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Hi All,Hopefully things will change between now and then, however - just had the following alert pop up:Might be worth, those that are coming in by rail, from the west - keeping an eye on this situation - I cannot believe that they're proposing to do it on the bank holiday, when most people will be going to visit friends and family...Any sympathy I might've had for them is fast evaporating...
Look at BAM drivers, potentially best of both worlds Example here
never say never! It all depends on the enclosure, look at it another way, think how small some subs have gotten with improvements to housings, radiators and so forth...Yeah, it'll be tough to beat a pair of Cerwin Vega VS15 (kids, ask your parents about those speakers!), but there is the potential to get closer than you'd think!
Let's please keep the 'r' word out of the thread, and out of the forums please, no need for it, must admit to being puzzled by its context but will leave that there.
That was a funny comment a page or so ago about not wanting maximum fidelity out on the road, that is when I want it the most, to take me away from the drudgery of everyday life, brings a smile to my face when those around me are frowning
As I mentioned in another thread recently, it might be down to tolerances, my Senn IE8 jack was a little smaller than should be so was a little loose and ended up with issues with sound dropping...
I believe maybe wrongly that the previous post was referring to Windows 8, but that 10 is different...Other than being a hideously closed source ecosystem, I must say that the Lumia 930 I had for a short while sounded very good
Very true, and the reverse logic applies also, the amount of low end gear that is touted as (using head-fi circles, but could be transposed into any hobby) being 'hi-res capable' etc. - Personally, I see little point in that when the electronics behind it cannot make it shine - I would rather have higher grade inferior specced equipment (i.e. a CD transport and DAC rather than a DSD capable low end device) that provided more enjoyment...An argument that will never be won...
Would you want to do that? I think it may be a design "feature" that the socket isn't that strong, with the weight of the player, if it didn't detach, would damage either your cable, or - more importantly, your ears (ripping the earphones / headphones from your head) if the player dropped to the floor.
Sorry if this is covered a hundred times, but - am looking after an aftermarket cable for the JH Layla, including the bass adjuster - if someone can point me in the right direction of a vendor / DIYer, that'll be great... Thanks.
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