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As you're in the digital domain, and at a very modest throughput, I cannot personally see there is any difference between the two.
haha Funnily enough, although the shots are not much of a giveaway, depending on how thin the bezel is, the LE1 Pro looks to have taken it to Apple, and served up a dish best served cold!
My eyes... My EYES!! - I scrolled from the bottom to the top, probably not a great idea!
Indeed I shall Open apology to you, in puiblic - I know that you've messaged me and posted in threads a few months back, and I replied to neither - I'll catch up with you at the meet, and tell you my sob story (work related)...Sorry for OT - only eight days to go
I think that is just a general limitation of Bluetooth, as my Hugo, partnered up to any smartphone I've had since June, all of them sound poor compared to what the Hugo can output via coax source (or obviously any other source I throw in its direction)
It isn't special to look at (no more so than any other SW at least) - heck, Frank mentioned it a few pages back, so NDA or no NDA (I can delete my own posts if I get into trouble hehe!) - my SW is 24AWG - so, a halfway house between the 25.5 and the 22...I happily use it out and about every day, doesn't feel overly stiff
Feeling the SW love right now, although mine is different to everyone elses... Frank told me to keep it under wraps, although - he has mentioned it once on this thread
Hmm... All these things to potentially buy... ...Must leave credit cards at home
The P8 in rosw's post above couldn't look more like an apple product even if it spilled apple seeds out of the earpiece when you had it to your ear... Odds on Apple putting out a lawsuit?
Agreed - was listening to some classical earlier, and even on full volume it wasn't enough That is where HTC rule the roost...
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