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I would hope, given the alleged exclusivity that after sales care will be extensive for the SEM1, hopefully ndcer need to find out!
How do we define loud?Using the LG G5 standard output, which is gutless, I could not agree more, and - again with the Samsung S7 Edge - you could argue that its quite borderline in terms of volume, but - they're comfortably powerful / loud out of an iPhone 7...I will say that the treble opens up once you go into the Dragonfly Red territory, and - yes, there is considerably more headroom - but, to be fair, where these like to leak noise out, I wouldn't want them up too loud...
Why?Everyone's point of reference is different, regardless of where you come into this hobby from.There is never any right or wrong answer, only opinion, not to mention differences in upstream equipment making a large difference.No, I most definitely wouldn't LMAO if someone said they sounded unnatural to them.
I guess that depends on your context...A transport for me is a device that needs another product (DAC etc) to be purchased to gain a use (thinking back to CD transports), and seeing the dongle is included in the box, that then is a part of the initial outlay...Differing opinions I'm sure, however, yes, in my mind you can get it to play music with the items contained in the box, whether that is apples own earphones, or your own.
well, no, but even the battery life doesn't seem to be an issue in comparison to Android devices, and with them I have to plug in the DFR so it's a bit of a status quo.
It sickens me to say this, but I'm really liking the iPhone 7 Plus, it just does what I need it to do, no messing around with the DAC lottery of Android devices
I disagree - what they need is a very snug eartip - the only one I have that fits securely is the largest size Sony MH1 tip...Get that right, and they're quite usable (using them quite happily out of an iPhone 7 Plus) - get the fit slightly wrong though, and - agreed, they are then a bitch to get to sound good, and - leak sound in - and out, like no-ones business.
The SQ is already growing on me, I'll take it to work without the DAC tomorrow, and see how I go
Hi...You will of seen from the rest of the post you quoted, that I was going down a different tangent (not cable related) - This was corrected in the following posts Must grab an audition of the WM1Z - Wonder if there are any out in the wild in the UK that I can grab a demn of...
Not stupid at all - I always assume people know the abbreviations DFR = AudioQuest DragonFly Red (DAC)CCK = (Apples) Camera Connection Kit (which allows USB devices to be connected)I have both the USB2 and USB3 versions of the CCK - someone mentioned somewhere that the newer one sounds better - will have to try that theory out soon.
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