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What are you driving the E80s with?Having an 80ohm impedance, you'll struggle to get a good sound out of them if you're using a phone (I have to laugh at how pathetic the LG G5's top headphone out is with these!) - however, I have completely differing opinions to you, when using them with the DragonFly Red - this is an amazing little combination for just a smidge over £200 - can really show the big boys what the budget end of the spectrum is up to these days.
seems to be almost made to measure for the S7 Edge with a case installed...Will have to find myself some velcro or thick double sided tape...Thanks again for the heads up
Looks a little similar to Zophie (if I remember the spelling correctly) who does vaping equipment YouTube videos, but - no, that is Ashley Costello from "New Years Day"...
I know I only said about this a couple of pages ago, yet I still cannot believe the synergy between the DFR and Soundmagic E80... This from someone who has been around the block many times and have both DACs and IEMs / headphones costing many many times the value of this combination.
Hi Charlie, What kind of music are you in to, that might have more of a bearing on a recommendation than you'd think, as BA driven (SE846) IEMs sound different to dynamic (regular) IEMs, and that is a whole lot of cash to blow as a first investment. That being said, if you've already demoed and like them, I'll let someone else answer re the OPPO, as not played with it myself.
I thought that was the Z3+ that held that accolade?! Not totally sure though
my personal gauge is the vocals, sound louder than real life? Then too loud!My safe limit for any of my head or earphones is double green.
Not so far for me, no.
For vocal purity, Jennifer Haben from Beyond The Black... For (imo) total package, looks, attitude and singing ability - Ashley Costello from New Years Day Honourable mention - Emily Browning...
Guessing that I'm lucky that the Pioneer SE Master1 suck up the metal, and spit it out in angry molten lumps - never bought them for this intention, but it works out great Slowly getting heavier here, been absorbing Arch Enemy for the past couple of hours - Who'd have thought a woman could have a voice like that
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