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I hope the Sony headphones have a different tuning to their recent TOTL products, else they'll be fail... Interesting price point that they're at...
For those that have established libraries I might get condemned for this, however I really wish the word 'the' was skipped when building the library... Feels like half of my library is hidden under the letter T
How strange - oh well, all is good, and I'll give you the credit anyway
Thank you @Davy Wentzler for resolving the issue with high impedance mode on the LG B&O module Didn't see it in any changelogs, but - just tried it, and works as it should
Interesting @Francisk - been having a look around the interwebulator, and cannot seem to find any UK agents that stock the DM200H In other news, the S2 have benefited from a different set of tips in my extensive collection, the largest Westone Startips (with the orange colour on the core) - an absolute PITA to put on, but - sounding really good (if a little bass heavy) when in the ear... If you can point me towards any EU dealers for the DM200H, feel free to let me know
It's funny, as an ex owner of an iPhone 6 plus, and a current owner of an S7E, the plus looks enormous now, totally unwieldy... I dread to think what people did with the Sony Z Ultra... A real monster.
I think re the first point above, most people use them because they come in the box (hence,in their eyes, free), not really any other reason... More power to them though I suppose.
Actually, I need to partially rescind my previous statement - hardware volume control brings a new issue for the B&O DAC... the loss of Aux (and, logically - probably - albeit I cannot confirm) high impedance mode... This is self evident by loss of volume, and confirmed - whilst playing music, by going into settings, and the hifi DAC section, as soon as going in the volume jumps up, and the mode changes from Normal to Aux, which then remains the same until the settings...
I was (maybe wrongly) reading it with sincerity, I know first hand how ugly those micro abrasions are, I refused a Galaxy S6 Edge when released due to have micro scratches across the screen, looked awful for something new out of the box... Much to the selling agents bemusement!
That sounds really daft if you haven't got at least a 100w mod (and decent batteries, at 80w, this is pulling 22 amps), for me a small to medium tank has to be the Atlantis - hasn't put a foot wrong for me, and has seen off most of the 'popular' tanks, the only Achilles heal for me is that the taste goes off very quickly if you have sugary juices (coils clog up easily) but airflow and lung hit are (well, were - until yesterday) fantastic for the price point / ease of being...
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