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Just seen what would be, to us at least, the most idiotic thing... Someone with an iPhone 7, using the dongle, but plugging in their early edition iPhone earphones (pre earpods), revolting, thin sound... Yuck, why not just use the earpods if you're going to do that! Freedom of choice I know, but just looks inherently wrong
In which case, status quo... Must be said though, that lossy codecs are a helluva lot better then when they first came out, both in detail retrieval and also general availability. Remember the original iTunes... 128kbps aac, nasty!
Yes, the original 'Android DB' (which can be found at the bottom of the selections of tracks, artists etc.) will still update correctly - to update the UAPP database, you need to back out to the album / artist listing, press the three dots (top right) and refresh (or whatever the terminology is) the database - me personally, I clear it and let it scan again, as if you just update, it keeps any tracks on there that may have been removed.Hope this helps,
Got to love Aimee Mann if anyone can actually hear jitter at 50ps or whatever it is, then they belong with the X-men... More likely is to hear track compression in a more revealing manner...
Interesting, happy with the diversion, I had the EX1 in my basket on amazon the other day, but with all the discussion of TX2 Vs E700M,i couldn't help but climb to the top of the tree Might well get the EX1 next month as an ideal whim of a product...
Yes, you need oversized tips to get best sound... Knowing we both mutually like the QB3 AKG, what do you like about the EX1 that you didn't like about the ill fitting Onkyo?
marketing BS then, suppose that is better than there being two versions floating around...Thx
does more than disable it... Look at this...Both images are using the same fast charger...No headphones plugged in......headphones plugged in...Ouch at the slow down.
Aah, that, I just use software volume control to circumvent that issue... Will be good if there is a fix to enable hardware volume though
Haha, don't tempt me to spend more money, as it is I've spent the last six weeks on budget food, and - I've just blown my nominal budget for this month, whilst still on the road to recovery on these hahahaAnyhow, random point that I posted in the somewhat dead S2 thread - would love some clarification on this (and - it's true of the S1 also..).Edit - on Amazon UK, the S1 is more expensive than the S2 - Either Amazon's prices are out of whack, or the original reports of...
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