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I think it will be tough to find anyone who has made a jump that large (in terms of product life cycle if nothing else), but the 846 is a very obvious improvement over the E4... Been too many years since I stopped using them, but the 846 will be massively cleaner sounding (the E4 is quite colored in the mid-range and weak in the bass by contrast) All I can say is, you'll enjoy the experience
Sounds more like an M2 issue than a SanDisk one, not heard of this outside of this thread?!?
that's essentially my stack setup, with Layla's, and, yes, so long as your IEMs / headphones are resolving enough (which they should be if you've dedicated this much effort so far) then yes, the Pure II+ cleans up the SQ potential considerably
Didn't mean to cause any controversy, was only looking for a bit of charity from a fellow member, which I received, and for which I am grateful. I do not believe it is defrauding anyone if I still intend to purchase, and the original owner of the voucher had no intention to use it themselves... Anyhow, back to the dragonfly discussion
ah, I see, I thought you meant there was a competition for who had walked around the venue the most, or an unclaimed prize from a vendor / the SHaG event.
As a major backer of the QB3 AKG, there is absolutely no way to fault them at their price, but they do have their limits, and unfortunately, I do hear them... @T.R.A.N.C.E., having the Trinity Sabre, and having heard a pre-production Hunter last weekend, what would you want to better over the QB3? I'll see if I can compare / recall for you.
I purposefully missed them all, just incase the hype train caught me by the ankles, and dragged me along with it...The price of admission for the Utopias is too much for me to justify, and - well, happy enough where I am...(Just wish that my Laylas sounded the same as the Pioneers or vice versa, there is a period of adjustment each time I swap, which grates on me)
I must admit to naivety here - the new DSD feature doesn't work with my B&O DAC, whereas the old standard (which I didn't believe to be DoP or otherwise) plays DSD correctly (at least according to the screen) - an old example from before the update is as below: I might need to go to the back of the class, or have an after school detention, but - if it showed DSD before, what is different on the new version? Thanks for the 101 I'm bound to receive
I see both issues of mine are now fixed with the UAPP database, looks like I'm a happy camper... Thank you @Davy Wentzler!!
I did, via the insider programme, install the newest version, but - knowing how much of a pain it was to get AE in the first place (I couldn't upgrade, kept getting stuck at 71% of the process) - got nervous with the two month license on each build, and went backwards to public release... It is a shame that you cannot dual boot 10/10AE, that would have been ideal for me.
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