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Hi...No, I'm not very photogenic, so tend not to pop up I was over by the criterion audio stand the whole time - FWIW, I'm only up the road, in Shefford
Ignore my post above, shouldn't post when haven't had enough sleep! For the record it is boomsound with Dolby audio lol
Which member was it that said they live in Stotfold BTW? I only live a stones throw away, so could be good for mini meets Please feel free to PM me if you'd rather not publicly announce.
Sorry if this is a daft question, but - you definitely have an M9? - It isn't boomsound on the M9, but Dolby, so - just making sure, with how similar they are in appearance, that you haven't ended up with an M8?Apologies if I have it wrong, and international versions of the M9 DO come with Boomsound...
Meet impressions thread started here This thread now closed
Here is the place to post all impressions etc from today's epic meet up... May I be first in the thread to say thank you to organisers and attendees alike... Without you, there would be no head-fi May the fun begin!
Sorry that i had to abandon ship early... Hope everyone had a great day!! Thankfully I did not find anything I wanted to buy, as am sure my wallet would hate me forever more!
Which is odd, my impression of the S6 (edge) is different, I would doubt they'd have different hardware other than the screen???
Stop telling me about all these offers already!! Just about to leave kings cross now with my brand new toy...
Ugh, I couldn't find where I'd hidden my D7100 so am bringing along my SA5000 (first time since having them that they've left my house!) Should've read the gear list, then could've left them at home.
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