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It might be worth emailing JH directly just to get their take on if they'd be prepared to ship you a replacement cable.I'm frustrated that I cannot find a tip (even though I've had mine for over a year) that can consistently fit and sound great...I really think I'll end up going down the Snugs route.
I personally don't know the 'gate' numbers, and I don't know if they'll be announced, however - whilst pictures would agree with you, it must be considered that the hall is a fair bit larger than the floorspace that was in use last year...
What are you driving from the phone?The Note 7 has exactly the same internals as the S7 from all the pointers I've seen, so - don't get your hopes up.
Mark, I'll read fully later, however, must ask, were you a doctor in a former life? Hehe, you know I jest! Hope the ear plugs worked for you??
lol...Good to know 😂😂Thanks for the tip
go into the settings of UAPP, select software volume control, and for not quite so severe volume jumps, 40 steps, and away you go
It works absolutely fine with Tidal (but better routed via UAPP), more than happy If I'd have known you were interested @krismusic, I would've given you a demo on Sunday, I was sat on the white seat thing next to you when you was getting to grips with the Onkyo player! BTW, probably an even less manly thing to say, but was just listening to All Saints haha
I didn't realise that men could only listen to men...Sheesh.FWIW, that image was just to confirm that the B&O DAC can play DSD natively, right this second I'm listening to some masculine rock, does that make me a better person?
My odd ball super portable setup at the moment... Notice native DSD (if that floats your boat) from a super small package.
Something also appears to be a bit wonky with the alphabet... At the foot of my album library, I have: With the new database, yet with the Android one: To turn negatives into positives though, the navigation of the new database (scrolling speed) is massively improved over the Android one, so definitely heading in the right direction
New Posts  All Forums: