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Of disagreements regarding
Indeed! - I've been focusing a lot more on my AV recently, so somewhat neglecting my spiritual home! - Hope all is good with you?I will say I was slightly fraudulent with my last post - I had a few years back a thing for all things Nightwish (while Tarja was at the helm) - got all of their CDs from those times Thanks for the recommendations, been checking them out great additions - Another one I've found on my travels is The Agonist - definitely got a major thing for...
You'll probably tell me that I'm sat too commercially, but I've always turned away from this genre, however - for the past 24hrs I've been listening to nothing but Semblant, Icon for Hire and The Animal in me, and - finding it strangely enjoyable... I guess, I should welcome myself to Team Metal.
...I'm loving the PRaT of the SEM1 which has awoken a 'beast' in me, been listening to heavy / death metal for the past 24hrs solid (literally!) - which is about as far away from singer / songwriter and acoustic than I can envisage going... Although Mizuho Lin from Semblant definitely helped sway me
My volume wheel appears to have gone wrong (either doesn't change or jumps wildly), any tips for fixing, other than sending in to Chord? Thanks
I truly don't recommend this, but - I seem to have inadvertently cleared up the treble sharpness on my EX1000 - I turned on my Mojo, not realising that I'd activated line out mode, hit play, took me a few seconds to back the volume down to sane levels... Ouch! But, definitely smoother now haha... Am almost tempted to buy one of the NOS pairs you see floating around to do an A/B... Edit, I take that back, I think it was actually my ears that were somewhat caught off...
I dug my IE800 out a few weeks back, only to find that one of the drivers has died, totally... Sucks being out of warranty, and I don't like them enough to pay out of my own pocket to fix them. C'est la vie Sennheiser.
I've stopped looking for tips now, settling on InAirs tips, memory foam version of Comply, seem to isolate better, and mitigate most of the treble peaks, win win
I'm puzzled, with my first USB C OTG cable as to why my LG G5 defaults (even if selecting otherwise) to trying to charge the Mojo, even though it neither accepts or draws power from the USB input. Wish I had a good enough memory to hear if there is any audio difference between USB C/3 and USB 2.
The way to cure this (it is the very tiny connector that works its way loose if your headphone jack gets caught on your pocket) is to exit UAPP and then bring up the task manager, and close the second instance of UAPP... then plug back into the jack, and all is good again.If you get it where it says "starting hi-fi plus" and just stays there, then yes - a battery pull is the only option you have.That being said, I've given up on it, that little connector is just too much...
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