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I'd rather have the SEM1 than the Grado PS1000e - which cost roughly the same in the UK... Ended up being a shoot out between these two, and I just couldn't get over the honky mids on the Grado... No answer or debate is right, or wrong, it's just a matter of what we like. If everyone was the same, there wouldn't be the diversity in design or manufacturers that there is... Thank goodness for individuality!
Pasta and bolognese
FWIW, the LCD2.2 that I had for about a year did little to entice me to listen to music, so you can throw all the measurements you like into the equation, but if you cannot engage, it's worthless... I also had the HD800 for a similar length of time, and I found them fatiguing... Every region, and every pair of ears within said region hears things differently.
Oversized foam tips help calm the treble of the EX1000, and also help to bring out the mids... Cannot believe it took me six years to work that out... Granted, I've never heard the Z5, but the H3 sounds bloated and syrupy in comparison to the EX1000
So, if to me the M1 sounds better than the Grado PS1000e, the Sennheiser HD800S, and various other top tier cans, does that mean that my ears are faulty? ....Guess I'd better get my ears upgraded...
I'm seriously considering selling my Layla's, and getting another couple of pairs of these, now that I've found the magical fit, and - more importantly - volume, shame it's taken me six years, but I guess it could be setup matching too...
It's funny, getting that Eureka moment after everyone else, however, that bass, the texture and layering, that can definitely show some much more expensive gear how to play! The whole sound is quite fantastic, wish I'd have found the love a whole long time ago! Had to laugh to myself when I went into a Sony centre the other day to enquire if there were any new high end IEMs in the pipeline, I showed the rep the EX1000s, making specific note of the model number, he was...
Interested in your tip Erm... Tip @PCWar... Do you have any pictures to confirm how to do this? My EX1000s look a little, loved let's say, some of the paint has chipped off, but, with large comply tips (look better than the Monster tips), still sound great, and who cares when they're in your ears, right?
I've had them since (iirc) the day before they were due to be released (Easter 2010, again IIRC, the Sony Centre I went to put them out on display too early, and I jumped on them, to be 'exclusive', and a trend setter), and - have had a real love / hate relationship with them, they've been sat, forlorn and alone for many years, but - with the largest foam tips (Monster Fit Tips) that I could find - they actually work for me... The detail / clarity is impressive beyond...
Might've taken me 6 years (!) but I think I've finally found what makes the EX1000 so special to some people... PRaT and tonal depth / quality are exceptional for a dynamic... Making me question quite a few things right this minute.
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