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Sorry I've only heard the im01. It was a fairly even keeled affair. Detailed.
For what it's worth, I liked the im01.
I don't think I've read of any at all. When I owned them, they were great. Sturdy and well built.
Listen pal, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say nothing at all.... 😉
If you like dark signatures, the forte is for you. If you like Really Dark signatures, the forte is for you. If you like extremely mediocre signatures, the forte is for you. I'm sorry. I'll admit, I have a huge distain for that forte. It was just so so so not what I was expecting. I bought it when it was selling for $400. It was the most expensive IEM Ive every bought and it ruined my willingness to buy high priced IEMs. For that money, I was expecting a beautiful and...
So, if companies are legally obligated to honor warranties, what kind of time frame do they have before you can seek action?
I had the same experience with my rockets. The jack screwed up and one channel was mute. I tell ya, aurisonics seems to have given up with supporting their previous products altogether. I hope everyone thinks long and hard before buying future high dollar products from them. I know my money is worth more to me than that. Between the the rockets clearly being easily destructible(contrary to the sales pitch) and the forte being so incredibly underwhelming and then add in...
All the praise this iem line gets, in the end, the product is a money grab. Poorly engineered and it shows. Imagine a car that drives incredible, but is always under repair..... A lemon!
Yes the aria do indeed sound quite pleasant!
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