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Holy moly, I am trying them out of the mojo for the first time and , do these sound good, making me question lots of things right this second.
Agreed, they were innovative, and had a good sound compared to what else was out at time of release, but the EX1000 don't hold up so well in 2016
For me they make the sound a bit thin, and unconvincing...That being said, I need large tips for a decent seal, so - if you have smaller ears, the stock tips may be just fine I don't know what "What Hi-Fi" were listening to when they reviewed the E700M a couple of weeks back, but - I don't think it was these haha
What would you like?(feel free to post under me here for continuity, but - with my limited time on here at the moment, might be best to PM me also, to ensure I get the message)
I think they made their measurements ever so slightly wrong - I resolved the issues you've suffered from with a little square of paper on top of where the little connector is (to the right of the battery, looking at it with the B&O logo facing you) - when connecting the two together, slightly messy (there is a fraction of a millimetre of paper showing under the screen) - but - no more annoyance
Well, what can I say, I've had these for three or four months, and - when I first tried them, I hated them emphatically, pretty much thought I'd burned £75 - hence didn't comment on them, however - with a different set of tips (a mutant combination of Brainwavz tips and foam, a'ka Sony Hybrid). and the B&O DAC module for the G5 and I can safely say that these are IMO the absolute best value under £100 for anything that I've heard (quite a lot!) They have a wonderfully...
I've always had a bit of a love hate relationship with the EX1000 - glad to say that it is love again, with the G5/B&O adapter cellphone combination. Sound good with jazz, has to be said, but still not convinced with more up tempo music. Then again, think I need to get a hold of the EX600 cable...
Trouble is, make it too dense, and it won't then mould to your ear shape... For me, it's just about bang on the money.
I really like the E700M (13.5mm single dynamic), quite balanced, only a little hint of V shaped EQ, nice and airy - so, if Onkyo have added more to the mix for the E900, it could well be a bargain
Been far too invested in this, here is where I'm at... My top Pokemon at the moment... ... And the first part of my achievements... Just tipped over 700km, not so bad
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