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Yeah. A hybrid would be awesome. Wireless T10's would be sweet too. To say I'm excited to find out would be the understatement of the year.
Just wanted to chime in and give some love for the im01. For around $100, its proven to be a very respectable earphone. A bit hard to make a consistant seal in my ear, but using foam tips helps a lot. For anyone interested, the bass is actually very well done. It is audible and sounds very natural (barring your listening to Hardcore EDM) and really lends itself to a nice rhythmic sound Sig. The mids sound somewhat forward, or perhaps the clarity gives that impression,...
C'mon....guys? .....he's, he's crazy....right?....guys??? Haha man for me, the T10i is plenty bassy, I mean P.L.E.N.T.Y.!! like on xb90ex levels. Warrior, may I suggest getting a fiio e6 or an e11. They will bring the bass to a whole new level!
seems that you might be right to some extent. I recently made myself some foam tips out of ear plugs at work and I am indeed hearing some bass now. I was also listen to the new RHA T10i pretty exclusively back then as well. But the fx850 truly is the best sounding in ear in my collection. When paired with a fiio e11, its actually comically impressive, if that's even a thing :/ huge HUGE fan of JVC. Had tons of their in ear offering and these woddys are the bees knees
MOAR BASS??? You sir, are hilarious!
RHA, no worries. The 2-3 weeks was a combination of things on my end. Your Customer Service was prompt and timely. Once they actually received and tested my faulty pair, they dispatched the replacements within a day I believe. I've a suggestion, well....perhaps a bit of a request: a Bluetooth t10i! That would be the ULTIMATE!
I recently had to RMA my T10i due to a faulty 3.5mm jack. The whole process took about 2-3 weeks but was fairly simple and was very pleasant. RHA had a great customer service and shipped me a brand new pair. I've gotta say though, I think this new pair sounds better than my old one. Similar bass, but sounds clearer and more precise in the treble and actually quite a bit better in the mids. Even with the black bass filters in the mids still shine. I have about 4 or 5...
That is BULL!!!! Demand that they buy you a set from amazon or eBay.
+1 for xb90ex. I owned it for over a year. Tons of sub bass and mid bass as well. Very capable of giving you that uncontrolable smirk of guilty pleasure! Really, far and away the best bass performance I've ever heard.
From memory, I would say it was small-ish from side to side, but it was decent at front to back space.
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