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yes...With some caveats though, which are beyond the scope of this thread (ie converting PCM to DSD), sounds a bit pie in the sky, but if you have good enough equipment it is easy to tell...This, annoyingly, coming from a previous non believer who was into NOS DACs...
FWIW not all of Tidal is lossless, could've been bad luck?
Helluva saving if you can deal with not being the first owner... link... Usual caveat, no affiliation
emitted from Maurice's
the eyelids of
It's BBQ time
Percussion is the main thing that I can tell an improvement on, the start / stop of the skins on drums, and the articulation of cymbals sounds much more accurate now, never realised that it was smeared ever before today... Snag for me before I start singing from the rooftops is that I also bought, and started using Fidelizer Pro just a couple of hours before installing the iPurifier in my chain - so, the best I can say with accuracy is tha the combination of hardware and...
looking good Here is to many more reviews from you
Agreed, fair point - so long as streaming services aren't required - having had both the M2 and the QP1R (but ironically having neither now), the 1R is cleaner, the M2 is richer... (haven't had the pleasure of listening to the Onkyo, so cannot comment)
You won't be disappointed The SE M1 brought me out of headphone retirement, after I'd entrenched myself into IEMs...The M1 to me is the love child of the HD800(S) and the TH900 - does so many things right
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