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Which is odd, my impression of the S6 (edge) is different, I would doubt they'd have different hardware other than the screen???
Stop telling me about all these offers already!! Just about to leave kings cross now with my brand new toy...
Ugh, I couldn't find where I'd hidden my D7100 so am bringing along my SA5000 (first time since having them that they've left my house!) Should've read the gear list, then could've left them at home.
Hmm,don't mention a FS table to me!! Is there a cash machine nearby? Part of me hopes yes, the other, no.
A real good test of the quality of the bass on these for me was the nightclub scene on 'as above so below', that really gives them a workout and they come back at you asking for more
Must be a weird mock up,as there is no light in the porthole...Not sure how much I'd like a gold version, but would really like to trade in silver for black.
Seeing that we've apparently gone full circle on the 'hiss is in the track, not the IEMs' debacle, I will post that yes, my SE846 has hiss, and - yes, it is whether anything is connected or not (I saw mention that this was inherent track noise, but - with nothing connected... )For balance, it is very quiet, and not detracting, won't make you rip your IEMs out of your ears in disgust, and certainly doesn't affect the music
Give it a little time, it really is quite enjoyable (so long as you like a dynamic sound, far moreso than the iPhone 6)
Hmm... I'm going to end up being a late arrival, maybe 12-1, even though am up now (and only live an hour away), I need to head into London first, and then back out late morning... Pah! - anyway, i'll be there when I can, hopefully not too hot and bothered by that point (assuming as this is a sports / recreation centre, that there are facilities should I want / need to freshen up, if someone can post back to the thread when confirmed, that'll be great!)
Give the S6 time to settle down, my own device was only manufactured 30 March, and considering I've had it for nearly two weeks, means it was pretty darned fresh out of the factory... It sounds more alive than the iPhone 6, which sounds somewhat flat / boring in comparison - definitely happier with the S6 now than I was when I first got it.
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