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Not sure where people started discussing the Denon's as neutral.  They aren't, but for some of us they're fun.  In terms of distortion I personally haven't noticed anything though, it's comparable if not a bit less than many speakers.   Of course, I prefer the D600 . . . I think the D7100 is a step too far, but that depends on what you're looking for.  The D600 reminded me of B&W house sound and was an insta-buy at $250-$300.
 Correct, if I'm reading too much into it then oh well - I really didn't care either way. EDIT: I don't know why you edited to Jason's - it was Radio_head's post that was mocking it.
 He was mocking my use of != earlier on . . . which wasn't semantic based.
 It was mostly sarcastic as the member posting after figured out.  I will take it to email though as bouncing back and forth with a peanut gallery is annoying.
Quote: Being happy with a resolution != being happy with the situation. If you want to have this discussion we can, but it has to be PM because I'm not getting blamed for thread trashing.  There is a way to satisfy me, and it costs $0 - just some time chatting where I can air my grievances and vice versa.  Anywhere else I've really tried to chat with you has been suppressed in some way with other people getting involved including threats to me. If you're the type that...
 AKG of course said it's clearly not normal and would likely destroy the headphone with regular use voiding the warranty as it's clearly a form of abuse (the driver should never buckle).  The argument presented in the thread was that we should know how to turn high-end gear on and off as per above.  What we realize here is that it's not applicable.  In the example the items without protection were source components and the amplifier either had protection or wasn't a large...
 I'd guess they weren't selling like they wanted, the various discounts below MSRP at other retailers pretty much solidifies that. They also dislike the sound presentation, the new Denon's seem to be a hate it or love it proposition.  While they find the AKG K550 better I found it anemic and somewhat nasally.  In comparison the D600 are some of if not my favorite headphones for "fun" at this time.
Greetings,   I'm looking to sell my pair of NHT Classic Two speakers. Working perfectly and in very good to excellent condition.  While often accused of suffering from the "Marsha, Marsha" effect as mentioned by Audioholics they are still extremely good sounding and competent speakers.  Equally, at this price they offer excellent value as well for someone looking towards getting into NHT gear.   Shipping + fees covered by buyer.   I've attached pictures, but they're...
 It's funny you find them "thin" sounding, I would have said that about the HD650 or T1 actually.  One of the reasons I bought these was due to their ability to pull texture and warm full sound. They keep reminding me of B&W 802D's - definitely not accurate, but a great fun listen.
Greetings, I'm selling some of my headphones that don't get head time anymore. Prices include shipping and fees via Paypal.   I do not have the Monitor 10's anymore, got a lot of recent PMs about them.   I have created a gallery with pictures of the headphones here    Might also be interested in some trades, but they have to fit a XXL head well without too much clamping pressure unfortunately.
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