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i can...When will it stop lol...You could buy a hyper car for the same money, or a half decent house (albeit not in London!)Would still be good to have a listen though
I have several phones, and over the past year or so have had several DAPs and DACs, and multi thousand dollar IEMs and budget ones too, but for musical ENJOYMENT, I'm more than happy with the G5,module and soundmagiv E80, Happy days
I have been out of this thread for a while, but the comment that the mojo is only a little bigger made me chuckle, I know what I'd rather have in my pants pocket (not withstanding the fact that the DFs do not seemingly suffer from RFI / EMI)... As much as I now, for out on the road use an LG G5 plus B&O module (which beats both the mojo and the DFR on the size stakes), the DFR has found residency on my Yoga 3 Pro, just wish it didn't default to 24bit, but guess in...
Bit late by the looks of it, but - for tee-shirt, I'll go for: Duncan|L|1 If I can have a 2016 badge as well, will be great Shaping up to definitely eclipse 2015
Agreed, top quality
Sorry - Maybe I misread the original post that I quoted...For powering the mojo, USB1 isn't enough, also - for playback, I also believe there are issues, and that it can only be USB2 that carries audio (can run driverless), or - USB3, albeit for the newer, higher bitrate files - a driver is required.Sorry for confusion.
it's a power thing, USB 1 only puts out 500ma maximum, so not enough to fuel the mojo.
but how much control is there? Having had the S6 and S7 edge phones I can say that what there is is thick and syrupy, does that constitute more or better?Beauty is in the ear of the beholder.
I do know that if you have UAPP installed, and at any point you click the little tick box that says about audio control going to UAPP when connecting a DAC that it then stops the sound for all other devices / jacks (in the same way as Windows Exclusive Mode)...Maybe uninstalling UAPP (or resetting its preferences) may help!?
New Posts  All Forums: