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Agreed,I normally,regardless of Android device end up on Nova launcher
In other news, the geekbench results are quite impressive... S6 vs M9... Can't help but notice though that the S6 (edge) screen seems to refresh slowly (hence waves on the pictures)
I personally feel that some of the S6 audio issues are fixable in firmware... My reason for thinking this, when pausing (in Neutron) you can hear the volume stepping down, rather than smooth gradation on the M9 (or most other handsets!!)... This is very like the M8 in its early days, before firmware fixes... Can live in hope, however - contrary to the above, I think I prefer the screen of the S6 vs Note 4 etc. Doesn't look so 'overblown', but that just goes to show...
Depends what you want / have at the moment...The M9 sounds great, the S6 (Edge) looks great (not sure on sound yet, loading music on at the moment...
If buying one, be sure to check it in store, the edge I picked up today, the first one had scratches and a blemish on the screen, I refused it, picked another and thankfully that was fine M9 vs S6 vs iPhone 6 comparisons coming soon
Coming from a different standpoint, i have just picked up an S6 edge, to sit alongside the iphone 6+ and the HTC M9... Will be a fun shootout
Haha,you guys will think me insane that I love the white filters with a silver litz cable,great marriage with the HTC M9
I haven't measured with a voltmeter so, it may be just the higher treble energy that the M9 puts out (compared to iPhone 6+), definitely 'sounds' louder though, oh - and great news, bearing in mind that I was the first (for definite) to moan about the M8 distortion, and one of, if not the first person to moan about the M7 distortion (on HF at least) - the M9 - no such complaints
No, the M9 is significantly more powerful, and cleaner sounding (for balance, some would class that as brighter).
So that may be, but I love, almost literally how the M9 drives my Shures, as a simple go to phone for music,to these ears it knocks spots off of the iPhone... Happy days for minimal rig when I'd rather not lug the Hugo around
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