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I got a chance to try it out yesterday, and I tried it again today but . . . it  sounds wonky no matter what speakers I use (either hollow, bloated, tinny, sound coming from wrong places).  I guess my HRTF is too far off.  In terms of positional accuracy Dolby Headphone wins for me.  In terms of actual quality Isone sounds better.  As such I can't justify it at this time.   The only opinion I can offer is more HRTF profiles that may fix the sound issue and less obtrusive...
Sold to Sopp
Sale pending.
Greetings,   I have a pair of AKG K701 is very good condition for sale.  Included is followed:   AKG K701 AKG Stand Box + Insert   See pictures included.   ASKING:   $115 + Shipping & Paypal fees or local pick-up in Tulsa area.   Have feedback on here, at Emotiva, and on ebay - will link on request.
 If you look at all of their graphs they have a good degree of variance from Headroom's - the K702 is still similar to the K601 and the HD800 very treble centric.
Liked both and shared, good luck on the new release! :D
  I won't recommend without knowing the system it's being used with.  It would be like recommending a Fiio E5 to everyone and having the ortho camp get peeved, and then recommending a HiFiMan EF6 to everyone then wondering why the IEM users are angry.   There are cases when a receiver will do quite fine - medium to small rooms with very easy to drive speakers (sometimes large rooms depending on how easy).  NHT Super Zeros come to mind, where the originals never dipped...
  I'm sorry, but I don't know what system he needs.  I know what's likely, but I don't assume.  As for the 200W per channel comment - some seriously do need it to reach 90dB at ten or so feet.  They are rare and usually "exotic" such as ribbons, but that's why I don't assume regardless.   Equally, the three questions are not unreasonable or confusing.  What speakers does he have, how far does he sit from them, and average listening level (maybe using a SPL comparison...
  It's not trolling - I'm not looking for an emotional reaction but rather making a point.   Quit simply you don't know OP's amp requirements and the capability of the HT receiver you recommend.  There's cases where 200W isn't even enough.  There's speakers out there that only put out 80dB1m/1w, have 4 ohm impedance if not dipping a bit lower, and phase up to 45 degree angles.  These are worst case and not common, but at 10 feet take a massive amount of power (well beyond...
  Which speakers?  What's their nominal impedance, lowest impedance, phase angle, sensitivity, and distance?
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