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On the bright side, I think it's safe to say it won't be a washing machine - that eliminates at least one thing it could be
Even more odd when you google translate those characters...
Is there any female vocal music floating around? I scoured bandcamp, and ended up spending $80... good for the artistes, bad for the premise of this thread
Interesting, looks like a side swipe at Onkyo, and their new DAP... (first time I've ever used that emote, better be worth it losing its virginity)...
Hah, good plan, I must admit I've always had positive Karma, maybe I should have a Michael Douglas, Falling Down (one of my all time favourite films) moment
FWIW, we don't speak American, but Americans speak English, so are you quite sure it is us that don't say things correctly??
I think you guys are missing the point of this thread, its a competition, not a discussion
Agreed, however - with my PC rigged up to my 4K tv, and - with an XBOne controller - Its all the greatness of a console, but - with even better graphics
Guarantee you was terrible on your birthday as a child
Then you know what to do, get your selfie stick at the ready Good luck to everyone that enters, got a sneaky feeling that this event will be epic
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