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@PChoon I'll give that a try over the weekend, as much as I can sort of hear what the startips bring to the table, for me they add a slightly nasty edge to the top end, which the olives don't, logically though the startips have much higher durability than the olives, so - the above guide looks like a great idea
me personally, I mean generally, just sounds thin, anaemic
Maybe that is what I mean when I say that the G3 sounds bright to me, maybe I've just got my definition backwards...Not really thought of it that way until you mentioned this - agreed with this line completely
Holy moly! I wasn't supposed to be home for a couple of days, but when I was advised that my Toxic Cables Silver Widow cable had pitched up, I had to come home early and plug it in... I've never been a full believer of cables, but - with the ability to AB (or, well, with the Hugo, AA or BB) - what a difference! I'm going to give the cables (and my ears) time to adjust / bed in, but - yes, on zero hour impressions, definitely a believer now
I know the WEI score is a bit moot point, but I'd love to know what kind of rig you'd need to obtain a 9.9 on Win 8.1 (using Chris' WEI programme) - my lowest score (8.2) is for my SSD (Sandisk Extreme Pro) - I would love to see the speed you could get out of a '9.9' PC...
Seems that I'm noticing more and more Shures (probably because I'm using them myself) - That said, saw a guy on the train last night wearing a pair of what looked like SE425s, but at an incorrect angle, where the earhook was facing forward, rather than hooking over the ear... cannot imagine that that was comfortable in the slightest!!
As much as I don't want to admit this after my earlier condemnation, I dug my old Sony HD1 player out of retirement and listened to it, and other than a noisy headphone out (no real surprise considering it was driving the SE846!) it did remind me of what I like about Sony players... I think I will have to demo this when it hits these shores
Wow, I go offline for a couple of weeks, and this thread explodes!!! By all accounts, just by sheer post count, this event is going to be massive!! Only seven weeks to go
Can't say that I'm too sure either, other than that this would reduce perceived pressure on the jack plug... Odd that it is called a splitter, but there is only one socket??
Typical HD25 wearer, wearing them back to front In other news, saw a guy with Shure SE535 Reds outside of Euston station this morning.
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