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Personal preference? I prefer it the other way around (slightly less texture, and slightly more shouty as PCM to me)... Enjoy whatever works best for you
If you are a detail freak, the wait will be worth it!!For impartiality, depending on what is driven, some may find it (if the beta firmware ends up being final, ignoring the EQ that is being added) a little cold sounding (the AR M2 and QP1R are such polar opposites for example, so going from one to the other could cause shell shock!).The QP1R drives the HE1000 fantastically, so, sum of the above story, add cold sounding (looking at you AKG) cans and you'll be scraping up...
OMG! Z5 Premium is definitely on my radar! :drool: Hope the SQ matches up to everything else, but even if not... Hmmmmmm
Not a good update...I hope you didn't wait in all day for the package to arrive!
Blisteringly, transients etc are out of this world compared to any other DAP I've heard up to now - it is quite incredible what companies are starting to squeeze out of what we know as DAPs but, are still (semi realistically) those same 'MP3' players that we started to own 10-15 years ago...
The ZX2 is interesting, my personal thoughts that I've dropped into the relevant threads are: Sony ZX2 = mid centric Acoustic Research M2 = bass centric Questyle QP1R = treble centric (caveat is that the one I have with me at the moment has beta firmware, so this may change)... The QP1R has by far and away the best detail retrieval of the three players mentioned... With the above in mind, it is then about matching the cans to the player (or vice versa).
Agreed, I feel that the poster should step up a notch on the DAP front, no real point in having one of the best IEMs out there, and then throttling it with a less than perfect source.
109db/mw @ 16ohms should actually be a pretty sweet spot! Looking forward to your thoughts on these if you hit the go button!!
So close!!!! Fingers crossed they don't change their mind and say that they attempted delivery and that you wasn't in...
Good point, damn... Will have to change my avatar now that the event has passed!!Congrats @mark2410 on winning the star prize, hope it has turned up with you now?
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