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I wonder how long these caps are good for - we have burn in, logically with caps (especially small ones), we'll have burn (or, rather - dry) out... Limited life span maybe?!
Depends what you want from your SQ - Me, I'm impressed with the Exynos SQ, but know that I loved the M8 SQ, and - am happy with the iPhone 6 (had the 5S too)...For rockability, the M8 wins imo, for general day to day, between the 5S and Alpha, that would depend more on what [headphones] you'd be listening with I think...
Absolutely OT, but Taylor Swift could be wearing nothing at all, and I'd still be drooling... Hmm.. thinking about it, that sounds a little wrong haha, sure you get the idea though...
I'm starting to salivate... Less than a month to go
Correct, line out is supposed to be a 3v output at 75ohm iirc, so - without that fixed level, the M8 will sound better when amping (so long as you avoid clipping, which from what I understand is a non-issue these days) as it has more grunt than the G3...Seriously considering getting the M9 when it comes out this week (having had the M7 and M8), but - having only got the iPhone 6+ yesterday, and having a G3 and a Note 4, starting to realise that my having the latest...
To provide balance, I myself picked up an iPhone 6+ yesterday, and from a portability and usability point of view, the 6+ is head and shoulders above the X5 and Hugo that I've been lugging around, and - for an ultraportable setup, I think that the 6+ drives my Shures just fine...Would the 6+ replace my bigger setup? - No, it misses out on analogous warmth, lushness, and general SQ, but - does it come close, worryingly so for a consumer grade device.
Can you not change the number of posts per page under the preferences button, just above the OP?? I can have up to 100 posts per page?!
Even though relatively speaking I've been burned by LG, and am looking to replace the G3 with either the HTC M9 or Samsung S6 Edge, and, whilst completely off-topic, have to say not all LG products are bad - last week I picked up one of their 31MU97 monitors for my desktop PC - couldn't be happier ...As their slogan goes, "Life's good"
Agreed, my SW cable has reinvented my love for music... Some of that as I mused earlier, I think has to do with, in my case, the MMCX connector Frank uses, allows a much better fit than what I had previously (Shure stock and Fiio, the latter of which ripped my earlobes to shreds!) WTG Frank
Definitely However, as mused in the Toxic Cables thread, am unsure if the tightening up of the sound is squarely due to the cable, or the better fit offered with this variant of the MMCX connector.
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