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ah, cool, Will be a fleeting catch up then, knowing I'm commuting, and having seen the size of the box that I'm looking at, need to dodge the rush!
The HD800S has, with its wide open treble - attention grabbing status, but listening to the M1 right this second in @PhilW's store, these are much more my thing... Someone mentioned earlier that the M1 could be the bastard child of the HD800 and the TH900, had all three together a short while ago, and I would agree with that sentiment completely!
(Sorry for continuing OT, I know I should know better!) - I was planning on arriving a little earlier than that, but - I might delay slightly for an impromptu head-fi meet
What time will you be there? - I'm heading in too
That is the downside to Alpha, that it isn't dynamic like UAPP, forcing to 24/192 is upscaling, which isn't the same thing as native resolution... If it works for you, great - although that approach isn't for everyone.
There is definitely a difference between the various music player apps...Poweramp Alpha sounds the cleanest / most linear between GPM, UAPP, Neutron, [standard] Poweramp...
Amazon?I cannot believe they would be fakes, and - if by some bad luck they are, you have Amazon's return policy (as is fulfilled) to back you up
Me? Yes - half the cost for standard...
Depending on where you are, this UK website stocks them.
ahh, okay... I like wood warmth / tonality...
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