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Not necessarily - I know of two products (Sennheiser HD320 and Sony MDR-EX71, but there may be many more) that both suffered from the opposite effect (won't call it burn out, but a negative effect) - so by no means guaranteed that when you hit a sweet spot that you'll stay there!
Thanks @rkt31 In other news, I'm back from my winter hiatus, never keen on taking high ticket items out in the inclement weather... Got to be said that I still prefer mojo amped, and that overall my setup sounds as glorious (maybe more so, as absence makes the heart grow fonder) as it did before I hid it away. Lots of new music purchases to get acquainted with on the mojo
How does it sit if running 32 bit version?Sorry if is a daft question, but am intruiged
Just because the CPU is only running at 25% doesn't mean it is the fault of the mojo, it will be a CPU limit imposed in your software... Easy (albeit different) way to confirm this is with Excel, get a big spreadsheet, and try and run two or three filters at the same time, and you'll get a white screen / program not responding error (which it will eventually escape from) even though the CPU usage is very low (10% in my case). As said though there really isn't a lot of...
Wonder where the second ground is coming from... Colour me intrigued
If you like an analytical sound the Hugo will win out with its colder nature, in terms of sheer musicality the Mojo wins it for me, that being said I do need to amp the Mojo to get a cleaner top end, so I've got a half way house with my setup somewhere in between stock Mojo and Hugo.
If these had the bass depth / clarity of the Layla, I would be over them like a fat kid is cake... (seems almost back to front to be comparing a dynamic to a BA in this way, but - that's the way it is!)
What bit rate / depth is being used for these battery assessments? That will play quite a large part too... 600ohm should also be less battery demanding than 16ohm which will also help
Funny how different everyone is, me personally I prefer the mids of the K10, but the treble of the Layla
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