IEM, the E80S, to be delivered tomorrow... Quite fun, going back into this territory, bought seven pairs of IEMs in the past week... Judging by the verdict of this thread, I'm hoping for good things from these
I must try out those Sony IEMs... I'm hard pushed to believe that they'll push out more than the LG QB3, but am up for being proven wrong!
I think my own special powers have answered my question, the 5 denotes I have the Edge version... D'oh!
Okay, so - the MH1C turned up today, and - they sound sort of similar to the QB2, but - outclassed by the QB3, and - moreso by the QB3 AKG... Which prompted me to buy two more pairs of the AKG variant - feeling some hoarding coming on, but - worth it for the bargain price
hmm, I have a G935... Wonder what that means for me
Surprisingly competent for it's basic nature... Well, would be if you could embed pictures on mobile devices ATM... Anyhow, S7 edge (exynos) and LG Quadbeat 3 AKG...
Even if it doesn't (would be odd, but let's go with it) there are plenty of third party apps that do
Hmm... Either I've got hyper hearing these days, or any such claim is misguided...Sure, it isn't as powerful as my Vorzuge Pure II+ on high gain at maximum volume, but it is still powerful enough to give me ringing in the ears after a couple of hours listening at max volume (not how I like to do things these days, but - sometimes it is fun to rebel every now and then!)
The tweaks that AKG did have done wonders for vocals, I was worried that that cut in the upper registers would make them sound thin compared to the glorious richness of the vanilla QB3, but it smooths out very nicely... Definitely colour me impressed.
Will soon find out - having lost both pairs of my MH1, just ordered another pair hehe...I think you'll like these tips (assuming that what you're saying is correct as to the origin being the MH1 tip pack) on the AKG version
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