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I'm truly spellbound by what the Hugo can do with the M1s, so can only sit and wonder (or is that anticipate!) as to what improvement the TT can offer...An over used cliché I am well aware, however - I have never heard music sound this good - the M1s have undoubtedly breathed new life into my love of music, so - looking at the next logical upgrade...I swear I could be a junkie and spend less money than I do here
I'm now toying with the idea of upgrading the Hugo to the TT after getting myself a new pair of headphones (Pioneer SE Master 1)... Damn, is this hobby a curse to the finances...
was in peril
Haha, items as requested will be with you shortly, and I'll get my cosy chair at the ready! Sorry, am on my cellphone at the moment so cannot multi quote, but to answer re the SA5000, first of all a somewhat impromptu image (forgive me!), but in these times we live in, I feel the need to validate that I have both, so can speak about both in the same sentence. The SA5000 is a bit less of everything compared to the M1, I always have and always will see why people put...
I have the same as you (when the QB2ZE arrive) other than neither set of the original QBs...Would be interesting to see how similarly our opinions sit.
The M1's are, as mentioned - great all rounders, even with only a few hours on the clock on the pair I have (heard what they sound like fully burned in, a little smoother), one thing that I find they do exceptionally well though, which is why I plumped for them (looking at my head-fi history, I've been IEM only since selling my HD800 and LCD2) is female vocals... lush, warm, inviting
Now you've got the seal licked on the QB3, match that on the AKG version, and you will find a smoother, more integrated SQ... Be prepared to be rewarded for your patience
After just spending $200 on bandcamp, suppose it would be rude not to add my details... https://bandcamp.com/duncanransom Be warned though, I'm very much into female folk / acoustic based music - so, if that isn't your thing, stay away
pairs of headphones
Thanks Definitely glad to be a member of this elite club... Can now retire my SA5000 formally.
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