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Been far too invested in this, here is where I'm at... My top Pokemon at the moment... ... And the first part of my achievements... Just tipped over 700km, not so bad
unless regular is 2.5 and balanced is 3.5, haha, I doubt it, but just imagine the mess if that was the case!
you can?Where is that setting at?
Pyrotechnics and green
I have both the original and the USB 3 CCK and oddly, I thought the newer one sounded better too (more dynamics), I thought it was placebo playing tricks on me, but seeing the above, not so sure now! Will need to test this more thoroughly.
Wet and wild
It would appear that the V20 isn't coming to the UK via official channels, I don't fully understand LGs stance on this
Weird issue for me that's been plaguing me for a while, and it is random in both creation (disconnection from USB device and subsequent reconnection) and as to when (can not be recreated at will), and doesn't cause a log (to my knowledge) to be created... Anyhow, every now and then, the play button doesn't work (flicks from pause to play back to pause in a fraction of a second), force closing the app doesn't fix it either, only way to remedy is to reboot device... Only...
Dave was much smaller than I thought in real life, not sure why I thought it would be bigger, maybe because of the optional stand...I feel quite bad, I bumped into Edd from Chord on the Saturday, and promised I would demo Dave on the Sunday, but being absorbed in watching buskers on the south bank, and then catching up with people I hadn't seen in a while, meant that my time in the show was practically zero on the second day...Further apologies go to @warrenpchi, for whom...
correct @Davy Wentzler Thank you for your tireless efforts to increase audio nirvana, the amount of updates these days is amazing (and, in my case, a little confusing).All is good again
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