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Yeah I just thought, I got this asg 1plus. I don't see myself using my old gear very often anymore, I'm gonna give it away. And that's what I did. Cuz, I know when I started in this hobby, I would have flipped out if someone gave me some cool in ears! Pay it forward. Yeah since joining this group, I don't feel the urge to continue the back and forth in that thread. HBB thanks for the therapy ha-ha!
Just shipped out an ATH im01 and an Panasonic hje900 at my expense to a fellow head-fi'er that I've only just started talking to because he was a new hobbyist and I wanted to make his day(not that those iems are top end or anything). So see, I'm not a bad guy. I'm actually very nice lol. Damn forte ******** giving me a bad rap.
The new forte from Aurisonics has caused me dozens of rude and arrogant/elitism/fanboy style responses to my honest opinions.
Man, I've had a hard time moving though this hobby. I started out in the under $100 realm of in ears. Stayed there for a long time due to nothing more than finances and also not being open to the idea of spending hundreds on earphones. Fast forward to this past year or two and I've graduated into the $400-500 realm and it just send that this is proving to be very hard to participate on the forums due to extreme prejudice towards any sort of Ill-reception of these $400-500...
It's cool to find out how many of these names i recall from around headfi. I'm honored to be a part of this!
I would also like to add a very overlooked bass head IEM. The sennheiser cx475. I bought a set from best buy about 5 years ago, i used to use them at work all night and just loved the bass from them. I think they're like $35. Although i paid like $60 at best buy.
I just wanna say how happy i am that this group exists. GOD! headfi makes me wanna rage sometimes.
Yuuuuuuup. I always scoop my mids a bit.
Thanks again for the invite, badboy.
I had no idea that's what the contributor badge began as. Pretty cool. Although I think they will still pass that badge out to those who consistently review top end things. If I remember correctly brooko and twister both got the contributor badge in recent year(s) same with DsNuts.
New Posts  All Forums: