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Oh yes, I know where there is a pair - arranged a demo for Friday
I for a few moments went the opposite direction (AKG -> QB3), and I can see why you feel what you do - the QB3 sounds like it is on steroids in comparison to its AKG tuned brother! Hopefully, that reduction in treble zing that you're finding as an initial thought will prove itself to be an asset rather than a detriment - I'm all for treble (proud member of the old team treblehead from back in the day) but the QB3 (stock) are VERY zingy, almost brutally so in...
I'm looking to get back into full sized headphones, and it is a toss up between these or the HD800S... Decisions decisions...
Not saying that they will compete, but - seeing that the tonal balance etc. is better (to my ears) on these cheap IEMs than the oBravos that were on the tour, I am looking at this with a bit of nervous trepidation!...The mids (vocals) on the tour unit were fantastic, but - to me, the extremes needed some work (for the price point, as well as overall) - I'm hoping that the TOTL fix those issues, and then some
Aww, come on - that is no fun!What are your initial thoughts compared to the stock QB3? - hoping somewhat similar to my own
Well, Phil, I might visit you in the next few days to hear what the TOTL offers... Strangely, I'm hooked on a £20 (no extra digits!) pair of IEMs at the moment, so that would be an interesting battle, knowing where I've come from and what I have...
So as to not derail this thread - PM sent.
no, from my understanding it is a trial version (14 days) but unlocked if you've bought a previous version (mine shows as purchased after installing the unlocker from the play store)
Alpha is only available via Poweramp website, and UAPP is USB Audio Player Pro
are you talking that it plays it back? If so, then yes, it will, but will almost certainly down sample to 16/48...Alpha on the other hand does things differently, and ignores that limitation.
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