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Just updated also, now waiting for the DFR to have the same treatment
I'm sad that the UK arm of 1more aren't showing the quads yet, being a latecomer to the triples, these have quickly (after finding a good tip for them) become my daily go to.
I'm listening to them, and even if the reports are 100% on the money, it is so far removed from what you hear - but, what I'm meaning is that those that haven't heard them are dismissing them because of the test report, which is daft in my opinion - and the same could end up happening here...Good job we as a species are not so narrow minded when it comes to making friends or finding partners.
For sure, however I suppose that there is no over arching authority on the subject - so, advice - absolutely, but absolute fact? highly unlikely
And another straight after... Thanks Looks like destiny
The D7200 has been on my radar funnily - I have the D7100 which I find pretty damned good for rock (but way too hot in the treble to be anywhere near neutral) - but, they're the only headphone that I had (before the M1) that escaped my bi-annual headphone culling...The D7200 isn't all that expensive in the grand scheme of things - so - good to see a fellow M1 user recommending them... so, you might be right, you might be helping to empty my wallet after all!
And this should be the motto of Head-Fi regardless of what headphones you're listening to, or what budget you have...It doesn't really matter what other people think, it is you wearing / using the product...
I really wish Apple made black cables Wonder if this is worth the punt...
Damn - ok, I'll step away from this then, as the only way to confirm it without a DIYer is to disassemble...In other news, catching up with this thread has thankfully saved me a chunk of cash - convinced me that he Sony Z1R wouldn't be compatible with my listening preferences - especially with the love I'm heaping on the SEM1 still
Definitely possible - Admittedly nothing to do with Focal, however - the innerfidelity graphs for my own headphone - the Pioneer SE Master 1 shows them as being quite slow, with a major driver reverberation - that simply isn't right compared to my own pair, so either sample variation - or, if it is a valid reading - it is in the nth time domain, and - just cannot be picked up by me.
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