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I haven't measured with a voltmeter so, it may be just the higher treble energy that the M9 puts out (compared to iPhone 6+), definitely 'sounds' louder though, oh - and great news, bearing in mind that I was the first (for definite) to moan about the M8 distortion, and one of, if not the first person to moan about the M7 distortion (on HF at least) - the M9 - no such complaints
No, the M9 is significantly more powerful, and cleaner sounding (for balance, some would class that as brighter).
So that may be, but I love, almost literally how the M9 drives my Shures, as a simple go to phone for music,to these ears it knocks spots off of the iPhone... Happy days for minimal rig when I'd rather not lug the Hugo around
I wonder if the Nokia N Series music phone from back in the mid noughties will get an honourable mention in this thread
@thepooh One thing I can say, which I'm sure you'll agree with, there is no practical way to use the M9 at full volume with the 846! - I max out at '73' on Neutron (so, assumedly 7/10 on the volume)
Agreed re the tonality of the M9 - very happy, with the iPhone being much more mid-centric...I'm not really a believer in hi-res, however - am curious, I use the Shure 846s (8-9ohm) what does hi-res do to the sound?Needs to be borne in mind that hi-res is only really any good if going to an off-board DAC, so - am genuinely interested...Thanks
I cannot answer re Tidal as don't have a subscription, however - I can say that I really get the M9's audio capabilities, and they're great - not for critical listening necessarily, but for out and about, the tuning is pretty much perfect. Completely OT, the M9's dot view case functionality is far improved over that of the M8's, happy days.
HTC One M9 & Shure SE846 offers a surprisingly punchy sound, and a volume that I officially cannot handle at 100% - it really is THAT powerful... iPhone 6(+) is a warmer, lusher sound (EU volume limit removed) but is definitely not as 'fun' as the HTC which works oh so well with any music with a beat behind it My thoughts for the proverbial penny are, if you're looking for a current gen handset, if you're into vocal led music, get the iPhone, for everything else, the HTC...
I had the snapdragon N4, not the Exynos one...The M9 screen isn't so great to be fair, but - what I find silly is that the N4 has a higher screen resolution than the iPhone 6+ but that the DPI settings are so whack that the text just looks better on the iPhone (once the font size has been adjusted) - also, the iPhone screen is just brighter / punchier / easier to see in the daylight than that of the N4Should be said that I have a 31" 4K monitor, and have always had a thing...
Very long story short, for the audio side (although the iPhone is only 1 week old, and the M9 only 1 day old, so - could be argued I need to give them more time to bed in) the M9 is stupidly powerful (some could argue dangerously so!), and has a V shaped EQ off the bat (bass sounds fantastic through the Shure 846!), the iPhone by contrast has a mid-centric sound, somewhat more hi-fi... I'll add specifics if this thread takes off / is warranted... For general usability, I...
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