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Interested in a trade for the trumpet? Ive got an audio technica im01 and some cash.... Or ive got a fiio e11 as well.
Interest check to see if anyone wants to do some trading. Not really lookong to sell, but not entirely against the idea. All are in good shape and are all relatively new. Im looking for aurisonic rockets, jvc fxz200, and senn ie800 (long shot), pfe 232. Im not a full size cans kinda guy so please only IEM's or on ears. Pm me any offers or questions.
If your looking for detail and clairity with natural sounding bass you owe it to yourself to look into GR07BE. I always think theres an upgrade out there and everytime I attempt to, im just reassurred of the greatness of the GR07BE.
Thanks that helps alot
Monster gel tips were a good fit for me on these.
It happens. The fx850 is considered to be very bassy by a large margin of people, however I dont hear it as such. Bassy? Yes, but no where near as bassy as others describe. Sometimes people just get a different end result so to speak...
Check that seal! I can vouch for the gobs of bass! Its def. There...
Has there been any im02 vs gr07BE comparisons? Or any im02 vs pfe comparisons?
Honesty. We need more of that here. While I've learned to like my pair, I can see why dreamnine would feel that way. For me, the design and form factor won out in the end.
Yeah, I second that. My im01 seem fragile as well.
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