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Had an epiphany earlier, my rig sounds good, REALLY good! Got to love the progression of personal audio, to think ten years ago I was smitten with a Discman...
Where does the internal head amp become the weak link in the chain here? I prefer the LCD 2 with the Hugo over the Burson HA160D that I have, and I don't really start having full sized amps as my next money sink! At what price point should I start to look, where the Hugo will be outclassed? Perfectly happy where I am, but this is head Fi after all! To note, talking about amp only Thanks
Left home an hour early this morning, just so that I could walk to the train station listening to Hugo... Should be marketed as an exercise aid!
FWIW the other thread in summit Fi has been reopened. Hopefully that'll bring some cheer to those hankering for some full sized discussion!
Right everyone, I'm reopening the thread after its three day hiatus, but please play nicely, or it'll end up getting locked again, maybe more permanently... Edit, Currawong beat me to it!! Enjoy.
Yes, I'll agree, for a mid tier IEM they do very little wrong, and rather a lot right. Enjoy!
I cannot believe I've known Hugo for nearly a week already... I feel it could be the start of a lasting relationship, Will be sad if he ever has to go away for any reason... Joking aside the level of detail on offer is quite staggering, never thought that I would be such a fan of this much detail, but I cannot get enough of it, especially with the detail monsters that are the IE800!! Whoever said that detail is wasted on a commute really, no REALLY needs to take a...
Colour me interested. Subbed
Agreed re soundstage, very good for a product at this price level
...and that is how I know OK-Guy received it ...Don't worry - us Brits and our quirky humour (see, we cannot even spell 'humor' correctly!)
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