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against my better judgement, I'm tempted to pick up one of these, had a great time with Onkyo's E700M IEMs, and its making me think I might just like the combination of IEMs and player from the same company... Stop me please
Sorry that I've been a bit quiet about the Sabre (silent in fact) - been enjoying and frustrated at the same time... Having the changeable filters is both a blessing and a curse to me - like EQ - once I start playing, can't remain happy... I 'think' that I'm set with the longer orange filters, and - enjoying - but, sure that'll change in the next 15 minutes lol. in my case, too much choice is a bad thing (in a good way!) lol.
Are you sure? 9028+9602 chips used for headphones on B&O DAC for LG G5...
not in its current iteration, and being a UAPP fanboy, I'm all over parametric EQ like a fat kid is cake, but the dev is against it as it goes against the ethos of the player...From my exposure, if it helps, the SQ (into mojo) is like a standard DAP versus a QP1R, so crazily clean, crisp, powerful... These are my words, and my words alone, it, to me, makes the mojo sound more Hugo esque, such clarity, and an insanely clean and airy top end...
sorry, needed to edit your post, you'll see the edit...And, to answer your question, no, not from what I've seen, and that is the beauty of it, it's crazy simplicity... Funny what happens when you go back to basics
As an aside, going back to the original reason I popped by, am currently testing an alpha build of a soon to be new to market android music app... Buggy as hell at the moment, so the developer doesn't want it to go out to general consumers in its current state, but, let's just say that this will rattle a few cages of the established app developers, it has done crazy things to the mojo, and has me genuinely excited... (oops, breach of NDA, this bit edited out) Such clean...
not always...I've accidently downgraded, and the mojo scales up and down so well
Holy moly, I am trying them out of the mojo for the first time and , do these sound good, making me question lots of things right this second.
Agreed, they were innovative, and had a good sound compared to what else was out at time of release, but the EX1000 don't hold up so well in 2016
For me they make the sound a bit thin, and unconvincing...That being said, I need large tips for a decent seal, so - if you have smaller ears, the stock tips may be just fine I don't know what "What Hi-Fi" were listening to when they reviewed the E700M a couple of weeks back, but - I don't think it was these haha
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