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Hi Brooko - was from this poster / postThanks
Sorry if this is a dumb question, there was a 2.36 skin from a head-fier that I find great, if I update to 2.4 and then reload the file with the skin, will this overwrite 2.4 with 2.36 again?
@martinq I think I was being harsh before, the last person I saw wearing them had a [smallish] skin head, which emphasised their size... Hope that doesn't apply to you too else I'm just digging myself further into my hole lol
Sound preference? (bright, bassy etc)?If you can find a good deal on them and they suit your tastes (crisp / extended treble, and deep / tight bass, with mids that are almost unsurpassed at this price point), Sennheiser IE800 would be a killer match I would say... - Their retail is £600 though, so might be a squeeze...
Hi Paul...1) - EAC or dbpoweramp would be my vote, FLAC would be preferred format2) - What would be your budget?3) - Sorry, no idea!
agreed...I'm king of the loud volume brigade, and I can say that your ears would burn out long before the Iems...As to if not wearing them and volume control being used erroneously, cannot say, but would imagine you'd need to pump a lot of power in to kill them
What are you using with your M8? Could be a synergy mismatch?!
Ex700, hmm, the Ex800 will be like a shot of adrenalin, XBA3/30 might be a more suitable upgrade path though if you like the EX700 that much...
what I mean is that my ears are now being violated by far more speaker based systems than they ever used to is so haha, although how much of an influence the Hugo is I still do not know as I've never felt the wasn't too violate the Shures by plugging them into anything less
One thing that I hate about the 846 is how well textured / defined the bass is, I went into a pretty reputable hi-fi store yesterday, and - all of their speaker setups (I will say that they don't have esoteric brands, so this isn't a one size fits all comment) had one-note, mid-bass-centric sound - really, REALLY disappointing...
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