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brimful of asha? Is that by them?
I'll find out for myself tomorrow, but wonder if the Westone star tip kit will work with these to increase insertion depth... Looking forward to finding out
I'll soon be able to confirm officially, just placed an order for both the Philips TX2 and S2, haha, will be a fun mini shootout
i retract my own statement, apologies...Interesting, does the metal housing make that much of a difference? If not, then the TX2 has awesome sound per pound value (£17 at Argos at the moment)...Makes me intrigued to try the Philips S2 now...
how would said head-fier know this? I will say that they look incredibly similar in design, but the specs on the box (not that they mean much) are not the same...
correct, same that if you want to listen to music and charge at the same time, it is INCREDIBLY slow (I've said in the past usb1 power, might even be less!)... Maybe that is where Apple got their inspiration for the 7 haha...If nothing connected to the 3.5 Jack then acts as normal USB C
Very strange direction the past few posts have gone in... Better not tell all the fans of the TDA1541S2 DAC that its design is the best part of 35 years old... Don't always chase the numbers, graphs or otherwise, but instead chase what sounds good to you...
they're £75 in Argos (seeing that you're quoting in GBP), so a safer bet if you're worried about fakes
Onkyo E700M for me - although you have to mess around with fit tips (large spinfits work for me) - they're larger (13.5mm driver) so not exactly in the same league, but the treble is just as wide open, but a little more controlled (those that love the IE800 will find that a contentious point, but the IE800s can be strident) - and an equally solid bottom end, and tidier mids - the only part where the IE800s still reign supreme is the soundstage for me, but - not by much.At...
Welcome to the club Inevitable question - is the serial under #1000?
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