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Early impressions...The midrange is the most obvious difference between the two devices, the DFR sounds thin, cold, almost hollow in comparison to the LG, it doesn't end there though. the LG is just out and out more musical - that is what I've been missing (to be fair, I didn't know it until I started using the LG!)... Not good so far for the DFR, add into that that the LG can play back sample rates all the way up to DSD128 natively......and, should you wish,...
Afraid I don't conclusively, but - judging from this post, there are three, low, high, and aux (guess I'm putting it into aux mode by not having anything connected to the extension cable!)
Thanks @HonkyTonk My inelegant solution is to plug in an extension cable to wake up the unit, then plug my IEMs into that... Does the trick also
Depends on the DAP (if possible at all) - which one are you looking at?
Straight away, one interesting thing about the LG, take a look at the DAC bit rate... Seems the ESS9028 does what the ESS9016 cannot, high bit rate and low power consumption... This is going to be an interesting fight! (edit to correct DAC part number)
I half join the club, having the hi-fi module to go with my S7E... Certain elements of it are very poor when compared to the Dragonfly Red (volume control, and that quirly high impedance mode, which I've gotten around with a headphone extension cable) - but, initial impressions of the sound it produces are very good... It also supports far more sample rates than the DFR, which is definitely a feather in its cap.
+1 (I posted exactly the same question to realise you've already posed it)
Interesting!!Looking forward even moreso now, to CanJam London in seven weeks time
Just received a parcel, so - as they say, let battle commence...
Hi Sir.I would amend my previous post, but you've got me covered (the removal of the FW file after updating).Yes, all is good with me thanks, hope all is good with you too! - oh, and most definitely due a catchup in London in seven weeks time (scary how quickly it has come around!)
New Posts  All Forums: