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1p2 = Tralucent 1Plus2... Don't get me wrong, not saying this is a reference sound but seeing that I'm always on the move, adds some excitement to the sound that the 1p2 lap up and beg for more
I stand corrected but in a good way, it was mentioned re rollout timeframes a few pages back, so Q4 2015, just in time for a rebate I'm expecting to come through, guess I know where those funds will be allocated to!!
This isn't meant as a dig at the X5, just hopefully a nod to the improvement that will come with the X5 II and the X7, however must say that it isbquite interesting that since upgrading to the ZX2 I've noticed that the X5 codec (or DAC) is lacking a little as there is definite distortion on some music that isn't apparent on the Sony...
Whether I receive condemnation or not, I do not mind, however have to say that the combination of 1p2 and ClearAudio+ is awesome... I really, no, REALLY like this
Agreed...Am very intrigued re cap burn in, after about five hours sounded absolutely terrible (boomy overblown bass), but - at 10hrs sounds glorious, would love for it to stay this way...Truly unsure whether it is in my head, placebo, or - if the player changes seemingly hour by hour until it settles down.
FWIW, I can say as a fact that the EU ZX2 is louder / more powerful / more authoritive (pick your preference of term, but all apply) than the EU X and Z players that were known to be crippled...Will still be interesting to have the official A/B/A/B verdict though
Shame it doesn't play at the same time as analysing... ...would definitely finish cap burn in
Finished loading up the inbuilt memory and a 64gb SD - 10,200 songs... Suppose that shows I don't have too much hi-res, but - just happy to have a massive library on the go (an extra 60 or so GB over the Fiio I've been using up to now)... Guess I can see a 128gb card coming in my future though to max it out [Edit - 121hrs37mins estimated for the 12 tone analysis - guess I won't be bothering with that!!]
Over a 36hr period on the UK Amazon store the price went from £840 to £1005 to £812, and down to £760...Really don't get it, seems like it 'may' be linked to which warehouse has what stock as delivery availability (prime next day / expedited 2-3 day delivery) has stock...
2000mah battery is a bit poor for a 2015 device, I hope that is wrong...
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