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agreed.Compared to most other mid to top flight IEMs the mids are recessed (V shaped signature) which makes vocals sound potentially thin, but that is just IMO... Just putting it out there that they don't need to be fake as others have hinted, for you to feel that way.
following on from my last post, after messing around with the Westone StarTip kit that I have, I found my last pair of Shure Olives, and - whilst they're fiddly to get onto the Laylas, I think these might well be my preferred tips, a lot more balanced than some of the others I've been playing with recently, and - don't feel like I'm trying to squeeze my elbows into my ears... Oh, and the occlusion, fantastic Happy times
You can see, and do more on a large screen... Movie viewing (for the masses, bear in mind here that we are the niche group) is logically a lot more pleasurable on a larger screen.
I've just done a clean install of 10AE, as couldn't do an upgrade (always crashed at 71% completion), now time to start putting everything back on... Wish me luck.
In the outback
"Super mega loud" isn't really the point, if there is any difference (debatable until the end of time), that is mostly between the quietest and loudest parts of the tracks...Super Mega Loud (tm!) should NOT be what you do for hi-res / DSD.
Bouncing back to the DFR for the first time in a while, this pairs very nicely with the Laylas, although background hiss is prevalent
What I will say, and I have said both in this thread, and the dedicated G5 thread, is that the 'Hi-Fi' mode isn't all that great on the G5...Try the B&O DAC with UAPP, that makes quite a major difference compared to Hi-Fi mode alone... But, if downloading the trial, or buying the app, two considerations, you MUST use 'Software volume control', else will be at full volume, and - I find it better for volume steps to be set at '40', just to make the volume ramping not quite...
You need to finish that off with 'IMO'... it isn't a statement of fact ...I can assure people that with even modest earphones (Soundmagic E80) the difference between the B&O DAC and the headphone out of the G5 is VERY easy to pick out, it isn't a case of 320kbps MP3 vs FLAC, this is more akin (although somewhat exaggerated a point) to going to the cinema rather than watching a film in your front room.Doesn't mean that everyone can, or wants to hear the difference though,...
but, is there an issue now (with the iPhone) - as seems a little odd that the G5 works exactly as supposed to until hooked up as you mention, and there is no reason for it not to work in this configuration.
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