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Broadwell-E is coming to 2011-v3 so, don't worry too much about that, and - why go mainstream Z170 when for not much more you can go X99 with all the benefits it offers... I would say though, that if you can save that little bit more, the 5930K offers extra PCI lines (40 total) that then allows 2 x 16x GFX cards, rather than the 16x and 8x combo on the Z170 / Skylake
Yes, true - throttling isn't too bad, but it is real world, and does happen... Is nice to have two M2's - tempted to sell the XP941 to part fund another 950 Pro, although - still cannot work out how to load the nvme driver into bios (even with the guides online, seems the Asus X99 bios has hidden the section needed to drop the driver in to) - would be crazy to have the M2's running in RAID
Don't forget (and I can confirm this as an owner of both an XP941 and a 950Pro nvme drives) that if you really hammer them, they heat up quite quickly, and throttle back quite heavily... I would say a standard SATAIII Sandiisk Extreme / Samsung 950 Pro will be better overall for day to day...
MM is pretty good, but looking forward to when stamina mode comes back... If it is compatible with the new doze mode, should allow for some great standby times.
My 5930K sits at 4.1ghz on all cores for day to day, I put it up to 4.8 on all cores including unicore when gaming (strangely it doesn't complete POST at 4.9 but can sit there happily if upped that final step when in windows) Considering this is just on an AIO, I think my silicon is pretty golden
My 980TI's are both OC'd by 29% from reference on the GPU and 13% on the VRAM, I would desperately hope that these will compete with the 1080tIs when released - I plan to park my PC for at least two generations of GPU before committing to spending more money... Either way, I won't go from hero to zero I'm sure - especially when I've stopped benchmarking, and prefer enjoying the gameplay.
I suppose the big problem is that most manufacturers have it back to front, relying on people buying third party earphones to make up the missing SQ, which in the head fi realm doesn't work... The Sony Z5 cheats its way around this with DSP, the LG V10, as noted has the potential - other than that, you're running into flaky territory with unknown brands, or massive compromises elsewhere on the handset... Now I'm on my third iPad (Pro this time around) I have to give...
3.5 to 3.5... You can do this with any standard cable, but ultimately best (for the purists out there) to get a 50ohm one.
The aural memory is very short and easily confused... The only (non foolproof) way I have of telling if adding or changing something in the chain changes something is if I pick up on something specific (let's argue, an instrument in the background) that I haven't heard so clearly before, and that could be due to either enhanced clarity or tone... The benchmark for that is still the final track on Pink Floyds Division Bell, the bell that chimes, allegedly that bell plays...
P is for progressive scan, I is for interlaced scan, so if you said you had a 1080 screen, that is one thing, to say you have a 1080P screen, something different... That is why they just say 2, 4 or 5K now, with no inference to I or P
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