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I'd be concerned of poor layout and implementation for the new opamps.  Implementation is everything, and what works well for one opamp may throw the others into oscillation.
  For those curious:   Spam/flames, last post I reported got removed and then the thread was locked.  Now you know.         I'm debating building up a second O2 when the odac arrives and going for the dac/amp solution.  I can't wait to see how it turns out - the April 1st update almost got me :P
Have you tried filing a Paypal dispute of any sort?  How long has been since the purchase?
Did you pay with a credit card?   Contact them (CC company) and reverse the charges, the goods never came - that alone is grounds for it.  If they did you could still do it because the goods are counterfeit.   EDIT:   Just saw the no credit card thing, ouch.  How did you pay?
So, how many people are interested in dropping an ODAC in the O2?  I'm starting to debate it more, but still hanging fire at this point in time.  Nw had a good April Fool's joke regarding it, but hope we get to see some more real news on it soon.
@mikeaj,   Seriously it's not a problem.  I expected this ending up here when I first posted the review, and was honestly surprised it stayed out of here as long as it did.     Can you do the same beyond a reasonable doubt?  I'm sorry, but with the internet to some extent you're either going to believe me or not.  I'm not going to harass friends to join Head-Fi, jump through hoops, or give out personal information just to appease you.  Regardless, I will ask you don't...
    What credible industry would accept your test as sufficient?  List.     What objective did it actually accomplish?  Did it remove any potential for bias at all?  How was it different from hooking up two amps amps at random out of box and plug between the two of them?   If it didn't accomplish any of these, how was it a "good" test.  Explain.     There's no point in blind testing if it's identifiable due to lack of controls now is there?  Equally a blind test isn't...
You shouldn't be trying to convince anyone, including yourself.  Using such a mindset, and purposely setting either amp hotter than the other makes your "findings" questionable at best.   I don't understand your shock and indignation for someone calling you on this.  Your test was no better than any other sighted test, and should be seen as such.
1) Depends on the type of driver.  The traditional dynamic transducer is to be rigid, low mass, and able to move enough air to produce desired frequencies.   2) Various things.  Some headphones are marked different but virtually identical.  Some use different materials, drivers, enclosures, etc.  This requires research from model to model.   3) Dynamics vary, but a rigid mylar is quite popular.  BA use a vibrating metal pole/similar...
First sentence is mostly correct, there are ways to make tubes and attached devices behave but for the most part today they aren't used in reproduction for obvious reasons.   The second is coming off as myth propagation again.
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