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  I didn't really talk about the methodology, I just said he has better equipment compared to what you're using last you told me.  His measurements, save having to roughly adjust for a few, provide a decent idea of CSD performance IMO.  I think going past -30dB is tad overkill, but agree a bit more resolution would be nice though not immediately necessary.   Either way I think the importance of CSD gets exaggerated by few when most above average headphones decay more than...
      It could be that you may not like well measuring gear, or have a degree of inherent bias like everyone else.  There's tons of well measuring gear that people find boring, and there's some (IMO) awful/"tuned" gear that some people say sounds amazing.   As for people not knowing about treble ringing and CSD till a year ago, Ryumatsuba has been doing them for ages and tons of people, at least in Sound Science, were pretty informed about it.  Equally,
  Which are still entirely up for debate >_>'
  So trolling, that's great.
  Responses in bold.
    Responses in bold.   Also, here's a chunk of a post by Jason I saved in regards to the Asgard for example:       If you can find a true objective reason for that beyond anecdote, please share.  They eventually offered relay retrofitting and added it to new builds, but suggested those that want the highest audio quality to not get the retrofitting done.  That in its own right is a "by ear" anecdote as far as I'm concerned, but once again it's not whether they do or...
  If they regularly went by measurements as objectives for performance:   How did the Asgard and a couple amps get out with the issues they did (massive DC spikes)? Why do they take a counter-productive topology in amps for accuracy if not relying on ear to a certain degree, such as distaste for NFB? Why was Jason discussing audibility of a relay being added to the Asgard if they design by measurements? If measurements are priority, why are tube circuits being used in...
  Which is why many of us look at those who've done the studies before us. ;)
I'm not sure I trust commercial success as a guage. Single Power, fireball Parasound, various amps that can and have killed headphones . . . commercial just means people buy itIt comes back to the fact that there's people that don't know what they're doing in every field.
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