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ok well let me know...
What would shipping be to Ohio usa
Dibs on that micro driver!!!!
Right on. I've got some JVC fxt90's some JVC fxd70's or some Panasonic hje900. Or monster turbines. I've also got a fiio e11.
man! i am dying to hear some input on the xba-20!!!!
Do you have anything you would like to trade?
Bold statement! Those JVC nanotubes ain't nuttin' to f*** wit!
thanks for the review! i had the hd238's and i liked those alot. im going to get me some 239's!
No thanks
just got the fxd70's. so far i really like them. i would say a definite upgrade from the old fxc 51's. bass is done tastefully. and while the highs seem a bit grainy or hissy, im hopeful they'll tone down after some burn in. nice soundstage though 
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