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@arnaud, thank you for adding to the comparisons... I look at it from the reverse angle, that I found (historically, I haven't had them for many years) the HD650 a bit bland, with that typical Sennheiser veil, a bit 'flat' which would explain the disparity you mention... The one thing I'm interested in though, you mention the HD800 but didn't refer to it when drawing your conclusions - the reason I personally went for the Pioneers over the Sennheisers is that in...
i know, scary to think how much water has flowed under the bridge, and how much money has flowed through my hands in that time.I would love to recreate my setups from way back when and a/b to where I am now, so as to hear first hand how this industry has changed for the better in that time.
As an absolute, no... However, it depends where you're coming from with previous / current equipment, they definitely bring a different style to the table.
you can do with it what you please, the main thing is that once it works, it works.I agree with the cautious approach / question though, when I had a QP1R I had one helluva time trying to get a card that would be usable for firmware updates, I ended up with a 2gb card that was sacrificed for the purpose of those few precious megabytes of Questyle data, as I was not prepared to either reload music onto an existing card or buy a new one just for this small role.
That sounds ominous, considering I don't have the G5
Samsung S7E w/ Dragonfly Red
You don't need the G5 to use one... I have one being delivered to me tomorrow, going to compare it to the dragonfly red on my S7E 😃🎧
This will be interesting, on a half whim, half curiosity thing, I've ordered the LG hi-fi module to be delivered tomorrow... Using a newer iteration of the Sabre DAC (9028), will be fun to see what it can do compared to the DFR... Going to use it with my S7E.
this is mmcx Should point out for the poll that the Sony EX series listed use a different connector (proprietary) compared to the others listed on the same line.
Alongside a dish
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