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They were about as good as any wired set with a mic I've used, honestly.
😍 LS series!?!? I was unaware.
I am DYING to hear the im04. From what I've read, it seems it's an earphone that you either love it or you hate it. Lots of folks say it's too dark or very dark sounding, seems like that signature turns most people away, but it just intrigues me even more. I've always preferred slightly darker signatures and after owning the im01 and enjoying it, as well as being a fan of audio technica, the im04 still sits atop the short list of gotta haves:)
Gotta love the whole detachable cable trend! Never understood how or why these mmxc connectors or the removable cable feature itself caught on like it has. The irony is comical. A removable cable that causes shorts....
No. I simply meant the older of the two(T10 & T20) referring to the T10 as the old one.
I would say the jvc has less bass than the vyrus, but it's better defined and sounds tighter.
Just wanted to stop by and say that I was doing some side by side comparisons last night between these fxh30 and my rha t10 and my Trinity audio vyrus and my sennheiser ie80. In a quick fire type of comparison, the fxh30, sounded the best. Compared to the T10(bass filters), the jvc had less sharp treble while avoiding sounding dull in comparison, witch I thought was a neat little trick. Vocals had better warmth and the bass sounded tighter for sure. Comparing them to...
My pair of rockets had a faulty cable as well. It was in the 3.5mm termination robust strain relief itself. It developed about a week after owning them
From what I gather the older t10 is the bassier of the two. Although, I've had two sets of T10's and the second one was def. Less bassy that the first.
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