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Following where you're going here, that pin 1 probably isn't wired - forgive me though, I personally don't want to take one apart, as knowing my luck, it won't go back together
I tried some pictures, but doesn't really show you anything (rubber rather than weaved sleeving for the last eight inches or so)...Might be better to look at the part they used - here
The cable appears to be on offer here - no affiliation, and no idea for how long it will be on offer... Just dawned on me that I've been listening to my SEM1s for about 20hrs today (with nominal breaks) - really wouldn't have thought that for even half a second - so effortless, so happy I'm still sure I'm being ridiculed in some circles, behind my back for using the Pioneer U05 amp (via the XLRs), but - for me, it steps up, and delivers - pretty damned well
Unsure, but adapters do exist - tempted to pick one up.
i bought the balanced cable for £279 (UK)Wondering how durable the pads are, and if I should myself get a spare set for a rainy day.
their rendition of you raise me up gets me pretty much every time.
Surely every material imparts it's own coloration, even if only over a very narrow frequency band, that's why companies are still experimenting with driver compounds...My (admittedly not Focal) headphones here use ceramic coated drivers... I've also had diamond evaporated, and bio cellulose in the past, and each definitely impart their own flavour.
Can't actually remember if I declared mine or not, my pair is #377
Have any of the new models joining the thread gone over serial number 1000 yet? Still divided opinion as to whether it will be a limited run of 1000 units or not.
it's 3.5 to 3.52.5 is for AK players
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