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Yeah then we could just call you evil Bob
Hahahaha yeah I'm dead serious. I wasn't exactly cooperative either ha-ha
Pffhahahahah! Oh were cool alright. Hell, the mods made me change my name. It used to be thickturd. They made me change it to thickT
Welcome drblue to the coolest group on headfi
Trade for jvc fxz200?
Interested in a trade for a set of high end wireles earbuds? Fflat5 aria one.
Any interest in trades for either my RHA T1Oi or my flat5 aria one wireless earbuds? I've also got a jvc fxz200.
No. OP your not going crazy. After using two different aurisonics earphones, I can say they're style of tuning leaves me scratching my head a bit.
Mr.Nick and I hear the forte the same. Basshead with gentle treble and mids. If your looking for balanced, the forte is not what I would consider balanced.
The price jump is justified for going from all plastic to plastic and cnc'd aluminum.
New Posts  All Forums: