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Strangely, they remind me a lot of the Shure SRH1840, not a dissimilar sound...
What makes you doubt the authenticity? Very different packaging to my own, I'll grant you that, but look authentic enough to me with the serial number etc. That in itself should be an easy thing to check?!
I think I actually get these, but it's complicated... I have only got one album on both vinyl and CD and listening to the vinyl then the CD yields the same result... The oBravos are very vinylesque, smooth at the frequency extremes, and lush in the middle, compared to the somewhat more brutal sound of BA / dynamic (read that as louder throughout, like CD)... The oBravo make CD sound more like vinyl. I do feel that there will be a lot of people that neither understand...
True, I wonder if it is all to do with fit, but the MDR-EX650 shows the treble up on the EX1000 quite obviously to these ears (to be fair, the EX650 have a much more traditional fit) - agreed though, that the IE800 is V shaped, very shouty.
I'm disappointed that my favourite tips (Sony Hybrid) pop off, so am going with comply only... I can already ascertain some things from the hour or so I've had these plugged in, but - as said in the other thread, I'll keep schtum for now - very rare my initial impressions are wrong though...
First ten minutes, so - in no way authoritive or conclusive, but these seem to be very source dependent, and power hungry - which makes these very niche, so - I have a feeling that the UK tour as it stands will more than likely end up as being a showcase of what equipment further up the stream is compatible (or not as the case may be) with these...I've already got one shock on the cards, but - will leave that thought parked until I have some real time on the clock
I'm very susceptible to off key treble, and that is in part to, and oddly now because of the IE800, they opened my ears as to what treble could sound like on an IEM, but sadly time marches on, and for me there is gear both more expensive, and more cost effective that does a better job.. That isn't to dismiss the IE800 outright though, that prize goes to the Sony MDR-EX1000, no redeeming features whatsoever for the original outlay...
I wonder (and will find out hopefully later today) if this is the comply effect at work, I have found a new love for silicon tips (extra especially the Sony hybrid ones) which do a fair amount to open things up... Then again, reading the sales material, it seems almost like these were designed to work with comply tips... Keeping an open mind
I'm on the review tour, hopefully receiving tomorrow, and will be reviewing against Layla and Sony NC750... Will hopefully be fun!
Haha, after a recent episode where I managed a bad flash on BOTH of my 980ti cards, I'm a little wary of everything... Thankfully the OC community came to my rescue and all ended up good
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