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What LTE band(s) do you use in Canada? - My UK network (EE) uses 1800mhz, and absolutely zero issues.
Yes, tidier, more coherent and articulate, however - still a bit miffed at having to have another cable in the mix - but, like you say, it is about cleaning the signal, so hopefully that second cable won't be impacting particularily
I'm going to have to pass on this deal, I hate Prime as I always do the by 1pm delivery (so as not to use the Amazon courier) and Prime charges per item, whereas standard charges you per order...
They're all a curse, even though I'm not strictly a believer I've started buying 24/352 and DSD albums, just to get the maximum detail retrieval.
Not at all, if you're on MM, a white box should come up when plugging in the DFR asking you if you want your program to use it...
Still not really the point of the thread, but Fidelizer Pro also fixed my PC's sleep problem (would always wake up in lowest CPU state and stay there, resulting in needing to reboot)... This software is a veritable miracle, and on aggregate - for what it has done for me, it is an absolute steal at the price
Missing my M1 buddies, watching the cobwebs blow their way through this thread... FWIW, I've committed, and bought the license for HQPlayer as, with how I set it up (converting to DS rather than PCM), there was something missing when I took it out of the mix due to the trial expiring, so - fully fledged now
Hehe, how do I sit, with the G5 + B&O module?
It isn't up and down, it is just up (using HQPlayer) - no down converting required (the U05 can accept 11.2mhz, just isn't advertised as such), and I still feel the point has been lost... but, as the French say, C'est la vie
I wonder how much I'm losing having been sent the 'A' rather than 'B' version, having to plug in an extra cable...
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