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I really need to change my preferences on here, I didn't even know that this amazing thread existed, even though I was tagged! Will read through when not on mobile
I'm not going to go through 50 pages to see if anyone else has done this, so even if it ends up being a personal voyage if discovery so be it... Anyhow, the only iDevice I have left is my iPad Pro, and today I bought this... So, I'm going to compare the headphone out of the iPad versus this, knowing that it "should" sound identical to the iPhone 7... To see if Apple are crippling headphone out by putting it offboard... A cheap experiment
True enough, I have some medium, and some large, and - they to me, are ever so slightly better fit...Saying that, I have de-cored a pair of them, and put the foam inside of the new version (grey, with orange bore) spinfits - oddly, version 2 to be seems to be better than version 1 - even if it only ends up being a colour change!)
You could do worse than getting these - which are quite a good match for the Sony tips
so long as high impedance mode (50ohm or higher) or aux mode (plug in an extension cable), plug your headphones into that after the preparing hi fi plus message has gone away, yes, I would say so - but full sized, and standard impedance mode, it depends on how loudly you listen, I wouldn't want to guarantee.
using UAPP to play back on the G5 w/ DAC sounds significantly richer than the stock sound, so does the 10 sound 'richer' out of the gate too? If so, might need to take a listen.
agreed, and QFT.The M1 isn't a perfect device, not even the Utopia, or the TOTL Sennheiser electrostatic can claim that crown, as there is no such thing - it is more to a point of what is least compromised to you, the end listener.
To be fair, one factor that is often overlooked is geographical differences in sonic presentation and in turn perception... - I have personally (much to @PhilW's bemusement I'm sure), gone through pretty much all of the flagship products, and dismissed most of them instantly due to tonality issues - isn't to say that they're bad, they're just not for me... - The SEM1 was the first headphone (bearing in mind that I've been an IEM user for longer than I want to remember...
I have had similar issues in the past when trying to set up HQP, and I'll agree - it seems like you have to be a member of the masons to get an answer (which was frustrating!) - thankfully an unnamed (because I've forgotten!) head-fier set me on the right path - As a guess, you've probably set HQP to too high a setting for your output... Assuming you're upscaling to DSD, and - that your output device can handle DSD128 - try these settings, and see what you can...
Not fully sure on this - I use the U05 balanced, and I have no issue with it - granted I don't have a Chord Dave or anything so esoteric (best I have is a Hugo) - but, what would you recommend that would 'blow my socks off' - specifically with the M1?
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