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  Which is why many of us look at those who've done the studies before us. ;)
I'm not sure I trust commercial success as a guage. Single Power, fireball Parasound, various amps that can and have killed headphones . . . commercial just means people buy itIt comes back to the fact that there's people that don't know what they're doing in every field.
You're slightly off, we demand K601's for all!
Mr. Pass has already been discussed...Also, now your just trying to insult near everyone. It's not needed.
I have to admit, I lol'd@ PurrinBecause some subjectivists probably pissed on them, and now we have a pissing contest.
  Yes, and we have the conclusions they've found.  We now have those that ignore those conclusions saying they're wrong or wanting to expand on them, which is okay, that too is part of the scientific method.  Some people like running proofs all day long to find a problem with a formula or algorithm, it's still accepted as a fact till they do though within the respective community.       False.  We can perform the same tests and get the same conclusion, that's the point of...
  Many would love more evidence of the subjective factor, which is why I highly encourage those capable of taking tests that rely on it to do so.  The reason we refer to 1% THD as where audibility kicks in is because that's where former tests found it to be based on subjects.  Much of our objective understanding for transparency already includes a subjective basis when it comes to psychoacoustics.  However, it doesn't mean we must accept every subjective claim without any...
  Most of science is black and white, much like math.   Nice try on the ninja edit, but no, I still caught the personal attack.
  Correct, which is why those that don't believe in a difference (the null hypothesis) can't prove that something doesn't make a difference.  It also lands them in the wonderful outcast territory in HiFi where they're accused of tin ears and the like.   This is why the responsibility of ABX/DBT tends to fall on those that believe they may hear a difference.  If they do, under the correct circumstances, they have expanded our understanding past where it was.  Purrin for...
  In all honesty, I'm not sure of how well thought out it is.  It misses the crux of the argument, and that is many of us believe that the measurements established today are more than enough, and that there are none of these mysterious yet to be discovered measurements that offer any relevancy to the subjectivity position.   While listening tests can be valuable, some of us would argue it's not for the same reason.  For example if one misses an established test it could...
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