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I do know that if you have UAPP installed, and at any point you click the little tick box that says about audio control going to UAPP when connecting a DAC that it then stops the sound for all other devices / jacks (in the same way as Windows Exclusive Mode)...Maybe uninstalling UAPP (or resetting its preferences) may help!?
No-one has managed to root the ZX2, and - even if they did, you'd probably lose the all so important keys (looking at the Sony Smartphones as a like for like comparison) which would then break audio playback potential...Guess that isn't quite the news you want, but - there it is.
if not needing streaming, something like a FiiO X5 will be cheaper still if you shop around...Not really the point of this thread, so killing this off shoot now, just a thought though
afraid not
The CRITICAL thing with work B&O module though is to use high impedance (over 50ohm) headphones, bring it to life in a big way... Not to say that less is terrible, but certainly not as good...
Now if only there was a way for non rooted Android phones to receive some of your love... Hmm...
Clearaudio+ on Sony devices gives you an instant "wow" factor, but ultimately this DSP doesn't add anything positive to a PURISTS sound setup... Nothing wrong with it per se, but most people would rather not use it for the negatives it brings
Hi Chet...Looking at the way you have typed what I have quoted above, did you manage to find a case (rather than a pouch) that fitted the G5 + module?Thanks in advance
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