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Happy days, my weird screen colour issue is fixed - for reasons unknown, the EDID toggled had been deactivated with the upgrade - now re-ticked, and all is good with the world
Happy Birthday for yesterday @HenHarrier!
funniest post I think I've ever seen here I hear dead people!!
Windows 10 colors are a little hot - my reds are popping out of my screen compared to 8.1... AMD Catalyst appears to be working okay, so - assuming MS have done something a little different with their setup... Have to say I'm liking Edge - a breath of fresh air compared to IE
Infatuation for a rather fine Russian lady was my inspiration, 1200 calories a day, mostly protein, and burning 4000 calories a day, soon shifted the weight
Whereas I feel the opposite, I would hate to be removed from this mortal coil with a scowl on my face, having issues with audio quality whilst the number 45 bus is bearing down on me...
Layla gets a great mention, took me a while (and some spinfit tips) to realise this though... RE272 mentions intruige me...
Absolutely OT but the Union Jack on the thread title only shows up correctly on iOS... On android and windows shows as "GB" text... Not sure if it's just me that noticed this?!
Some people do, some don't, all depends on your suscepitibilty to high pitched noises... I am afflicted, basically the Hugo is to me like a halogen lamp in a dark room when it comes to the SE846... To others, it isn't... Best idea is to grab a demo in a quiet room, don't plug any source into it, and listen...It does NOT detract from the music, so I kind of class it as the static you have between tracks on an LP...
I'm surprised you were not told to buy higher end equipment to "enjoy" the extra resolution! Re signal loss, my Sennheiser IE8 jack got so worn out that it was actually scored, and that was a complete PITA to get a complete sound on... Check the quality of the jack, for dirt and also wear...
New Posts  All Forums: