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Slightly more bass, not as "shouty" IMO.   Personally after listening to the citiscape line at a local BB I wasn't too impressed myself . . . I went with a pair of HD428's instead for my portable headphones . . .  
  I've asked this a few times myself, especially in relation to decay/ringing.  Unfortunately I have yet to find any real studies on the audibility of it which is a shame.  Everything else one can likely find is cheaper headphones, such as the HD600, AKG K601, etc.
  The O2 will drive them just fine.
Same, if I hadn't got a pair of HOM Exodus I'd probably have purchased them already . . . still tempted.
Greetings,   Got these back from a recent RMA, and due to changing needs in my headphones I've finally decided to list them for sale.  Here is what I'm looking for.   Cash - $150 + S/H & fees( unless PP gift is used, then just add shipping).  This price will NOT drop as these are new and sealed.   Trades:   Marley Exodus with detachable cups + $50 your end Phillips Cityscape Uptown or Downtown (black/brown color) with either $65/$85 your end Possibly...
  Thanks for proving the internet anonymity theory correct again today.
  Of course they have, its name is Gabe Newell:  
  So a different interpretation than you makes it fail, lovely.  How dare we interpret results differently, rage rage rabbalrabbal and all that jazz.     @Ultrabike   I have yet to hear Stax TOTL stuff, just the 202 & 404 and a lot of the earlier stuff.  I guess I did forget closed headphones, I could see those having more of a problem in the right circumstances now that I think about it - CSDs for that make a lot more sense to me.  Once again, that's just my thoughts on it.
  Since you're so enlightened I'm sure you will highlight said inaccuracies?
  I know speaker builders that would argue saying it's more beneficial for finding cabinet resonance than driver issues unless they are manufacturing the driver themselves.  In other words, driver resonance probably wouldn't even register on their usage assuming the driver is decent (how I've used it various times in the past).  There was an original usage for CSD, but it's useful for a lot of things obviously and as such the initial or primary usage isn't really...
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