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The QP1R sounds much more like a Hugo than a Mojo...It is down to personal preference - My personal stance is that I prefer the warmth of the Mojjo compared to the slightly clinical nature of the QP1R / Hugo...YMMV
I have a question actually... The 980ti's are the first SLI rig I've had since way back (2x 9800GX2). and there is one issue that I cannot fix... When first booting / returning from hibernation windows do not pop up correctly (just the edge of the windows, inside the window is what was behind it before on the primary screen, but the secondary screen works fine (my TV) the only way I can get around this is by Windows+P button to select 'second screen only' and then flick...
Don't even go there, had a short phase of getting "odd" USB cables, colour changing, light chasing etc... Crazy what you can get these days! I still think hand on heart that I prefer the mojo to the Hugo, a much more "me" sound.
To be fair, exactly correct, yes - it really is the final nth percent, and not worth the heavy financial investment unless you truly have money to burn. One thing that arguably helps the system more, which is what I'm glad I lucked out with is the ability to over clock the uncore... Although even that is limited as to what it helps with.
DDR4 goes up to 3600 at the moment, but you have to seriously pay through the nose for that little bump in performance...
I use various benchmarking tools (AIDA being my main one for benching and CPUZ for stress testing) and confirm 100% utilisation, but Prime95 is well known to not play nicely with Haswell-E, it will run fine on stock, but even a mild overclock will crash... My GFX is seriously overclocked as well, 2x 980ti running a boost of 1541Mhz and ram at 8200Mhz, any further than that and I get visible artefacts... Works well on 3DMark Extreme The only thing that sucks (although...
66c at full load, but - it will NOT run Prime95, although Haswell-E has never been toted as being able to do that.
BTW here is my 5930K... voltage right at the top end on the uncore, but am running it at 4.75ghz, and cores at 4.875ghz as shown... For those interested in the numbers, single thread is 2196 and multi thread is 14030 - not too bad at all
This is kind of the wrong thread for this, and - as much as I am a real advocate of all things Android, it has to be considered that Android can be installed on 1,001 different devices from 101 different manufacturers, whereas iOS gets it right (whether jailbroken or not is up to the individual) is that you keep the same core hardware (tweaked slightly with each generation admittedly) so - you have seven or eight different versions of the device, made by only one...
Reminiscing with my pair right now, great value for money
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