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You could try tips that have a small bore, like sony hybrids or g707 tips. Audeo phonak and fidue also have small bore tips.
Looks like the beautiful sound ive come to know and love from my 132's comes from none other than sonion. Perhaps the two armature next to it is that of the 232???
hmm. interesting...
Thanks tyll, that kinda helps me calm down and not be in such a hurry to upgrade from the 132's.
I wonder what perticular model of transducer phonak used in the single driver models and what transducer was used in the dual model. Sonion or knowels? I believe I recall tyll saying they used proprietary armatures, but I wonder if that meant phonak actually manufactured their own or just had them OEM'd. Regardless, while I havent heard the 232's(im dying to), I am a HUGE fan of my 132's. Such a beautiful tuning from phonak. I cant imagine how glorious the 232's must be....
Yeah I knew what you meant :P jvc super fan here! Lol
yeah there are actually a ton when you sit down and try to think of them all..... I wish I could demo every one haha.    I was pretty excited to see the new fxt90's but I still have to hear the fxz200's first! How about a hybrid with Dual microdrivers and a single BA for treble.... that could be cool!
Are you talking about the fxh30?
Sonion accupass? Thats the same unit used in the tdk ba200.
Just wanted to share a link to a very similar thread I started a while ago. I wish there was a way to combine it with this one. Needless to say, im very happy to see some more interest in dual microdrivers. I also wanted to cross post a reply I posted on toms youtube channel in response to his video comparison: its awesome to think about all the different driver designs and how they stack up to one another....
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