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That is why Audioquest make this
That is why I let my own player go to a new home... Loved the SQ, but usability issues turned me off... Now, if Questyle sold their amplification IP under licence to a DAP manufacturer that knows how to make a good UI, but has not so great sound quality (looking at you Sony!) then you really could have a giant killer.
These latest comments definitely place these in the same ballpark as the Pioneers I have... Will have to wait for a UK stockist so that I can a/b for myself.
Welcome everyone Today is Head-Fi's 15th birthday, and - whilst I cannot offer you any cake, discount codes or otherwise, I can offer you greetings of the day!
Fit is more key than anything...I've heard expensive BA's sound bad, I've heard expensive dynamics sound bad, but I've heard inexpensive dynamics sound good (with a bit of creativity of how they're placed in the ear)...There is no right or wrong answer, just different opinions, and - varying ear shapes to add into the mix.
Completely off topic, but the Fidelizer Pro software has fixed my SLI issues (where I had to Windows+P to my second monitor, and back to get the first to draw correctly!) You @Windows X are a genius in more ways than one
Bum, that isn't good guess they wouldn't have hung around for long at bordering 40% discount! As to HD800 vs the M1, I only a/b'd for about 10 minutes, with the HD800S, and I can say that the Sennheiser treble was brighter / sharper (I would argue - brittle) sounding, the bass didn't hit as hard or as low, and the mids were a little recessed (both pairs powered by a Hugo)... That isn't to say that the HD800S sounded like dollar store in ears or anything so ludicrous, I...
Difference being, a dealer of numerous products can talk about anything that they carry, a manufacturer can only talk about their own products. To be back on track, looking forward to the Master 1 vs Utopia shoot out when it happens
yes...With some caveats though, which are beyond the scope of this thread (ie converting PCM to DSD), sounds a bit pie in the sky, but if you have good enough equipment it is easy to tell...This, annoyingly, coming from a previous non believer who was into NOS DACs...
FWIW not all of Tidal is lossless, could've been bad luck?
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