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  I can only imagine myself.  I have a Dolby Headphone solution which does imitate 5.1 well enough, but the Smyth is another ball game entirely.
Greetings, I have a Carver C-1 preamplifier with sonic holography imaging. This is rated as one of, if not the, best Carver Preamps still available today. It presents an effect that can be turned on and off that can feel as if you're surrounded by the band that is hard to imitate. It also features a very capable headphone amplifier with plenty of power which the sonic holography can work with also, giving an out of head sound similar to better quality crossfeed...
  Comparing the HE-400 to the K702, the HE-400 is more ragged with higher peaks and dips and a fairly similar curve.  The D2K have a bit less treble, but still rather close save a bump in the midrange.  The DT880 have less of a bump at 2K, but a larger peak at 10K.  The 598 removes the 2K bump while retaining a similar FR again.   I don't see how you can find the Q701 "bright" compared to these honestly - it's a pretty flat phone overall.
  I found the 990 brighter than any of the K70X/Q701 offerings - and judging from the others it seems like you enjoy a bit of treble roll-off.  Grado's are bright, the Q701 is just balanced overall.   Hope you enjoy them OP, I definitely like me some AKG's.
Greetings,   I think I've decided to get out of vinyl entirely and will be selling off my turntables.  First is a Pioneer PL-71 which is in near pristine condition.  The dust cover how some minor surface scratches, but the wood and everyone else is good.  The price is $175 + shipping (I'll cover Paypal fees).  Expect at least $25+ for shipping as it is extremely well built and as such, heavy (25 pounds).   The second turntable is one I've had on a shelf and just haven't...
  If someone is seriously inclined they can, but it's spending more money with little difference IMO.
  A while back I sold my Stax SR-202 with adapter for around $400 used (I got it for $450), so it's certainly not unfeasible.  Then again, there was a reason I sold it (sounded like K601 with no bass).   As for OP's question:   ATH-AD900 and up K601 and up DT880 HD600 AH-D5K Various lambda style Stax if that's your thing   These would probably all be closest to neutral within HD-800 realm depending on what you're looking for, and as shown earlier the DT880 is close enough...
  Until they are able to prove that their cable makes an actual difference in a peer reviewed study, or hell - a well done DBT even, no one here is going to do more than scoff at this.
  Unlikely where I live.
  I checked at two Targets in state, both $70 still and has only started clearance this Monday.  Will be another week or two before more cuts will be made.
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