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Glad, having read that the X7 is only going to be released Q4 2015 / Q1 2016 that I jumped on a ZX2, however - knowing how well the X5 has served me up until today, definitely still looking at getting an X7 as and when it comes to market
YKYAAW you cannot stop buying new items even when you're already near the top of the tree... I've got somewhere near to 1.5TB of onboard DAP storage space now... Ugh...
funnily enough I dug out my X players a couple of days ago to remind myself of the sound signature, and now I have in my hand a ZX2... Don't know how that happened, honestly!!
Very early in the ZX2 cap burn-in phase, however - the DAP lifts the mids of the 1Plus2, and - bass, oh - that bass...Even more compelling than tonality though is the imaging, fantastic little combination - and, one-box, too
Good to see that CanJam is gaining momentum My own Head-Fi interest was waning due to heavy investment in both my PC and AV setups, but - with the combination of being a participant at the event, getting a 1Plus2 on extended loan (I cannot see any reason why I won't keep them!), and - today, getting a Sony ZX2 DAP, I'm very much back in the Head-Fi mood
Haha, blame the Penguin!So, question to all - and I'm sure it is probably mentioned on EVERY page (so, if it is, Sorry!) - how do you keep the buttons active, short of turning the screen on? - they deactivate after a few minutes FWIW, my player was born in April, and is running firmware 1.00.03
Holy Smoke Batman! I am genuinely agog at how this sounds compared to an amped FiiO X5 (using Vorzuge Duo, which itself is no slouch) - Yes, different price point etc. - but, goes to prove there IS merit in upgrading to this level (and probably beyond)... The FiiO sounds flat, lifeless, two dimensional - basically, dead in comparison... Definitely wish I'd have picked one of these up when first released - a pretty darned perfect marriage with the 1Plus2
Being a long term non-believer in what a DAP can bring in its own right, having just received a Sony ZX2, am bowled over by what it can do - unamped, un-Hugo'd, this is bringing a new element to me ...As such, ignoring price point, I would love to see, well.,.. no, HEAR what the AK380 brings to the very top of the tree, compared to where I am now...
As does Sony ZX2 vs some of my other gear Excited by this union
Whilst I would agree that if mastered terribly it'll sound bad on whatever you listen with, that is different to the bitrate discussion, I assume where bigshot was going with the point is that it would be better to spend (throwing random numbers out here) $1000 on a pair of headphones to listen to 320kbps files, rather than $200, listening to FLAC (deliberately ignoring the hi-res point here)...
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