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oddly, I just want a phone with a case, I'm a bit precious about things like that, and as much as there was a case mentioned earlier in the thread, it doesn't cover the screen, and having two phones in my jeans pocket, I've had one screen crack before, and I don't want lightning to strike twice, that's the only reason.
did you catch mine? 1xL...
in what way? I'm debating getting the V10 to compliment / replace the G5 / B&O module and you have me perplexed, as I've never understood the jet audio or whatever it is that Cowon brandish...Grant you my exposure is limited, a D2 and a slightly newer version whose model number eludes me (S something?) anyhow, wasn't that enamoured, so if your J3 beats the V10 on a general basis, then I think I'll stick where I am.
Looking at the S7 (so, okay, not exactly the same, but - similar enough to be comparable), although I do not know your reference point of 'loud', it is what I would term as a 'comfortable' volume at max with the E80, certainly not like being in a rock concert The G5 by comparison is a lot quieter with the E80 - until the B&O module is added - this goes a LOT louder than the S7...Hopefully someone will come back with a specific response re the Note5, but - I hope this works...
True, but - then we could all drive around in Fiat 500s...It isn't necessarily about outright volume, it is about the power (reserves) needed to drive the headphones...
i can...When will it stop lol...You could buy a hyper car for the same money, or a half decent house (albeit not in London!)Would still be good to have a listen though
I have several phones, and over the past year or so have had several DAPs and DACs, and multi thousand dollar IEMs and budget ones too, but for musical ENJOYMENT, I'm more than happy with the G5,module and soundmagiv E80, Happy days
I have been out of this thread for a while, but the comment that the mojo is only a little bigger made me chuckle, I know what I'd rather have in my pants pocket (not withstanding the fact that the DFs do not seemingly suffer from RFI / EMI)... As much as I now, for out on the road use an LG G5 plus B&O module (which beats both the mojo and the DFR on the size stakes), the DFR has found residency on my Yoga 3 Pro, just wish it didn't default to 24bit, but guess in...
Bit late by the looks of it, but - for tee-shirt, I'll go for: Duncan|L|1 If I can have a 2016 badge as well, will be great Shaping up to definitely eclipse 2015
Agreed, top quality
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