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I don't know whether to laugh or cry... Bought the new parametric eq add on from the latest release, and now cannot make myself happy with a tone I like... Ignorance is bliss!?
haha, no it was actually Dr Bott...Should be quite a few head-fi posts about it
There was a clever USB hub released a few years back, wish I remember what it was called - Dr Wizard, or something like that, where it was self powered, but was able to still allow items that needed 500mw to work on any device... If I can find it, or remember it's name, I'll post back.
Hence the statement that the M1 is kind of a half way house between the HD800S and TH900, to me - that is a damned impressive feat
Quite possibly, I guess I can find out, having the capacity to look at both sides of this.
Interesting - I have a USB OTG cable that allows for the slave device to have its own power - will try this, and see if having the DFR as 'self powered' makes a difference.
Sorry, I only have the DFR, not the DFB
Don't want to derail this away from being a discussion about Dragonflies, however - and this is a funny one, the module specifically doesn't work in the US, and - of all places (considering where LG are based) Korea, with the G5 - how does that make sense?Thankfully if you don't have a G5, that doesn't really matter, so long as you can get your hands on one!
Early impressions...The midrange is the most obvious difference between the two devices, the DFR sounds thin, cold, almost hollow in comparison to the LG, it doesn't end there though. the LG is just out and out more musical - that is what I've been missing (to be fair, I didn't know it until I started using the LG!)... Not good so far for the DFR, add into that that the LG can play back sample rates all the way up to DSD128 natively......and, should you wish,...
Afraid I don't conclusively, but - judging from this post, there are three, low, high, and aux (guess I'm putting it into aux mode by not having anything connected to the extension cable!)
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