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  In other words, you don't know - which means you don't know if every speaker will work or not in every situation.
  At what RMS all channels driven into 4 ohms with onset of clipping?
  Power rating is important, as many don't support 4 ohm loads.  Without knowing the speaker impedance over frequency, distance, and desired listening levels it seems like a bad idea to suggest HT receivers like that.  You don't know the speakers so it could clip a bunch and go into overload protection for example.
  Without knowing speakers, listening habits, and distance that seems like a pretty big statement to make . . .
Greetings,   My X-Head seems to have kicked the bucket recently, so I'm looking for a replacement.  If anyone has one they're wanting to part with send me PM.  Thanks.
  True enough.  Still, the majority of people I've had try DH have freaked out.  I took it to a LAN party and a few "special" tracks with things mixed into the back channels.  Running them from DDL into the SU-DH1 produced interesting reactions from everyone that tried it.  Shame I lost my tracks though before I made a full backup :(
  There's no such thing as a "great" Yamaha silent cinema receiver IMO.  As for their headphone technology, I haven't heard it but in discussions it tends to get bagged a lot compared to DH.  And both of them are no where near the quality of a Smyth Realizer - which is why I only use DH for games/movies.  Of course, I have other computer based stuff for simple stereo HRTF like various VST's from Toneboosters.   If Yamaha's solution is the most recent that comes to mind...
  Headphones definitely play a role.  From what I understand Dolby depends on headphones to be as flat as possible in relation to a DF based FR - not sure what Yamaha's DSP expects.  This is another advantage of the Realizer I guess, in that it can calibrate to the ear and headphones as a system.   I've had great luck with:   ATH-AD700 AKG K601/K702 ATH-M40FS   I've had bad luck with:   Pioneer Monitor 10's Various IEMs (seems obvious why)   Haven't tried:   Senny...
  This isn't going to work with what we're discussing for all intents and purposes.  You're not going to get surround sound just based on picking a headphone, equally sound stage in regards to headphones is laughable at best (coming from a K702 owner).       I doubt it, vinyl has substantially higher crosstalk which will crush L/R imaging.       And snake oil.
  In all fairness, if someone is close to the generic HRTF that Dolby uses DH can offer a relatively impressive option for the price.  With DH it sounds like my headphones are actually 5.1 speakers themselves.  It's not of Realizer quality in that it is not a perfect match for my HRTF, can't mimic listening rooms/systems, and can't track my head.  However, for gaming and movie purposes with my HRTF, it's a stretch calling it "crapola".  Of course, I think the hardware...
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