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Darkseth,   You can use it alongside V4A, and - to these ears, adding this mod smooths the sound slightly, although not having two phones side by side - to be fair, impossible to say with certainty...   I guess that goes to say that the change is big enough to notice, but small enough to be discrete - that is the best I can say, however - don't forget if you're loading this, that you're rooted, and if you're rooted (assuming not using stock ROM obviously) then you can...
Hmm...   I have an old Griffin three to four pole adapter, and the sound / volume is definitely louder with that than without...   What wizardry is this I ask myself lol
Going back to the original theory of how MP3 (and all other lossy) encoders work, it is mostly to do with the high frequencies where they 'save' their data - stripping out everything above 16khz, and anything below that, if there are two samples (for example a cymbal, and a vocal) at a certain frequency, they 'assume' you can only hear one, and take away the data for the other - this is done over and over until desired bitrate is achieved, the lossier the encoding, the...
It all depends on if you believe up, or over sampling pushes the distortions that may occur at 16/44.1 outside of hearing range, or introduces potential for more distortion (dithering and what not)... No right, and no wrong answer, but plenty of room for debate... I suppose for this purpose you also have to factor in the mp3 encoder / decoder (assuming spotify extreme is still 320kbps) so for redbook or lossless playback you would have 1411kbps being upscaled, vs 320kbps...
5db is a 25% reduction iirc, but what needs to be considered is the m8 is one crazy loud device so it is good for your long term hearing if nothing else
Are you SURE it is the better screen? The amount of phones I've had, one thing I can say is that AMOLED may be good on a scientists bench but SLCD (IPS) has more natural color, oh and life expectancy Note 3 vs HTC One M8, current example right here right now, Note 3 has annoyingly green tinge to color, looks unnatural
No, but sounds 'richer', so overall still better - but, as alluded to earlier in the thread, that could be a personal preference thing :)
USBAPP from the play store should sort you out quite nicely Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
Simma, I agree, definitely an improvement over stock, and for me dropping gain on neutron by 5db has all but cured the popping (probably overall the same as just lowering the volume, but hey, if it works then who is complaining lol)
Please note it is the 200, not 500 Comply that you're after (nearest to stock tip fit is the TSX200)   Hope this helps :)
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