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Excellent review, having not heard either amp this was very helpful, thank you!
Anybody think there is a good chance we will see an I6 Plus version soon? I would definitely sign up to crowd fund that one!
Hi I am a reel to reel guy and love it! Is this an x-1000r or the regular x-1000? I know they are extra trouble, require lots of maintenance but I still love them. Your model probably weighs about 47-48 pounds. Has it been reconditioned recently by a proper technician ? Is it black or silver? Love to see pics if you are interested in selling.
Jude, outstanding preview! Very exciting new stuff; I can hardly wait to hear the new Audeze's and Fostex too!
This is one of the best posts ever on Head-Fi! I had the privilege of hearing this amp at the LA meet and it was other- wordly! I doubt this will last long, wish I could get my wife to understand my sick addiction and contribute to my habit!!!! Best of luck!
i finally received the items just today, poorly packaged, but everything did indeed arrive. I never received any communication from seller after sending my money.
Thanks for this comparison, I have found it very helpful and informative! I am looking forward to trying them both out!
I paid my money ten days ago and then radio silence ! Nothing! No response! No tracking number! No no cables delivered! ! DO NOT BUY FROM THE GUY!
Absolutely stunning in silver!
This is an incredible amount of work. Thank you for sharing this. These look like and seem to sound like something really special, they should for this kind of money! Love to own some one day! Thanks Alex
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