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The ZX2 sounds fantastic with the Laylas, that I can attest
Interesting... Will watch this space, if comes with water resistant properties like the Z series, will almost certainly be sold on the idea! Thanks
So S will be more premium than Z? Sorry, just seeing, as my iPhone 6+ is going to be retired soon (especially if there is no jailbreak for iOS 9 when that pops out)
Eloquence isn't always my strong suit, thankfully @james444 and @olddude filled in the missing pieces
Now I know what you mean, can concur, using line out to Vorzuge Duo definitely adds authority (Moreso than power)
Interesting thought, double amping or through LOD? Would definitely save a fair amount of cash if it played out... Would also make me feel a little sick, having the ZX2... Look forward to feedback of a vs b...
Really? The Z3+ is so new to market in the UK... Churn rate is becoming a bit silly!!
Coloration, tone... As said, PERSONAL thought, not a damnation outright...
It is a shame that I won't be able to hear the player before CanJam, and even then will be with less than ideal circumstances...Can virtually guarantee this offer will be gone by then, and I'm really not too happy of going in blindly...Fingers crossed all works out for you
nothing really to elaborate on...There is a coloration to the treble that I just cannot ignore, and it doesn't work for me...Being part of team treble head I guess I am more susceptible than most to picking up on this...Think of the difference between IE800 treble vs 846, then double that, that is about how far north of my personal neutral the 846 is to me.
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