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Correct, free version has to be applied on each boot... To the poster with no sound, correct audio device set as default, and ticked to allow exclusive mode?
Soundblaster e3?
Most frustrating sight I know as a member of head fi, someone who has absolutely no clue of how to use Shure IEMs... Wrong way around, and with ear hooks stretched in a stupid way... This image is both graphic and disturbing, you have been warned...
Sat here right now, compiling documents, I'm not normally a one for listening to music at my desk, but - with this being so menial I am making an exception, and it has to be said - this is a damned great little combination (G5, B&O module, and Soundmagic E80 - to allow for the high impedance mode), noticing it a lot more in the past day or so, so - I've obviously snagged an affinity that I didn't have before (either that or the DAC has burned in - depending on what you...
Sweet, and Freeware too, couldn't ask for more Installed,Thank you again
Likewise - it is a real shame that these aren't more readily available - for everyone to get a feel of how good an all rounder these really are!(following on from the iPurifier thread, I've swapped my USB cables around, with the iFi driving the QED reference, and - I prefer it that way around than how I had it with the Audioquest... I'd have laughed at myself if I'd have said that two or three years ago.)
thanks for the offer! Are you going to CanJam, and if so, both days? If so, if I could borrow over the Saturday night, would be awesome... Although as said, probably doesn't make squat of a difference
you're on EE, in the UK? If so, what issues do you have? I would like to see if I can recreate them.
welcome to the family! The QP1R should be giving the M1s plenty of loving!
@BlackShaker... See below:hi Colin Sir,I have the G5 with the module installed, and have had (so far) zero issues with my Tidal streaming...Going to the box that your module came in, does it say on the back only for use in the EU? I do wonder if there are certain common 4G / LTE bands where the module plays up versus others where it is fine, might be worth a straw poll...As mentioned, my carrier is using bands 3 and 7...
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