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Am I missing a point here? - the E12A is an amp only, so - how is the digital signal from the USB OTG being converted to analog for the amp to amplify?Thanks,
Bear in mind the cost of the HD800!I must confess, as much as I have a lot of love for the 846, the Sony SA5000 does trump them for treble clarity / definition...Guess it'll be a cold day in hell before IEMs truly beat the over ear heavyweights!
Seems like London is the home of B&W... Seen no end of P3s recently, and even the odd P7, but - very few, if any P5s...
A young woman has just got onto my train at Stevenage wearing a pair of Beyer T51Ps... Happy Wednesday, much better than the Beats and BOSE I normally see!!
Depending on how much luck you'd have, the IE800 and G3 could well end up being a VERY treble-centric combination... This is from personal experience, and why I cannot recommend the G3 in the same league as other top tier handsets. YMMV of course.
This is where I'm at - If the digital output is either missing, or the same as those that came before it, then I see no personal reason to upgrade...I have been happier than I've ever been in the past eight or nine months of owning the X5... using it as a source, I cannot see that any standalone player will match up to a two box solution
Haven't posted in this thread for a while, however - have to tip my hat to Rob for developing a device that makes the Sony SA5K listenable - had them for several years, and barely put any hours on them - what I thought was my first (of sadly, many) Sony mistakes, but - the Hugo weaves its magic very well with them... Happy days for me, having a great new little home rig
I at that but find it ironic that the worm turned in completely the opposite direction for me...A true case of YMMV!
Have you tried using either the crossfeed on the Hugo or binaural recordings? (the latter makes much more of a difference than the former to me!)FWIW, using a necro pair of headphones, am impressed with the Hugos ability to both tame, and in turn drive the Sony SA5K...
I didn't hear that at all in the year that I used them virtually exclusively.......However, after having had the SE846 for a few moments (back in early December) I could pick up on that, a couple of months further down the line, it makes the IE800 virtually unlistenable to me - when I finally get them warranty repaired (extension cable split) I'll sell them on...Is a shame, as they are damned good in their own right, and better than most of the competition in the same...
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